Posted by: bree1972 | October 6, 2009

Coming Soon! 11/1/09

Hi!  Mom wanted me to let you know that Bree’s Lake Blackshear Blog is under construction, and will become active when we all return to south Georgia from Mackinac Island.  We leave the island on Nov. 1, and good Lord willing (mom always says that, so I thought I would too), we’ll be home on Nov. 2.

Mom will  let you know later when her first post from Georgia will be on-line by posting a note at

Thanks for following us down the interstate to our home on beautiful Lake Blackshear.  By the way, that’s our sunporch at the top of the page.  Mom and dad spend a lot of their time there, looking at the water and trying to stop me from getting eaten by gaters and bitten by snakes.  It’s a full-time job. 

See you soon!

Maddie (Bear wanted to write this, but I got to the computer first!)



  1. We’ll be waiting for you, Godspeed!!!

  2. Welcome Home! Y’all have been missed.

  3. Maddie,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love your bed or should I say throne. I am your first comment. Have a safe trip.

    Aunt Cathie

  4. Can Lilly and Hank stop by sometime? They are very good at smelling the gators and warning us of thier presence. Be good on your trip and try to not gloat at Bear because you get the front seat!

  5. Thank you Maddie! I know we are all looking forward to hearing about your adventures once you get home. Tell the big fuzzy dog I said hello!

  6. See you soon.

  7. These suroundings look very familiar to me, thanks Mattie for this post update, and WELCOME HOME TO YOU ALL. God speed. Have a safe trip home.

  8. HI Doggies! Glad I found this blog. I hope you have safe travels and may GOD Bless!

    Michelle in Michigan

  9. Dear Maddie,

    Our Australian Shepherd, Finnegan thinks only big, fluffy dogs should write blogs, but personally, I think you need your say as well.

    I asked Finn to write this since it was his opinion and not mine, but he had to go the window to bark at the school bus.

    P.S. – He plans on visiting you next June on Mackinac!

  10. Thanks Maddie for the blog…can’t wait to hear all about your WINTER GA home.
    Bet you & Bear are happy to be out of the car and RUNNING around the yard.
    Miss you ALL, JIB

  11. Find any snakes or gators yet? I’m sure they were waiting for your returne. Don’t wear out your nose smelling all those old/new parts of home. Sleep tight maddie and we will see you in the morning

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