Posted by: bree1972 | November 5, 2009

Settlin’ In 11.06.09

Ahhhh – we’re beginning to come off that “coming home” high and settle into the “we’re home” peace.  The bags are unpacked, the car battery is charged, Ted figured out the wireless problem (yes, I said Ted, who has never been a techie, did what 3 computer geeks could not), the boat is already back from the boat mechanics, and the pressure-washing will begin on Monday. 

It’s 10 a.m. on Thursday morning, and I’m sitting at my desk in the den, looking out through the sunroom at the sun sparkling on the lake.  The high forecast for today is 75, the low for tonight 42.  That sounds like what we’d expect in the summer on Mackinac Island, doesn’t it?  But it’s November in south Georgia, and that forecast is holding for at least 10 more days, according to the Weather Channel.


Before the weekend gets here – and I take a little break from blogging – I thought I would give you a little information about Lake Blackshear and show you a few pics of our home here.

Lake Blackshear was formed in 1930 by the damming of the Flint River by the Crisp County Power Commission, to provide low cost power to the citizens of Crisp County.  The lake is bordered by five counties and has 97 miles of shoreline.  Its average depth is 11 feet, and its average width is 1/4 mile.  There is a lot of history associated with the Flint River and Lake Blackshear, but there will be plenty of time this winter to talk about that. 

Our youngest son, Blake, graduated from high school and went off to college in 1995.  Even though we were both still working in Albany (I was Public Information Director for the Dougherty County School School, and Ted was at that time Principal of a middle school), we wanted to move where we would be on the water and could have a boat.  We sold our home in Albany and moved into a rental house at the lake.  It meant a 45-minute commute twice a day back and forth to Albany, but that was ok – we told everyone it was like “going on vacation every day at 5 o’clock”.  During the next year, we also sold our condo in Panama City, FL and found the home we were looking for at the lake.  We moved in during the spring of 1996, when all the huge azaleas and dogwood trees in our yard were in full bloom – it was, and still is, a beautiful yard in the spring.

In the almost 14 years we have lived here, we have renovated extensively.  The house was originally a fishing “shack”, and each owner had added a room here and there.  It is basically a “shotgun” design in the shape of a “T”.  When you open our front door (on the street side), you can look straight down the hall and out the backdoor to the water.  We love our little home, and it is perfect for us.  When all the children and grandchildren pile in, it is busting at the seams, but that just makes it that much more fun.


The street side of our home. That front door opens into the kitchen on the left and the dining room on the right. I can see the water from my kitchen window over the sink. The property is fenced front and back, which allows us to just open the doors and let Maddie and Bear run free.



One side of the house. On the lot next to us on this side is a small park with a boat launch ramp. Neighbors who live across the street off the water can use that park to put their boats in the water.


Our lot is much deeper than it is wide. The dogs love running up and down the yard. Those big bushes around the pine trees are azaleas. They bloom in the spring and are filled with red, pink, purple, and white blossoms, depending on the variety. That's the carport up toward the road.


Looking down that same side toward the water.


That's our neighbor's boathouse on the left down at the water.


Huge, really huge, pine trees.


The building in the foreground on the left is a shed. The one behind that is Ted's "man cave". Every southern male has one - this one has three grills, a tv, a fan, and a electronic dart board.


The sidewalk out to the carport. As you can see, the flowers are still blooming in south Georgia. Butterflies were all over that purple bush this morning (I don't know the names of flowers here either).



The boathouse. Beyond the boathouse is a small screened-in area and a small open deck (good for fishing and sunbathing). The small enclosure on the left is the pump house. We get all our water from a well, and the pump that supplies the water is housed in that little building.


This morning - looking out at the water.

We have a pillow on our couch that reads, “Heaven is a little closer in a house beside the water.”  I don’t know about that,  but I do know – this side of Heaven – being by the water sure is “heavenly”.  Ted filled up all the birdfeeders this afternoon.  I’m thinking by tomorrow our feathered friends, who probably thought we had abandoned them forever, will be back happily pecking away.  One feeder is attached with suction cups to a window in the sunroom, so we can watch the action close up. 

I hope to see you all back here on Monday morning.  It’s where I will be, good Lord willing.  God bless.



  1. Boy, your not kidding when you say huge, really huge trees. LOL They sure are pretty, in fact everything looks heavenly 🙂

    • About to figure out where everything is again – amazing what you forget after almost six months away! Good to hear from you, Hilde!

  2. Love the photos Brenda!! The flowers and trees are beautiful and so nice to see flowers still in bloom..our flowers, bushes etc here in lower Michigan are looking pretty forlorn right now..won’t be long and we will be having snow, so it’s nice to see your photos!! Glad you are settling in and I imagine Maddie and Bear are so glad to have all that room to run!! Keep the photos coming and all the news from beautiful Georgia!! Blessings to you and Ted!!

    • Thanks so much! Send some of that snow you get to Georgia! Have a great weekend!

  3. It was great to see the pictures of your place in Georgia. I love being by a lake. I do have a question about the depth of the lake. Why is it so shallow? I have only been around lakes made by damming rivers that are pretty deep. Enjoying your weekend back in Georgia. I would love to have the temp here in Northern Indiana get up to 75. We may hit 65 on Sunday. Can hardly wait for it.

    • Hi Charlotte! The depth of the river varies a lot! There are some places that are 50′ deep. The 11′ average is caused from the general terrain of the area. The dam wasn’t created for flood control, but as a power-source, so no dredging was done.

  4. The man cave is a new addition…probably a very useful one. The house looks wonderful and the sparkling lake is very soothing. Everything zen. Maddie seems to not have missed a beat.

  5. As I look out over your lake pictures, the scripture “Be Still And KNOW That I Am God ” comes to my mind! There is such beauty in His creation! You are blessed to enjoy His handy work in different states.
    We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Lexy’s Drama group has been invited to perform at another church in our area. They are having a fundraiser for a Christin adoption agency. They have been practicing hard. Hopefully it will all go well! I am planning on taking Lexy to church on Sunday for the first time in a long time. Lexy is at the Church many times through the week but there is something special about going as a family. I have just been so sick these past couple years– that I did not have the energy to get through a whole service. I am feeling fine right now — so I want to get back into the blessed habit of going to worship weekly. This will be my first Communion in years!!!!! We study our Bible every day and pray as a family twice a day– but to WORSHIP again and take communion will surely refresh my soul!!
    God bless both you and Ted – have a sweet warm weekend!
    Love Shannon in Michigan

  6. What a beautiful little lake you live on! I’ll bet you are feeling good to be back there. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing blog-free weekend. 🙂

    • It IS good to be back home.

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