Posted by: bree1972 | December 3, 2009

Time for a Christmas Tree – Part II 12.04.09

I love the process of Christmas tree decorating.  It’s the process of getting the decorating stuff out of the attic that drives me nuts!  

I don’t know why it bothers me all that much.  It is Ted who has to climb those rickety attic steps and pick his way through 20 years of collected junk “we just can’t bear to get rid of” to find the decorations.  All I do is stand at the bottom of those steps and shout encouragement as his backend disappears into the great unknown of that cold area above our heads.  Eventually his backend reappears, he turns around to sit at the top of the steps, and he passes down box after box of lights, ornaments, other Christmas trees (we have three small pre-lit trees), wrapping paper and ribbon bought on sale in January, and “doo-dads” I use all over the house to up the Christmas spirit level.  

When we got home Tuesday evening, Ted put the lights on the tree.  My theory is, if you can still see the tree’s green branches, there aren’t enough lights.  But over the years, our 20-year-old strings have – one at a time – mostly stopped working.  This year we were down to only four working strands, so we bought new ones.  I’ve always been a fan of the tiny mini-lights, but Ted has been lobbying for those huge, old-fashioned multi-colored bulbs.  We compromised and bought strings of medium-sized red, green, yellow, and blue lights.  

I was ready to start decorating the tree first thing Wednesday morning (Ted does lights, I do all the other add-ons).  But Ted decided he couldn’t stand throwing out those old strings of light, and why not put those on the tree too!  With that thought came the realization (by Ted) that he would need to take off all the lights he had put on the night before, in order to “incorporate” the old lights in with the new and “make it look right” (quotes are Ted’s).  

I knew it would be after lunch before he finished, so I set up the other three trees – one in the dining room, one atop our roll-top desk in the kitchen, and one on the sunporch.  The dining room/kitchen trees are the ones people see if they ride by the house.  People also see the University of Georgia Bulldogs Christmas wreath hanging on the front door. Ted bought that wreath at the Christmas tree farm on Tuesday, while I was outside talking to Cracker, the Lab.  Let me just say right here that as soon as our balsam wreath arrives from Mackinac Island, the “dawg” wreath is going to the back door.  I love the Bulldogs, but Uga (the University of Georgia’s bulldog mascot, if you happen not to be a football fan) is not the face I associate with Christmas. 

So Ted took the  lights off the tree, then put the lights back on the tree, and I have to admit it – he was right!  All the different shapes mixed together look really good.  I spent a while adding ornaments and other “bling” – then we had the grand “lighting of the trees”. 

We've never had many blue lights on our tree before. I can't believe how they "stand out" in the photographs. That's not a reflection in the window - there's another tree outside on the sunporch.

A photograph from this morning, just after sunrise.


A photograph last night of our little tree on the sunporch.

I asked Bear to "Down/Stay" under the tree since there were no presents wrapped under there yet. He just looked at me like, "This is NOT what I would normally be doing with a tree, mom."

The dining room and kitchen trees.

Another view from this morning, looking out toward the water.

So, the trees are up, and the house is decorated.  I wish I could say all the gifts were bought, but they just aren’t.  I’m making progress though, and hope to finish up this weekend.  

This will be my last post until Monday – UNLESS I have snow pictures from Mackinac Island to show you over the weekend.  Three friends of mine – Jill, Bonnie, and Diane – who live on the island in the summer and in Michigan in the winter – are going to the island this weekend for the Christmas Bazaar.  Jill promises to email me lots of photos of the tree lighting in the middle of Main Street, the snow (it’s falling right now and sticking to the ground), and the bazaar.  I will try and post a few over the weekend.  

See you soon, good Lord willing.  God bless.



  1. The trees are beautiful Brenda! Ted was right, they do look “just right”.

    Wow yesterday afternoon the snow had stopped on the island. I just went to look and they had quite a bit overnight it seems. It looks gorgeous! I so wish I could see it in person. How do they set that tree up so it doesn’t fall over in the wind? I had noticed yesterday that it had a slight lean to it since it was quite windy 😉

  2. Beautiful! one can never have to many lights. The island looks beautiful after many inches of snow.Looking froward to Jills pictures.

  3. Love all your trees Brenda..looks so nice and festive. I was just at the website with the live cam on the Island..and was watching the one on main street and a snowmobile went by and then there were 2 couples walking down one of the sidewalks and it was pretty even at night…so there is even activity at 12:45 am on the Island!!
    Looking forward to photos of the tree lighting!! Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date on all the happenings in Georgia and on the Island!!

  4. Hi Bree! Your trees look so beautiful! Thanks as always for your updates on the island. I look so forward to that every week!

  5. went to the live webcams in Mckinac and it was beautiful and covered in snow.

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