Posted by: bree1972 | December 2, 2009

Time for a Christmas Tree – Part I 12.04.09

On Tuesday, Ted and I went to get our Christmas tree.  Since we moved to the lake in 1995, we have cut our own tree from the same tree farm – Southern Christmas Trees.  It’s about a 30 minute drive from our house, and you never know WHAT you will see along the way.

Cotton is still being picked in south Georgia, even this late in the year. This cotton-picking machine was going from field to field along the road we traveled to the tree farm.

A field of unpicked cotton - looks almost like snow, doesn't it?

A freshly harvested cotton field.

And here it is bundled and ready to be transported. The tarps will help keep it dry in case of rain.

We arrived at the tree farm right after a school bus from a nearby county unloaded a class full of children on a field trip.  They were having a ball – going on a hayride, playing games, and having refreshments!


We were handed a hand saw through the window of the truck, and off we went to find our tree.  There are several kinds of trees to choose from, but Ted and I always head staight for the Leyland Cypress area.  We just love them because they look soft and feathery and smell really good.  A lot of the trees had been sprayed a really dark green, and some had been shaped into perfect pyramids.  We skipped all those and chose a more natural looking tree – after a little looking!

This is Ted pointing to the very first tree he saw as soon as he got out of the truck. "There's the perfect tree!" He ALWAYS does that, even though he knows I would NEVER saw "OK" to the first tree we saw. We might come back to it an hour later, and I might say, "There's the perfect tree!" But neither one of us will remember that it's the same one.

Hundreds to choose from. I like to look at each one - don't you?

Still looking!

We finally found the perfect tree!  I don’t think it was the first one we looked at . . .  but it could have been.  I held the top while Ted sawed it down, and then he carried it back to the truck.


The next step is to put the tree through this machine that wraps it for transporting.  Then it goes on a “shaker” to get all the debris off, then into another machine to even the cut at the base of the trunk.

In one end . . .

. . . and out the other.

You know if there is a dog around, I will find it.  This is Cracker, who belongs to the owners of the tree farm.  He was having to hang out in the bed of this truck until the school children left.  Would you believe he is just a “puppy”!

We’ll get the tree and the rest of the house decorated tomorrow.  Come on over – you can help!



  1. Looks like the perfect tree to me too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it up and decorated.

  2. Looking at Cracker makes me miss my yellow Lab even more. If he had a thought balloon you could see all the mischief behind those beautiful eyes.

    You can almost smell the wonderful evergreen scents. I hope you include us all in the decorating of the “very best tree”. I guess we don’t need to go searching now since the best tree has already been chosen. I love the way you turn everyday living into something for all of us.

    You need to let Maddie start her own blog. She’s quite a writer and spins a good tale (or is it tail).

    xxoo to all

    • Cracker was a beautiful Lab!!! You need to get another one!

  3. Hum along with me now—“It’s beginning to look ALOT like Christmas..” !! How very fun, to see your tree selecting adventure there in GA, with the green grass showing in the fields…Here in MN it’s usually so darn cold & snowy, we are bundled up like ‘Nanooks from the north’ & can barely walk let alone saw down our perfect tree selection! Not so cold yet this year, (hi of 23 this morn) and we are just now getting our first snow that’s sticking today…that does add to the Christmasy feeling tho.

    Sure found your pixs on the cotton harvesting interesting …those huge stacks were something. Hey, you could always scatter some under your perfect tree to make it look like snow!

    Hope Bear is feeling better & tell Maddie she is such a GOOD story teller!!


    • Hi Jane!

      I’m so jealous you have snow! I might get tired of it after a while, but I sure would like to find out! Good idea about the cotton under the tree – why didn’t I think of that! Can’t you just see me filling my sack with cotton out of one of those huge bundles!

      I always love your comments!


  4. I remember the days of walking all over looking for the perfect tree. We usually waited until the snow was knee deep and if was freezing. But what memories we have. The cotton fields bring back the memories of our 1st year of marriage. Jim was in the Air Force station in OK. We rented a small house on a farm. The fields we all cotton fields. This little Hoosier had never seen that before. When it came to picking time the cotton was picked by hand. One morning we awoke to our dog barking. The pickers had arrived with babies and all. OK sure was different than IN. Can’t wait to see the decorating.

    • Oh, I remember well when cotton was picked by hand! My daddy and his brother did it themselves when they were young. When they would talk about it, they said it was some of the hardest work they had ever done. I can’t imagine being out in those fields when it was 100 degrees day after day. Those air-conditioned cabs of the cotton harvesters are MUCH better!

  5. So interesting to see the cotton before harvesting and then those huge “bundles” sitting in the fields..really looked like snow covered with tarps! 🙂 I showed them to Fred and he thought they were really neat photos too!! Thanks for giving us such great photos to see what it really looks like!!
    Your tree cutting expedition looked like fun..we had cut our own trees for years and I was ‘very’ fussy..but 2 years ago I did something I vowed never to do…I agreed to an artificial tree and believe it or not I love it!! We are putting it up this weekend and then do some more decorating..looking forward to seeing photos of your decorating party!!
    We haven’t had any snow yet and that’s ok with’s cold (42) but still pretty green around here..have fun with your decorating! 🙂

    • We seriously considered a pre-lit tree this year, but then just couldn’t do it. They are so beautiful now that you can’t tell the difference between them and a real tree – well, except for the smell! Glad you enjoyed the cotton pics!

  6. BB- just reading the blog. I want Cracker!!! I was really missing my Hewi yesterday. The tree is pretty.

    • Cracker was a BEAUTIFUL yellow lab – 18 months old.

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