Posted by: bree1972 | December 14, 2009

Shades of Gray 12/15/09

The last few days have been a study in gray – different shades for different subjects – but all gray.

First, the weather.  I have forgotten what sunshine looks like!  We have been home from Michigan for 42 days – 39 of those have been gray.  No sunshine.  No sparkling water, with the sun’s rays bouncing off the surface, creating strings of diamonds across the lake.  Today the fog was so thick we couldn”t see beyond our boathouse.  The other side of the river has disappeared, and for all we know, a spaceship has landed and transported all those folks on the Crisp County side to the Planet Ork.  But, hey – if Ork has sunshine, where do I get my ticket? 

Even Bear and Maddie, who will go outside and play at the drop of a hat, just stand in the doorway and look out as if saying, “Where did the rest of our world go?”


Second, my cell phone.  You know – the one Ted accidently sent through the “heavy wash load” cycle of the washing machine and spin dried into cell phone oblivion.  Today he decided if he could just get it dry on the inside, it might miraculously come back to life.  So he got out my blow dryer and spent 10 minutes cooking my phone.  When he plugged it into the charger, a screen came up showing it was charging – a gray screen.  A while later, he actually got the phone to turn on.  But that was it.  It won’t make a call or find a contact.  Try any of that, and it’s right back to the gray screen.  But, who knows?.  After he blow dries the phone a couple more times, it might work.  Or what about the microwave?  I mean, this whole thing started with the washing machine – surely we can find an appliance that can fix it!


Then there’s my hair.  It’s turning gray.  I wish I could say that’s a recent trend.  And it’s not that beautiful white that so many lucky women slowly evolve to as they age.  Nope.  Mine is gray – mouse gray.  And since I haven’t visited by favorite hair stylist since we returned to the river, I have about an inch and a half of mouse gray roots showing at the bottom of my Clairol Full Tilt Toffee brown hair dye.  Attractive?  Maybe on Ork.

So Tuesday I will drive into Albany to get a new phone and new hair roots, which will brighten my day considerably.  Now if we could just get that sun to peek through, we’d have us a grand slam!



  1. LOL Poor Ted…but isn’t that just like a guy. 🙂 Hopefully things will brighten up soon Brenda and don’t worry about the gray, its only a bottle away. Hmmm I think its about time for me to,wash away the gray myself now that you mention it.

  2. I think the sun is scheduled to shine tomorrow!

    • Sun? What’s a sun?

      Seriously, I heard the same thing, and I’m so excited I might get up at 5 a.m. just to watch it!

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