Posted by: bree1972 | December 10, 2009

. . . the Next Day 12/11/09

If I had known how to put a great big smiley face on this blog, that is what would have greeted you when you opened this post today.  My “procedure” is over and done, and the best news of all – no “glitches”  this time!  I was put on the “see you in five years” list and sent home sleepy, but very, very happy.  I discovered, surprisingly, that after the first 24 hours with nothing to eat, you sort of forget about being hungry.  I think I was more thirsty than anything. Still, my mood wasn’t great by Wednesday afternoon, and I think Ted would have gladly thrown me out of the truck on that trip in for my appointment.  Isn’t it horrible how we always take our bad moods out on the ones we love the most.  I guess that is because we know they will love us anyway. I slept a lot when we got home, Ted fixed a great dinner, and I ate solid food for the first time in 48 hours.  Thanks to each and every one of you who sent thoughts and prayers up for me yesterday.  They were answered in the best possible way.  

I awoke this morning feeling great, but still a little tired.  I’ve taken it pretty easy today, so I hope you will forgive me if this post is brief tonight.  I walked outside in the yard for a little while this afternoon and took a couple of photos, but it had really cooled off from a temperature of 79 on Tuesday.  Today, it was in the 50’s with a brisk breeze.  I didn’t stay out long.

The balsam wreath we ordered from Weber's Florist on Mackinac Island came this week, and it is now on our front door. It smells SO GOOD!


Our one white camellia bush is in full bloom, but the red and pink bushes haven't opened yet. They are so full of buds though that the branches are bending down. If a frost doesn't get them, they are going to be beautiful by next week.

I had bought Christmas cards last week and had gone by the post office to get Christmas stamps.   This afternoon was a perfect time to move my little white “writing” table out to the sun porch and address cards.

The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been a fire in the wood stove. Ted has promised me one in the morning, when it is supposed to be close to freezing.

I’m saving some of those cards to address tomorrow morning in front of the fire.  Samille, a good friend, ran by this afternoon to sit and chat a while.  So good to see friends!  After she left, I noticed a squirrel and two Mallard ducks under the birdfeeder in the backyard.  Our yard used to be full of Mallards before we put that back fence up.  Now, since they have to make the effort to fly over it, not as many come. 

One of the dozens of squirrels we have as neighbors, and a Mallard pair.

While I was working on the cards and Ted was snoozing in his chair, Bear was relaxing and Maddie was standing guard from her little bed on the porch.  That bed was supposed to be a carseat for her.  It’s raised so she could see out of the windows, and has slots the seatbelts would go through.  I made the mistake of putting it out on the porch just to see if she would get in it, and that is where it has stayed for four years.

Doesn't Bear look great! He's lost 24 lbs. since May. He's dirtier than he's ever been because we couldn't get him groomed with the hot spot. But he goes next week, so he will be gorgeous for Christmas.

The queen on her throne.

Ted wanted a southern supper tonight, so I cooked country fried steak, real (as opposed to boxed) mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and biscuits (canned, not real).  I think it made up for my bad mood on Wednesday.

I wanted to show you one more thing before I sign off.  My friend Jill was on Mackinac Island this past weekend, and she trekked up to our condo to take a picture of it in the snow.  She sent them to me today, and Ted and I could not BELIEVE how deep the snow was!  The first picture is our condo when we arrived there in May, and the second two show how it looks NOW!

Our condo in May. That's Ted standing on our deck on the upper left side (where the door is open).

Our condo this weekend.

This dad and his little girl were having a great time on their snowmobile on the condo yard.

I’ll see you back here on Monday morning, good Lord willing.  I’m hoping to get that last gift bought this weekend, get everything wrapped and under the tree by Sunday, get the Christmas cards in the mail, and enjoy the rest of the season with no pressure.  See you Monday!  God bless.



  1. So good to hear that you are on the 5 year list. Now you can get on with the Christmas spirit.
    Your weather sounds pretty good to me. We have had winds for the past two days that have things we thought we had tied down flying around the back yard. The high yesterday was 16 degrees. Today maybe 22-24. My grandchildren haven’t had school the last two days due to blowing and drifting snow. They live out in the country in Michigan’s Cass county. When we see them Saturday the sledding hill will be a busy place.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Way to go Brenda! I knew you could do it. I’m happy that all turned out well. Dirty or not, Bear is still beautiful and Maddie looks so content.
    Sounds like Charlotte and I are having the same temps. We haven’t had much snow yet, but it has been freezing. Since it has to be that cold, I don’t know why I can’t enjoy the cold and snow on the Island instead of here. It’s so much prettier! 😉

  3. Ahhhhh, now I can SEE you on the sun porch this moring, ALL in front of the fire, drinking your cup of coffee. We are ALL happy to hear the good news.

    P.S. When Samille was over did you remember to ask how
    her friend Susan is?

  4. 5 years is such a magical thing to hear. I’d rather hear that than “you won the lottery”. I’m so thankful you got your clean bill of health. When you have your health you have it all.

    Everything looks homey and warm. Isn’t contentment contagious??? Love your wreath. I can almost smell it from here. Maddie and Bear look fabulous.

    Love to all and I can hardly wait. Less than a month!!!!!!


  5. Hi Brenda, this is Jeanine. I’m glad your “procedure” went well, and also that Bear is doing better! I love the picture of Maddie on the porch 🙂

    I just wanted to let you know I started my own blog, about the puppy I got 🙂 I hope you get a chance to see how cute she is!

  6. AMEN!

  7. It’s alwyas happy when those little procedures go smoothly. I love your little sun porch. It looks relaxing and elegant. As for addressing Christmas cards…this is a good reminder I had better start! Hope you’re enjoying your “warm” Georgia winter.

    • A little less warm today – high’s in the 40’s and raining. Another sunporch by the fire in my jammies day! I have no problem at all wrapping presents out there in my p.j.’s!

  8. Glad everything was ‘ok’…We have had some really frigid weather here in lower Michigan..we were without power for 18 hours Wednesday night to Thursday morning..due to 60 mile per hour mighty chilly in our house so we headed to Lori’s (Alyssa’s mom) and spent some time there…it was in the teens for about 3 days but today we are at a “balmy” 34 degrees with lots of sun and no wind!
    Enjoy wrapping presents while you have a jammie day!! I’m going to start making some caramel corn and mixing up some spritz cookies!! God Bless ya!!

  9. so glad to hear of your good report; you don’t actually mind going through the “first part” when you are all done and know everything is good! love your sunporch–it looks very cozy and warm. I am also sitting by a woodstove; it heats most of our house all winter. I feel very fortunate to have this “really” warm way to heat in the winter. Of course the rest of the house is a little cool…;]…..but we have a heater in the bathroom, so all is well! Enjoy the Christmas season, in case I don’t get back to your blog soon.

    • Thanks, Jan! Have a wonderful Christmas!

      By the way, our sunporch is the WARMEST part of the house when the stove is burning. We keep the thermostat set on 68, which is a little chilly, and is getting more chilly with each year I age!

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