Posted by: bree1972 | November 9, 2009

“I-da” Rather Been on the Boat 11.10.09

Everyone take off your life jackets – that promised boat ride didn’t happen today.  

Tropical Storm Ida, which has rambled around the Gulf of Mexico for a few days, is now heading straight for the Gulf Coast and is promising to basically move directly over us after she makes landfall.  As close as we live to the Alabama/Florida lines, any hurricane or tropical storm that comes in anywhere close to the panhandle of Florida usually affects us – mostly with rain.  The  winds had already kicked up here Monday morning, and the clouds rolled in early.  It is very late in the year to have a tropical storm, but Mother Nature has a mind of her own about these things.  Ted said “no” to even getting the pontoon boat out of the boathouse.  Because our lake is pretty shallow, even a little wind gets the whitecaps hopping.  A reader recently asked why the lake is no deeper than an average of 11′.  It’s because the river was dammed as a power source, not for flood prevention.  Even though there are spots in the lake that are 50′ deep, those places are not the norm because of the terrain of the area. 

The really bad stuff won’t get here until Tuesday, the day I have to go into Albany (45 minute trip) for a doctor’s appointment.  I plan to keep it, but I went ahead and drove into Cordele today (15 minute trip) to take care of everything else I would have done in Albany.  That way, I can go straight to the doctor’s office and straight back home.  We are forecast to have 30-40 mph winds and 2-4 inches of rain. 

The pressure-washing of the house started today, but I don’t think it will be finished before the storm moves in.  Once the deck is pressure-washed, Ted will coat it with water-seal again.  My assignment is to repaint our adirondack chairs, once the mildew has been washed off.  A busy, busy week that the incoming storm will not help.

We are trying to spiff everything up before the weekend because Jason and Blair are coming home.  We did not get to see them this summer, so it has been six months since we have laid eyes on our older son and his wife – that is WAY too long!  They are actually popping in on Wednesday to drop off our two grand-dogs for us to babysit while they each go to different meetings in different directions.  Then they will return on Friday for the weekend.  Can’t wait to see them!

So, no ri’vah pictures from me today – BUT there is always a Plan B.  My good friend Samille has taken some beautiful photos recently of sunsets over the lake, and I asked if I could steal them and show them to my readers.  Samille and Ralph live across the river from us, so they get the breathtaking sunsets (on the Crisp County side), and we get the gorgeous sunrises (on the Sumter County side).  Enjoy!


Samille and Ralph live in a little cove off the main lake. When you look toward the lake from their house, you see a lot more cypress trees than we do. They add a lot!


This one was taken from their boat out on the river.



Samille took this one standing to the left of her dock. The water looks almost like molten gold.


A lone boat putt-putts out into the main lake for a little late-afternoon fishing.


Almost dark.

This last photo is the kind of picture I planned to take today out on the lake.  Thanks to Samille being out in their boat earlier this month, you still get to see one November afternoon shot.  As you can see, the trees are just beginning to get a touch of color.


Tomorrow is a trip to the doctor in the middle of a tropical storm, so it should be an interesting day.  I can “almost” promise that I will not be driving and taking pictures at the same time (as I have been known to do in Michigan).  No new post on Wednesday, but I will see you right here on the river on Thursday morning, good Lord willing.



  1. I was wondering how the hurricane coming off the gulf would affect your area. The sunset pictures by Samille are beautiful. I can never see to many sunset shots. Sunrise are great to see but the older I get the less I see. Have a safe trip to Albany.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. It’s really blustery and rainy right now – crazy time for a tropical storm!

  2. Hi from Gulf Shores. I’m enjoying your Ga blog; it brings back good memories of visits to my south GA cousins and GSW. We survived the “storm” here at the beach so I’m thinking and praying that loss of lives and property is zero. Our condo and dunes seem fine, but I can see from our deck that lots of the dunes are missing up and down the beach. The swimming pool at the condo next door was flooded so it will have lots of sand in it. It’s really amazing to be up this high(6th floor with 5 stories of parking below ) when a storm rolls in. About 2 Am the sky cleared somewhat and we could see lots of stars and the moon even though the ocean was still very rough. The sun is out now, but the wind is still pretty brisk. I stayed up past 3 this AM waiting to see how high the water would rise, so I’m trying to be quiet for Jerry to sleep. I don’t know when he came to bed. I’m anious to get out on the beach with the other “early birds”, but guess I will wait for Jerry to get up. Bree, I’ll be praying for your travels in this weather. Enjoy your family this weekend.
    La Juan

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks Samille! Take care going to the doctors Brenda…both hands on the wheel. 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures, Samille. I`ve been setting here trying to decide where the “header” picture was made, then it hit me; that`s the house out on the point, right?
    Safe travels to Albany, Brenda.

  5. I taking photography from the best….Brenda that is! Yes Marianne, the header picture is at the point entering Spring Creek, next to the redneck sandbar.
    Be careful driving to Albany today Brenda.

  6. Those are some really beautiful photos, Brenda. What a lovely place there in South Georgia. Stay safe as Ida approaches. My mom and dad are down in Fort Myers Beach and the weather has been affected there as well. Safe travels to your appointment. And good luck as you make the transition between blogs. 🙂

  7. Wow, thoes pictures are beautiful!!! Thoes photographs PROVE there is a God!!!!!

    PSALM 65:8 “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.”
    Psalm74;16-17 “The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and the moon, it was you who set all the boundries of the earth; you made both the summer and the winter.”

  8. Samille, the pics are BEAUTIFUL of the river. THANKS for sharing. JIB

  9. thanks for the comments about the pictures, and thank Brenda for posting them…..but I can only take credit for capturing the beauty that has been provided by our Lord! His handiwork is awesome.

  10. I thought those pictures were taken by Samille. Brenda and Sam are an unbeatable combination… gorgeous pictures and wonderful commentary. Samille says the Rivah is Heaven on Earth! I think she may be right.

  11. Brenda, the post from Marie is from my lifelong friend in Dublin whose husband grew up in Michigan, so she’s prejudiced……….in a very sincere, sweet way.

    • I recognized that name. You ARE a great photographer just like I am – we shut our eyes, point the camera in the general direction we want it to go, and click the shutter. And sometimes we get lucky!

  12. I love the header picture. Whose dock is that?

  13. Hi Samille! It’s the dock next door to us in that little park.

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