Posted by: bree1972 | December 20, 2009

A Flint River Christmas Parade 12/21/09

Years ago, the residents of Lake Blackshear got together and decided to have a Christmas parade of boats.  For several years, this was a grand event, with dozens of boats taking part.  Then for some reason, perhaps the great flood of 1994 (I will write about that soon), the boat parade fell by the wayside. 

This year, lake residents received a flyer asking for participation once again in the boat parade and also asking that residents decorate their docks for judging.  On Saturday night, Ted and I and a group of friends met over at the Marina at the Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club, where the boats would be passing in front of the judges’ stand.  We got there early and grabbed a table at the window, hoping we’d be able to see the boats without going outside.  Didn’t work, but it was a good thought!

Lake friends. Sally, Samille, and Marianne were all trying to figure out the best setting on their cameras for night pictures. I was doing the same thing.


Madeline, Ed and Sally's six-year-old granddaughter. She had her list ready for Santa.

The judges for the parade were aboard the Lady Liberty, a 50 passenger vessel the marina rents for weddings, rehearsal dinners, reunions, parties and corporate events.  A very special guest was also aboard the Lady Liberty  – Santa Claus! 

When the Liberty arrived at the marina dock, I knew there was no way I’d be able to get any photos from inside, and it was COLD out there – well, cold for south Georgia!  But some of us walked out to the marina’s rental slips, where the Liberty was tying up, and when they found out I was taking pics for my blog, I got invited on board to watch the boats go by – close up! 

The Lady Liberty, decorated for Christmas, before she came into the marina.

Approaching the dock.

A close-up, just before she was docked.

I tried to get good shots of the boats, but it’s very hard to do with as little light as there was. The ones below are “semi-good”.

This pontoon boat was ablaze with strings and strings of Christmas lights!

Would you believe this was a little fishing boat! They had built antlers at the front for Rudolph's head, and his "nose" was the brightest light on the lake last night.

A pontoon boat with its very own Christmas tree!

It's hard to make out in this picture, but this pontoon had Santa's sleigh and reindeer outlined in lights.


There was even a Grinch on the river - but he didn't manage to steal Christmas from this group!

Santa, on the upper deck of the Lady Liberty. Later, he came inside the Cypress Grill to see all the children who were waiting to talk to him.

Once Santa Claus arrived inside, he was kept quite busy “making his lists” from all the childrens’ requests – including Madeline’s!

Then he had to get out his big yellow LEGAL pad to take care of the next two kids’ “gotta have” list!

Never did hear who won the boat parade contest, but we sure had a lot of fun watching it!

Can’t believe it’s Christmas week.  Is everyone ready?



  1. Those in the boat parade certainly put thought and work into get their boats ready. Enjoy the trip to Arkansas and New Orleans.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  2. What a fun night that must thave been! Madeline is a darling girl. Tell her Merry Christmas from Ann Arbor, MI!!

    Have a great and safe holiday;


  3. Well, MY vote goes to the Rudolf rowboat!! (well, I assume it had a motor but ‘rowboat’ alliterates!) What a fun evening! They do something similar here in the Marina, and also at the Redondo Beach Marina, I think.

  4. Thanks and have a safe trip. We had our boat parade here in St. James City at the same time. The cool evening made it seem more like Christmas. Last year the noseeems almost carried us away and we had to have a tall cold drink in our hands LOL

  5. Wow, everyone did a great job on their boats…very nice, and the pictures turned out just fine Brenda. I’m still not ready for Christmas yet and it’s coming too fast. Yikes! Merry Christmas

  6. Ted told me about the pictures you made. Thanks for doing it. These are the first one I’ve seen.
    The parade winners were:

    Most Creative: Rudolf (The fishing boat)
    Originality: Grinch
    Best Theme: Slight with the 3 reindeer out over the front
    Best Use of Lights and Animation: Santa’s Sleigh with the Reindeer in motion.

    Thanks for taking the pictures.

  7. Not quite ready here Brenda..but the shopping is done..about two thirds of the wrapping…that’s a new one for me I usually wrap on Christmas Eve! Got a couple more batches of caramel corn to make and some chocolate cashew clusters and that will do it!!
    The pictures of the boat parade are so pretty..thanks for sharing in December…hmmm seems funny to think of up here in Michigan!! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and Ted!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Wow – all those goodies sure sound delicious! So glad you will have your granddaughter home with you for Christmas. Please tell her hello from us!

  8. That was so much fun Saturday night, being with everyone and seeing all those decorated boats. Really felt like christmas. I spent today wrapping gifts, finally got the last one under the tree. Tomorrow cookies and candy I guess.Like Hilda said….. Y ikes, it`s coming way too fast.

  9. We were in the parade, boat with Christmas Tree and froze, grandkids slept though it all and woke up as we were getting out of the wind heading home. Couldn’t see Santa from the parade. Thanks for taking pictures we forgot our camera.

    • Oh my gosh, Deb. All I can say is “how brave you were”. I was freezing just standing there taking pics!

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