Posted by: bree1972 | November 16, 2009

Happy Days with Jason & Blair 11/17/09

Six months is way too long to go without seeing one of your children.  With Blake in China, I have had to get used to not seeing him for a year at a time.  I have no choice.  BUT – we have never been longer than maybe three months without seeing Jason, and this time it was six months!  We saw daughter Julie and her husband Matt, the grandchildren, and youngest son Blake this summer on Mackinac Island.  But Jason and his wife Blair did not get to make the trip this summer, and I was more than ready to lay eyes on my oldest son and his beautiful wife.

When Jason called and asked us to dogsit on Wednesday of last week (so he and Blair could go to a conference at Callaway Gardens), of course we said “sure”.  They dropped Bayla and Casey off, went to their conference, then came back to the lake for the weekend. 

Normally, on a beautiful weekend like this one was, we would have taken the boat out.  BUT, with Tropical Storm Ida dropping several inches of rain north of us last week, the power commission had dropped the water in our lake several feet to allow for the water coming down the Flint River.  Consequently, there was not enough of the liquid stuff under our boathouse to put the pontoon in the water. 


Boathouse WITH water under it.


Boathouse with only a few inches of water under it after lake was lowered this week. Yes, that's Bear out there enjoying the sunshine in the yard.

We took Jason and Blair to Pat’s Camp for catfish on Friday night (delicious, as always).  Ed and Sally joined us, and after dinner we stopped by their house for a few minutes.  Saturday morning Ed stopped by with some breakfast goodies he had baked.  Yummy! 

Jason and Ted went to the Veterans’ Memorial State Park to play golf, and Blair and I just chilled out.  Blair sat outside on the deck and read while I snapped pictures of the dogs.





Of course, while Bear, Bayla, and Casey were posing for pictures, Maddie was hard at work trying to catch a lizard on the deck.  She was relentless, but this one got away.




We watched The University of Georgia beat Auburn Saturday night, so all the men in the house were VERY happy.  You know me and football, but I did get excited about how good the game was AND that Georgia won. 

On Sunday morning, Ted was sitting in his chair on the sun porch before anyone else was up.  He saw one of our eagles swoop down to the water, come back up with something in its talons, and land in a tall tree in our yard.  Eagle?  Did I say eagle?  Yes, I did.  Each year there is a nesting pair of the beautiful birds in a tree down on undeveloped land beyond our house.  We will see them, with their offspring, often during the summer.  Ted got up to go out on the deck to look more closely, and when he opened the door the eagle flew off and dropped its catch.  Ted went over with a shovel to pick it up – pretty nice breakfast that he dropped!

The tree where the eagle took its catch.


One eagle breakfast - lost.

Ted also made a discovery Sunday morning in one of our bushes right next to the deck – a tiny birdnest that had survived the storms of the summer. 

 We spent a lazy Sunday morning on the sun porch, drinking coffee, reading the newspapers, chatting, and spoiling dogs.

After lunch we headed for Atlanta.  I was going with Jason and Blair to spend the night, so I could pick up my mom’s car that had been in their driveway ever since Blake left it there when he returned to China.  Bayla and I shared the back of the Tahoe, with Casey looking on from the console.


I love visiting  Jason and Blair in Atlanta at their home.  They have a great “mother-in-law” suite downstairs that Blair’s mom, Susie, and I can’t wait to use when the grandbabies start coming.  We ordered out Chinese food for dinner, and then Blair made muffins for Monday’s breakfast.

Monday morning these two were out the door early, heading for work, and I drove home from Atlanta.  Traffic was amazingly light, probably because I did as Jason and Blair had advised and waited until around 10:30 to start south.  I zipped through downtown Atlanta in under 15 minutes – amazing!

Love you two!



  1. Awww, nice pics of Jason & Blair (Bayla & Casey) …the only members of the immediate family I have not met in person. Hopefully we will see you next summer on Mackinac.

  2. I think the grandogs can ALMOST be as fun as the grandbabies :). Lilly and Hank love it when the whole pack can run the beach in Mackinaw and I think the “city” grand-dogs do too. What a blessed life you live my friend keep those pictures coming. The water level reminds me of Lake Michigan changing with the wind LOL

    • Hello from Georgia to Florida! The dogs LOVE getting together at the lake. Chris Ann, I thank the good Lord everyday for blessing us as He has.

  3. Oh thanks for a neat recap of your weekend and the photos are as usual just awesome!! What a handsome son and beautiful daughter in law..thanks for sharing them with us!! I envy you being able to be out on your deck…I did get in a short time out in my swing last week when we had an unusually warm day of 70 degrees..that’s unusual for Michigan in November but I loved it. Today we are back in the 40’s and windy…thanks again for the update and the gorgeous photos…have a blessed day!!

  4. Nice pictures! And you have a nice looking son and daughter in law!

  5. Jason and Blair are such a handsome couple. Blair must have the most interesting book in the world because she is always reading that same book. The dogs are so cute and so is Ted’s (and the eagle’s) fish. Glad Bear has made a complete recovery.

    • How do you notice stuff like that? I sure didn’t! I do know she’s been trying to get it read forever because she never has time to relax and read. Such are the lives of our children.

  6. This was fun to read. Interesting to see pics of your family (even though I know there were some on your other blog over the summer.) Had to laugh at that eagle’s fish.

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