Posted by: bree1972 | November 11, 2009

Dogs and Granddogs 11/12/09

Hi!  Bear here!  Mom said I had to explain who I am, because some of her readers in south Georgia might not have read her Mackinac Island blog.  If that’s the case, then you have been missing out on knowing me!  I am a golden retriever, and I am almost three years old.  I came to live with mom and dad when I was one, after being rejected as a show dog because I didn’t have enough “drive”.  Yep, that’s me – all I want to do is climb in your lap and be petted (which is pretty difficult since I weigh almost 90 lbs.)  I am big, blond, and beautiful.

I LOVED living on Mackinac Island this summer – the weather was cool all the time (downright COLD some of the time), and I was always meeting people who thought I was “the most beautiful golden they had ever seen”.  Music to my ears!  I really liked being able to run through the woods up there, but a lot of the time I had to be on a leash, and that wasn’t nearly as much fun.  Now that we are back home where we have a fenced yard, all mom and dad have to do is open the front or back door, and out I go.  I can run around all I want without having to watch for cars. One thing I miss about the island though is the horse poop. I could always find some of that yummy stuff to nibble on up there – at least until mom started screaming at me to “STOP!” 


Hi!  I’m Maddie!  I am a miniature dachshund, and I am five years old.  Unlike my big brother – the fluffy face – I have short hair that always looks neat.  The furball always looks like he needs brushing – and what a shedder!  I only weight 11 lbs., and I am brown. Mom and dad got me as a puppy, so they can’t blame any of my bad habits on anyone but themselves!  I’m pretty independent, and they both say I am the most stubborn dog they ever had.  They have had a lot of dogs, so I am pretty proud of that title.

I LOVE being home in Georgia because I can run free, free, free! On Mackinac Island, I NEVER got to do that because I am not “trained”.  Therefore, if occasionally I would get off my leash, it would take mom and dad five hours to catch me.  Oh my gosh – it was SO fun to watch them running around like crazy calling me and looking for me.  And all the time I would be hiding under a bush somewhere – just laughing my head off.  I do miss the goose poop though.  I never could convince the golden boy that goose poop was better for him than the horse variety.  Oh, well – to each his own.  Another thing I love about my yard is that I can DIG!  When we left for the island in May, our yard in Georgia had about a trillion holes in it – courtesy of me.  Dad was so excited when we got home last week and saw that the grass had covered up all the holes over the summer, and the yard looked really good again.  Oops! Not anymore!


BEAR: I”M SO EXCITED!  Bayla, who is one of mom and dad’s granddogs, is coming to visit today.  Jason and his wife Blair have to go to Callaway Gardens for a conference thingy, and since mom and dad are now within driving distance, they get to dog-sit!  I Love Bayla!  Why?  Because she is BIG – like me!  Bayla is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and she used to be the biggest dog in the family – but now I’m the biggest (and the best, of course).  Bayla loves to come to the lake and play in the yard with me.  We chase squirrels, and dad throws the ball for us.  Then we roll around on the grass until we’re covered with pinestraw and leaves.  So fun!

MADDIE:  I”M SO DEPRESSED!  Casey, who is another of mom and dad’s granddogs, is coming today also – along with her big brother Bayla.  Bayla is too big for me to play with, and Casey is a geriatric dog.  Casey is a Maltese, and all she wants to do is lay around and sleep and act like a princess.  Of course, she is 65 years old in human years, so I guess she should have earned princess status by now.  That’s pretty sad though, because I’m only five, and I am already QUEEN!

. . . . . Eight Hours Later . . . . .

BEAR:  This afternoon Jason and Blair dropped off Bayla and Casey.  Bayla and I didn’t get to play outside AT ALL because the weather was crummy.  Mom has pampered Casey all afternoon, and then dad decided to pamper Casey AND Maddie!



MADDIE:  It’s been a GREAT afternoon!  Casey is really pretty cool, even if she IS old. Mom and dad gave us little dogs lots of attention, and the big dogs have pouted a LOT!  I just love it when that happens.



MADDIE and BEAR:  Mom wanted us to tell y’all that she made it to Albany just fine yesterday.  All that hurricane/tropical storm stuff by someone called Ida didn’t amount to a hill of beans except for a little rain.  And you know that computer of mom’s that crashed in the middle of the summer and that she shipped to Albany to get fixed but then she had to buy a new one because it was going to take a million years to get the old one back and no one could wait that long for another blog???  Well, mom picked it up yesterday from the computer store that fixed it and brought it home and plugged it in and sat down all ready to do some work on the BIG screen of the laptop instead of that little notebook screen on her new computer and guess what!  It STILL DOESN’T WORK!  So today DAD took it back to that computer store again, and we sure would have liked to have been flies on the wall to hear THAT conversation!

BEAR:  Guess I’ll go to bed now.  Me and Bayla are going to bed down in the hall and pretend to be camping out.

MADDIE:  I’m sleeping where I always do – with mom and dad.  But what about Casey?  Where will that little thing sleep?  She can’t sleep all by herself out there in the dark house.  She’ll be scared.  “Casey!  Come get in mom and dad’s bed with me.  We’ll camp out too!”



  1. Nobody will ever convince me that a dog’s life is NOT a good life. Sounds like y’all are having a great time. I love the picture of Maddie digging……..such a perfect dachsund.

  2. What a cute story…thanks Bear and Maddie! 🙂

  3. Tell your sweet doggies I LOVED their “blog” comments. They started my day with a lot of LOL’s. A perfect way to start the day!! Give them kisses and hugs from Ann Arbor! As always, the pics are precious!!

  4. Great story from the pets point of view, but let me tell you what a great pic on your header, love evening shots of the lake.

    • Thanks, Deb! That is the dock next door in the park.

  5. Hi there Brenda…great photo at the top…(I love seeing “your” lake!!) I loved to hear from Maddie and Bear…great way to catch up on what you and Ted are up to!! I hope Maddie found a way to keep Casey cozy last night!!

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