Posted by: bree1972 | November 8, 2009

Pecan Trees and Catfish 11.9.09

A wonderful first weekend home on the lake!  Friday morning we awoke to low fog hanging over the water.  Sometimes when that happens the fog will stay around for hours, but Friday the sun burned it off in a matter of minutes.  On Mackinac Island, I kept my camera charged and ready, sitting on the kitchen counter so if anything happened outside I needed to capture, I could grab it and “snap”.  Here at the lake, I keep it on an antique washstand that we have on our sun porch.


Ted and I had been wondering about the pair of egrets that normally live close to our house.  They wander from dock to dock and seawall to seawall, searching at the edge of the water for fish or bugs.  We had not seen them until Friday.  One was standing just outside our fence at the seawall, and the other was two docks down.  I got as close as possible to take a photo, but finally spooked the one in our yard into flying.  When it took off, the other one flew down to join its mate – two docks down in the other direction.


It took the bird population exactly 17 hours to discover the Hortons were back, and so were the bird feeders filled with food.  The first to show up was a chickadee who flew down, ate her fill, then got on her tiny chickadee cellphone and called in the troops – how else could dozens of birds show up within an hour of the first one?


After a week of NO exercise, my body was screaming “go do something NOW”.  So Ted got our bikes out of the shed, pumped up the tires, and said, “There you go!”  HIS plan for exercise was a round of golf that afternoon with some buddies. We have a 12-mile “route” that we ride here.  It is not nearly as strenuous as riding on Mackinac, but for good, steady pedaling, it works fine.  The steady pedaling didn’t quite work out, because I stopped a couple of times to chat with neighbors who pulled up by me in cars or trucks to say “Welcome back” when they saw me.  I also dropped in to say hello to Sally and Ed, who live up the street from us.  SO good to see everyone again. 

One thing I did want to show you from that first bike ride was the groves of pecan trees that are around us several miles up the road.  We grow a LOT of pecans in south Georgia , and I wouldn’t be surprised if the nuts on those famous Grand Hotel Pecan Balls didn’t come from right here close to where we live.


This grove is about 5 miles from our house. All the leaves will eventually fall off these trees as it gets colder.


When mature trees are lost, usually to lightning strikes or wind storms, new trees are planted in their place. These three "babies" are several years old.


Dawn, who with husband Stevie (who I didn't get a picture of Friday night), visited us on the island in August.

Friday night we went with  a group of friends to Pat’s Camp (about 14 miles “up the ri’vah”) for catfish – a southern tradition.  In the south, fish of any kind are served with coleslaw, hushpuppies, french fries, pickles, and slices of onion.  The fish, hushpuppies, and french fries are deep fried in oil.  This is NOT a heart-friendly meal – but oh my gosh!  It was soooo good!  The best part, though, was seeing this group of friends.  We had all said “goodbye” in the spring at this same restaurant – with catfish – and saying hello here was the best!  As the winter passes, you will get to know these folks in Georgia like you did friends in Michigan. 

I still haven’t seen Samille and Ralph, Becky and Larry, Deb and Mark, Ms. Sue, Sandi, Gary, Dan and Lisa, Jeff and Lisa, Renae and Joe, Tommy, Lynn, or Matt and Stephanie – but Ted has seen some of them at the “Bottom” (it will take a whole blog to explain what the “Bottom” is). 


Sally and Ed (on his cellphone).






Marianne, with a half-eaten catfish. This is the perfect size to eat "whole". Much bigger than this, and they would be filleted and de-boned.





Cecil - Marianne's husband.



Tomorrow, I’ll take you on your first trip up the river.  We’ll take the pontoon boat for a little “outing” and show you Lake Blackshear and the Flint River from the water.   Come on along – we have plenty of life jackets for everyone!


Stevie, Dawn's husband. This picture is actually from the spring "send off" supper. Sorry, Stevie - didn't get a good pic of you Friday night.

NOTE:  For those of you who followed me here from Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog:   I have started a weekly update on the island blog, with information from friends who are on the island for the winter.  These will be just short “blips”, but will at least give us a chance to stay connected.  Winter photographs from the island will be posted on both sites.  That address is



  1. Hi there. I’ve been reading your blogs for the last few weeks. Your blog was linked to a facebook posting from Mackinac Island, and after I read the entry about closing the Grand I was hooked. My wife and I are huge Mackinac Island fans, and your blog from this summer is GREAT! You are a wonderful writer and the pics are the perfect illustrations to your stories. I look forward to reading the blog this winter from Georgia. We live in Ypsilanti MI, which is just east of Ann Arbor. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great pics of your bike ride & dinner at Pat’s Camp (“HI Marianne”)…I would love the slaw, hush puppies, ff & pickles!!!
    Can’t wait for the boat trip up the ri’vah.

  3. The early morning fog always looks so eerie but so cool at the same time. Looking forward to the boat ride. I promise to sit still 🙂

  4. Well as always, i`ve got my mouth stuffed with food, but the catfish sure were good.
    Hey Jill, I told you to hope a freight and come on down to Ga. We can fill you up with catfish or (crappie) and all the trimmings.
    The picture of the fog over the lake is a beautiful picture and if I`m not mistaken the tornado we had in the spring blew everyone of those pecan trees down and the farmers went back in there and replanted everyone of them. Now you can`t tell they were even hit.
    Good to have ya`ll home.

    • Note to Marianne: Jill does not like fish!

  5. Wonderful pictures as usual Brenda!! I loved the one of the fog on the lake also, just beautiful..I have been rereading your blog about the Island..I had missed some of it so started back from doing that I found Lena’s food blog and have enjoyed making some of her recipes she had posted…glad she posted those days your computer was down!!
    As usual you are doing a fantastic job showing us your “other home”…Love it!! Blessings…

  6. Brenda Horton! You forgot to add cheese grits to the trimmings!!!
    If we’d known about the reunion supper, Ralph and I would have been there, even though we went out to eat fish (mullet) the night before. If Ted won’t take you up the river, call me and we’ll get Marianne, Dawn, and Sally and take a rivah cruise without the men.

    • I KNEW there was something I was leaving out! Going back to correct that RIGHT NOW!

  7. Glad to see you are including some entrees in the Mackinac blog. you MUST be missing the sound of horses hooves and the smell of horse poo by now!

  8. Samille, a girls trip on the river sounds perfect.

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