Posted by: bree1972 | November 17, 2009

Decks and Dirty Water 11/18/09

While I was driving home from Atlanta on Monday, Ted was beginning the process of water sealing our wooden deck.  He finished the upper deck yesterday and started this morning on the lower level.  We have to seal the deck to protect the wood from sun damage and the effects of storms.  The sealant is also color-stained, so when he is finished our deck will look almost brand new!

First, the leaves that have fallen overnight have to be blown off the deck.

The upper level of the deck, that Ted sealed yesterday, is dry.


What a difference a good dose of water seal can make. The old becomes new!

I gave Ted this cement University of Georgia Bulldog for Christmas one year. The problem is he weighs at least 125 lbs. So when he had to be moved so Ted could seal the wood under him, it took some ingenuity.

Ted finished staining the lower deck this afternoon, and we’re hoping the rain that is forecast will hold off long enough for it to dry overnight.

The water is back up in the lake now that all that extra water from Tropical Storm Ida, which sat over north Georgia for 24 hours, has flowed downstream.  When that happens, we have to put up with trashy water as the river brings in everything that it has accumulated on its trip south.  With the first windy weather we have, the trash will move on, and we’ll have our beautiful lake back again.


You can see the debris in the water to the left of the dock. Today it all just sat there because the water was very still.

We have very few hardwood trees in our yard.  When it comes to fall color on the river, we mostly look to the cypress trees that grow right out of the water.  But today I noticed a young hardwood growing next to the fence on the park side of our lot.   Its leaves were a rich russet color.


We do have a large number of Pyracantha bushes.  They are filled with berries that are just beginning to turn toward the beautiful bright red color they will be by Christmas.

I forgot to tell you that we had another beautiful sunrise this morning!  To me, sunrises are always more beautiful in the fall and winter.  I don’t know why – are colors affected by cold air maybe?  When I worked and drove for 45 minutes into Albany each day, there were many mornings I would be on the road as the sun was coming up over spent cotton or corn fields.  The colors on those mornings were breathtaking, and I often thought, “Why don’t you put your camera in the car?”  But back then, there were no thoughtx of blogs or recording those snippets of time.  Then it was simply get to work, do your job, get home, do it again  Now, every sunrise is taken in, every sliver of red and yellow and pink enjoyed and marveled over.  What a glorious artist God is! 



  1. I have to agree with those fall and winter sunrises, they are just absolutely gorgeous, and the reflection they leave on the water as it gets lighter out is just unbelievable. I truely believe God is getting out his paint brush for an early morning meditation. By the way Ted, the deck is looking good. 🙂

    • Makes getting up early totally worth it!

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous picture of the sunrise. Now that I’m driving eastward into town 2 mornings a week, I might see a couple of those, but even though they are pretty, they won’t be as beautiful as the sun coming up over the water!
    When Ted gets done, he can come over here and handle my deck!

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