Posted by: bree1972 | December 16, 2009

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy . . . ” 12/17/09

Don’t you just love John Denver songs!  Don’t you just love the sun, after not seeing it for over a month! 

Today we’ve had a full day of blue skies and sunshine.  With Ted off driving veterans to the Dublin VA Hospital, my plan was to spend the whole day wrapping gifts.  I know you all think I must have a million gifts to wrap, the way I talk about them all the time.  But here’s the thing.  Just because I say I’m going to wrap gifts at this time or that time does not mean that actually happens. 

Like today.  I didn’t even walk into the “wrapping room”.  As soon as my two cups of coffee had jump-started my heart this morning, I opened the back door and inhaled fresh, clean, DRY air!  Maddie and Bear hit the ground running, and they didn’t stop all day.  Maddie has dug holes (that didn’t immediately fill with water) and sniffed every inch of this yard for something to dig up, chase, eat, or all three.  Bear has carried his ball around the yard all day – throwing it for himself when I wasn’t outside (yes, he can do that), and nudging me with it everytime I set foot outside (when was quite often). 

Here’s the day in pictures (with captions).  I thought I better chronicle this rare sunny day, because tomorrow the rain starts again.  Geez!

Gray day front yard . . .

. . . what a difference a day makes!


Do you see that! That is a path of sunshine running right into that azalea bed! And that is a path of shade right next to it! Do you know you cannot have shade unless you have sunshine!

Blue sky, sunshine . . .

Blue sky, sunshine, shade-dappled white fence.

Standing in the carport, shooting straight through the flowerbed to the lake.

Standing out beyond the screened-in porch on the dock. Looks like a couple of jets crossed paths up there!

Our flag, flying at the end of the dock. I need to go down and take a picture of it at night. Ted has a spotlight on a timer, so it is properly illuminated when the sun goes down.


Bear on the dock. It's the first time he's been down there since we've been home. That's how BAD the weather has been! That's Ted's spotlight for the flag attached to the post over Bear's head.


Looking up the river, through the screened porch at the end of the dock.


Bear, standing at the boathouse. He seems to think that water is awfully high, and so do I. It's also very muddy because of all the rain we've had here and upriver.


Maddie couldn't have cared less what was happening at the dock. She was in full tracking mode. Here, she had just spotted a bird landing in the bush next to her.

Bear, with the ball he threw for himself.

Maddie, thinking "What an idiot! He could be hunting moles!"

By the time Ted got home and we had eaten supper, Maddie and Bear were “dog-tired”.  Everyone stretched out in the den to snooze (including Ted), while I came into the bedroom to write.  I tiptoed out to take a photo of Maddie sound asleep next to Ted, then walked outside on the deck, thinking about going down to the dock for a picture of that flag.  Wow, had it ever gotten colder!  The wind was blowing too, so I substituted the flag picture for an outdoor view of both our Christmas trees at the back of the house.

A tired little girl, after a busy day exploring her outdoor world.

Please continue to remember my friend Samille’s friend, Susan, who suffered a stroke following hip replacement surgery.  She is in a physical rehabilitation center now, but her progress is very slow.  Let’s keep her in our prayers as she fights her way back to health.  God bless.



  1. Wasn’t the sun great today? And I had to work, bah, humbug! Thanks so much for remembering Susan.

  2. We had some sunshine today also Brenda but the temperature was in the mid 20’s! Wanted to tell you that Alyssa is home for the winter..had a change of plans and she decided not to stay in the UP after all..this Grammy is sure glad she is close by!! 🙂 Hope you get some more sun, sounds like you have had plenty of that wet stuff!! God Bless!!

  3. I’m fasinated by the trees growing out of the water. I don’t know why, but it just looks so cool. We are still getting sunshine, minus the green grass and blooming flowers, with snow headed our way tonight. If it has to snow, I’d rather be on Mackinac Island then here 🙂
    Saying a prayer for Susan.

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