Posted by: bree1972 | December 1, 2009

Jail Time and Boo Boo’s 12.02.09

Hi!  Maddie here!

Since I’m just sitting here all snuggled up to my Dad, I thought I would tell you what’s been going on the last couple of days. 

I know Mom has told you all about their trip over Thanksgiving to see the cousins.  Did you happen to notice that there were no pictures of me and the Fur Ball on that hayride?  That’s because while Mom and Dad were off having a wonderful Thanksgiving on the farm, Fluffy Face and I were in JAIL!

Mom thought she could sugarcoat the fact that we were going to jail by telling us it was really a Spa and Resort for dogs.  Well, the next time you humans go to a spa and spend 95% of your time there behind bars, you might be rethinking your definition of “spa”!

I have to admit the jail cells were ok.  Of course, I was in a tiny, tiny cell, while Puff Face had a much bigger one.  Three times a day, just like clockwork, some really nice teenage people would come get us out of our cells and let us play!  They would take us outside in a big, fenced yard (I’m almost positive there was barbed wire in the fence) and throw balls and stuff for us.  Personally, I couldn’t care less about balls.  All I wanted to do was check the place out for moles and other varmints – but no such luck.  Just grass – not even a BUSH to sniff around.

Of course, Fluff Boy was much happier because he can chase balls for hours and think he is Heaven. 

So, anyway, the spa was a little better than the regular kennel, but it was still jail to me, and I was happy, happy, happy to see Mom on Saturday morning when she came to pick us up.

When we got home, Mom was standing out in the front yard talking to a neighbor, when she ran her hand down Glamour Boy’s back and screeched, “What in the world is THAT?!”  It seems Mr. Perfect had a huge hairball on his back, and when she examined it more closely, she found a huge hot spot under it.  Mom was NOT happy!  I tried to tell her it was where the jailers had attached electrodes to Mr. Fancy Pants to get him to talk, but she wasn’t listening.

Off she went with Goldie to the vet.  When they got back, the great Hairy One was a little less hairy!  They had to shave one whole side of his backend so they could treat the big boo boo.  Man, it looked nasty!  AND, he had to take two different kinds of medicine – which wasn’t such a bad deal because Mom always wraps the pills up in something good to eat.

The greatest thing though was Mr. Show Dog had to wear a big blue halo thing around his neck so he wouldn’t chew on his boo boo and keep it from getting all better.  Hey – I have had to wear one of those things before, and believe me – they are not fun!  No “what a beautiful golden” praise for the boy this week – he looked pitiful!

Then today, after mom had spent three days feeding the Big Goof medicine for his boo boo, he suddenly gets really, really sick out in the sunporch.  Talk about a MESS!  I mean, I had to get out of there QUICK!

Mom gets all upset again and calls the vet, and they say, “Bring him right in.”  So they go BACK to the vet, and guess what!  The vet said it was the MEDICINE they gave him to make him WELL that was making him SICK!  So she gave mom some MORE MEDICINE – only this is the kind mom has to SPRAY on the boo boo – no more pills!

So – long story not very short – since Mom went off and left us so she could go have fun over Thanksgiving, she has spent a LOT of that green stuff on Fluffy Face trying to get him well.   But, that’s what she gets for putting us in JAIL!

Here's Mom pampering the big baby . . .

. . . and here's me watching over Dad while he naps (my work is never done).



  1. Aww I hope Bear is doing better…he looks so sad. Wonderful story by the way, Maddie. I don’t know why Bear doesn’t let you write more often, your very good. 😉

  2. Mattie, you started my day with laughs and I’m sending love to you and Bear! I think you should write a book about all of the adventures you and Bear have. Perhaps Bear could draw some pictures for it! Don’t be too hard on Bear while he is wearing that thing that looks like a lamp shade! Love your blog!!!

    Judy, Ann Arbor

  3. So glad you were there to help Maddie. Maybe your Mommy can get Ted a hat like Bear has. Hope every one is doing well.

  4. Mardon must have been closed during Thanksgiving. I hope Bear is better now. And Maddie is a very good storyteller!

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