Posted by: bree1972 | November 4, 2009

Reality Check at the River 11/5/09

Do you remember those first couple of days after we arrived in Michigan this spring?  We had the condo painted over the winter, and when we walked in for the first time, we found paint cans and drop cloths everywhere and 2 inches of dust covering every inch of every floor and piece of furniture, from having wallpaper removed and walls sanded in preparation of the paint.  Do you remember that? It was our reality check for the island.

Yesterday, we had our reality check – Lake Blackshear style. 

I think anytime you have been away from a home as long as we have, you are going to return to a few “welcome to the real world” surprises. 

  • My Honda battery is deader than a doorknob.  Even with a neighbor coming down every week to crank it for us, it is still dead.  Gotta take care of that fairly quickly.



  • The pontoon boat won’t crank.  We were having trouble with it before we left, but the “trouble” is now at “critical level”.  Someone was here at 7:30 this morning to haul it out of the water and take it in for repairs.  First, Ted had to paddle it out of the boathouse over to the lot next door where there is a boat ramp.  Then the guy who came to pick it up pulled it out of the water onto the trailer.




  • For some reason, the new computer that I bought in Michigan won’t connect to our wireless here at home.  I stayed on the phone for 2 hours yesterday with a support line, and it’s still not working.  They kept telling me it was my computer – but my computer worked fine in Michigan on wireless AND in the hotel room Sunday night.  I’m using my little Alltel wireless device to get on-line right now (thank goodness for backup plans).
  • The house is covered in 5 months worth of mildew and mayflies (nothing different there – it would have looked like this even if we had been home).  You just resign yourself to mildew and mayflies in the summer on the river – then when it gets cold enough, you pressure wash everything back squeaky clean again.

That’s the major stuff, and I am really not complaining about any of it.  It’s just life, and it will all get taken care of a little at a time.  If there is one thing I am learning as I grow older, it is patience.  Unless it is some kind of life-threatening emergency, there is nothing that has to get done RIGHT NOW.  I never used to think like that.  Everything was immediate.  Maybe that’s why I was on three blood pressure meds.  I have learned that calmer is better, that the bed doesn’t have to be made as soon as you fall out of it, that if you want to watch a show on TV before you wash the supper dishes, that’s ok.  Silly stuff, I know.  But you wouldn’t believe how much I used to stress out about all those petty details.  Add that to a pressure-packed, deadline filled full-time job, and I was a basket case.  Life is so much easier now that I’m retired, but if I had let myself relax some of my “rules of the house” before I retired, my health might have been better.

And there you go –  “pearls of wisdom from old lady Bree” for all you younger readers out there.  To quote someone much more intelligent than I, “Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . and it’s all small stuff!”

Wow!  How did I get off on all that?



  1. OK now you have me even more eager to get to our iskand home. I have NEVER ben away more then 6weeks at a time and it has been 7 months this week since we covered the furniture and turned out the lights.I may not even have a home?? Oh ya’ our neighbors ride b all the time and say it is there but the inside?? You are oh so right about the small stuff, if only we had known when we were young…” I’m rocking my baby because babies don’t keep,quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep because I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”

  2. I`ve been home and still have mildew growing on the house, “but” we`ll get it eventually. Hope there is no major problems with the “toon”, otherwise, how can you get to The Grill. I heard Mattie was having a ball diging in the yard, good to have ya`ll home.

  3. The mildew was worst at the end of this summer than ever for some reason. The “new” pontoon we bought in Sept had just been cleaned by the previous owner with bleach, etc and looked brand-spanking new! Then the rain and humidity set in for 3 or 4 weeks, and afterward the boat was covered in mildew again! We cleaned it a couple of weeks ago and it’s still looking good, so maybe the mildew season is nearly over. You’ll be settled back into river life before you know it.
    Looking forward to seeing y’all soon.

    • It’s all good – no worries! I’m sure we will see each other this weekend – somewhere!

  4. Ahhhh the frustration of household repairs and chores! Running a house is hard work! Now add on computer problems (which we are experiencing first had today) and its a whole new confusing ball game.
    God bless you as you settle back into a routine again!

  5. “Just another day in paradise”

  6. Bree- Your home looks beautiful. Very charming. Georgia looks beautiful. I love your blog.

  7. Glad your home and writing again, saw Ted at the Bottom and said you were home working on the blog, he and I talked all about your blog from Mac Island and your readers. On tv last night Mark and I watched Somewhere in Time and I kept telling him this is where Ted and Brenda were.

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