Posted by: bree1972 | November 3, 2009

The Last 500 Miles 11/4/09

Wow!  You can’t imagine how weird it feels to be sitting at a different desk in a different house.  Although I started the Mackinac Island blog three weeks before we left for the island in the spring, it has been a long, long time since I sat in this chair and wrote and posted pictures.

We’ve been very busy today, as I’m sure you can imagine.  But I wanted to post something tonight, so I’m going to post a few pics from the trip on Monday.

We left Richmond, KY earlier than expected because Maddie let us know she had to “go out” at 5:30 this morning.  Ted said, “I know I’ll never go back to sleep, so why don’t we just get ready and go.”  I smiled lovingly and said, “Of course, dear.”

We stayed long enough to eat the continental breakfast the hotel offered, then we hit the road.  Kentucky and Tennessee are beautiful states to travel through.  Although the trees in the Great Smoky Mountains had passed their peak, it was still a great drive.


The foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.


I just can't imagine carving a highway out of a cliff.


I would have loved to have seen this landscape about two weeks ago!


A long and winding road.


The Great Smokies.


And then it was official - we were in Georgia!


Atlanta. That's the sign we follow - I-75 to Macon.


Atlanta skyline.


Where the Atlanta Braves play baseball.

I was outside as the sun was setting over the lake today.  The high was 76 this afternoon, no clouds.  I opened all the windows this morning and let the house “air out”.   Lots and lots to do – but we have plenty of time!


The sun going down over the lake, taken from our deck.

NOTE:  You might have noticed that the “look” of this blog has changed a little.  I don’t want to use the same theme as the one for the island, and I kind of liked this one.  The “leave a comment” option is under the title of the blog instead of at the end of the post, and the “extras” are on the left-hand side instead of the right.  I’ll try it for a couple of days and see if I like it.



  1. What a lovely lake to come home to! And what a drive to get there. I’ve never gone straght south from the Islamd although there was always the understanding that I75 would take you all the way to Florida! Lovely country.

    I look forward to more glimpses of your life off-island!

  2. Your alot like me, Brenda. I see you guys love water as much as we do. Although we don’t live on a lake , we do have a retention pond in our back yard LOL. Close as we could get without having a lake near by. What a beautiful view.

  3. Welcome home! Glad to have you back and looking forward to your upcoming posts from the lake.

  4. So happy you are settled in again. You are surrounded by the beauty of nature no matter where you are. Maybe we’ll have a second book after the winter in GA. Pic from deck is gorgeous.


  5. p.s. Like the format of the B squared (Blackshear Blog) but the top part of the header picture is cut off in both my Firefox and IE. New look is crisp and contemporary and looks great. Very nice.

    • the picture is cut off in my OPERA browser as well.

    • That’s the only part I don’t like about it. I’ve gotten used to having a “margin” at the top of the header picture with that theme. This one doesn’t have that. It would probably look fine, if we all weren’t used to it being the other way

  6. Holy smokes, how lucky are you to be living on a Lake in Georgia as well?
    It’s the good life when you can see water every day of your life 🙂

  7. It was so good to see your post before I went to bed last night..(couldn’t wait to check it out!!) So glad you are home and getting settled the photos and looking forward to more of the lake and your home there in Georgia! Blessings!!

    • I’m not the only one who ‘cheats’ and reads it the night before? 😉 But then, I’m three hours behind you guys!

  8. I’m glad to see you made it home, and I’m jealous of all the colors the south still has! I feel like the ones here in MI faded so quickly. The street sign “Williams Street” made me smile too… it’s my last name =) I look forward to learning about Georgia!!

  9. Glad you all made it safely!

  10. Glad you made it safely! Looking forward to this blog all winter!

  11. hi Bree, I’ve been gradually reading ALL your blogs from the time you arrived on the island last May, until I catch up to where I first knew about checking it out!! It has been like reading a book; but with the comfort of knowing some of the characters (!!) and all of the location~~quite a treat! I have to say you have a wonderful way of letting us all in on how you “see” everything, and not only with the photos. You are a true wordsmith, and I’ve enjoyed my time spent on your blog just as much as I do reading a great book. KNOW that I will be following your blogs in Georgia, as well!! Also sending regards from my little yorkie, Haley, as she is very interested in what your canine journalists have to say also!! Enjoy your return to your home nest, and hope to spend some time with you when you return to Mackinac; I try to go up when Bonnie returns in May, so hopefully you will be there too!!

    • You are too kind, Jan. Thank you so much.

  12. Your first photo looked like the road to Cheboygan. I have always loved the hills and mts. of Kentucky and Tenn. Our next family get together will be in Gatlinburg in December the grandkids are al so excited to be together in the Great smokies and some are already praying for a snowfall 🙂 Glad you are up and running at Blackshear Lake my friend.

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