Posted by: bree1972 | December 26, 2009

Christmas Photos! 12/27/09

Hi Everyone! 

Just a quick note.  Blair is shopping the sales on-line, while Ted and Jason are watching a movie.  I’m getting my packing done for Arkansas, but I thought I would stop long enough to post a few pics from the weekend. 

Jason and Blair got here around 6:30 Christmas afternoon.  We ate a big dinner, then opened gifts.  Santa was very good to everyone, but the best part was just being with family.  We chatted with Blake online on a video Skype call Christmas morning, then called him again when Jason and Blair arrived.  So great that technology allows us to see him through 7300 miles of cyperspace! 

Saturday has been a very relaxed day.  Blair and I have read and napped and shopped online – all out on the sun porch.  It has been cold enough that we have had the fire going all day.  So nice!  Ted and Jason have watched football, grilled, and just done some male bonding.  Jason and Blair brought their two dogs AND Blair’s mom and dad’s dog (they were going out of town for two weeks and needed dogsitters).  So we’ve had FIVE dogs – more dogs than people!  Bear and Bayla (their Bernese Mountain Dog) have had a wonderful time playing – they are both big and play rough.  Right now they are both dog-tired (pardon the pun) and sound asleep. 

We will leave for Arkansas Sunday, sometime after Jason and Blair leave to return to Atlanta.  We’ll drive until we’re tired, then try and find a pet-friendly hotel.  If we can’t find one, I guess we will continue to drive until we get there!  It’s a 13-hour trip! 

Our beautiful daughter-in-law, Blair.

Saturday morning on the porch.

Bear - trying on Ted's new cap.

So many people to talk to - so little time.

Jason online with his brother Blake, who is in China. You can see Blake on the computer screen.

I hope all of you had a wonderful, safe Christmas.  Will post something during the week we are in Arkansas – just don’t exactly know when.  God bless. 

P.S.  It’s amazing how much I have missed sitting down everyday to blog.  I keep thinking, “What am I forgetting to do!”  Weird!



  1. Aren’t grand dogs fun? I just love to take our “pack” for a run on the lakeshore in Mackinaw when they are in town. I think it is one of my “best”memories. Believe it or not with all those big dogs our Little Hnak is the leader when we run free. He goes around nipping at thir heels LOLLife is good my friend enjoy your trip.Praying that you finde just the right “dog” friendly hotel.

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all and it’s wonderful that you got to talk to Blake. The things we can do with computers nowaday. It’s crazy. Have a safe trip to Arkansas.
    P.S. I love Ted’s new hat!

  3. Safe Travels to AR (hope you’ll see a little snow)…
    HI & HAPPY NEW YEAR to Julie, Matt, Jordan & Matthew
    Looking forward to PICS!

  4. GLAD ya’ll had a nice Christmas and I know you will have a nice visit in Arkansas. Seeing the picture of Ted multitasking with the two phones reminded me of my very own experience on the 26th. Cathie and I went to a going away party for an Army Ranger Captain type on his way to Iraq. Sweet daughter Ashley gave us 2 quarts of delicious shrimp corn chowder and we nabbed a super large bowl of gumbo from the party. Upon arrival at home our Min Pin charged me with the force of a rhino and dislodged the two things I was carrying. A multitasking cleaning ensued; light switch,wall,floor, and other dogs. Tell Julie and the rest hello.

  5. Hi Bree,
    I so enjoy your blogs. I can so relate to your pictures and your vivid blogs about living on Lake Blackshear in South Georgia. Keep it going! You all have a “best year yet” in prosperity, health, and safety.
    Warmest Regards,
    Cheryl Mason

    • Thank you Cheryl. I’m glad you like the blog! If you ever have any photos that I might use on the blog that are interesting shots of river life, I would love to post them – with full credit to you, of course. Your Leisure Properties web site is very good. I have always enjoyed it.

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