Posted by: bree1972 | January 4, 2010

Snow Day in Arkansas! 1/04/2010

Yep!  We are still in Arkansas!  We went to bed Saturday night, fully packed, with the alarm clock set for an 8 a.m. departure for New Orleans.  At 5:30 Ted woke up, and I heard him walk over to the second floor window of the guest room.  When he came back to bed, he said, “Just go back to sleep, we aren’t going anywhere at 8 o’clock.”  So I did. 

When we got up (around 7:30), and headed out with the dogs, we were met with a winter wonderland.  It has not gotten over 27 degrees all day, and the snow plows have not run (because it’s Sunday).  The snow around the house that has been crushed down by our feet, or melted by the warmth of the house, has now refrozen into slick ice, and whether we will be able to leave on Monday is seriously in question right now.  High temps aren’t supposed to be out of the teens all week, and more snow is forecast for Wednesday.  All the churches cancelled services today, schools are closed tomorrow, and Julie thinks they will be closed all week. We have spent the day playing Wii, playing in the snow, reading, and napping.  Julie and Matt took down Christmas decorations, the kids tried to build a snowman (snow too dry), got into lots of snowball fights, and went sledding down the street that runs beside their house.  Jordan and Matthew were outside practically the whole day – oh, to be that young again!

Here’s the day in pictures, with captions. 

Julie and Matt's house in the snow.

Matt, making sure we have a clear path to walk on.

Looking over Matt and Julie's deck to the cul-de-sac behind their house.

Me - in ski pants, my new snow boots, and Ted's jacket.

Ted, looking for a target for that snowball. Notice the new style of snow boots - wool socks pulled up over sweat pants.

Matthew, getting clobbered by a snowball thrown by his dad.

Matthew, hiking back up the street, after sledding down.

It takes a long time to un-layer after a day outside in the snow!

A rosy-cheeked Matthew, happy and tired.

Jordan had spent the night away from home on Saturday night, and was really surprised to find us still at her house when she got home. She left again to go sledding at the “big hill” with friends.  Matthew hasn’t quite graduated to that one yet. I have to share these pictures with you of Bear in the snow.  Maddie wasn’t too impressed with the white stuff, but Bear thought he had died and gone to Heaven.  He loved it!

Every time we would go outside, Bear would run in circles as fast as he could around the yard.

"Come on, Maddie, let's play!"

"See, Maddie, if you run around in this stuff, you won't be so cold!"

"Come on! I'm BEGGING you!"

"Ok - forget it. I'll just run!"

"These are the craziest balls I've ever seen! As soon as they hit the ground, they explode! But then, I eat them!

"Chasing snowballs is the most fun thing I have EVER done!"

"There goes Maddie back in the house. For such a tough little girl, she sure is a wimp in the snow!"

 After a long day of snow play, we had dinner, then played a game Jordan got for Christmas – girls vs the boys.  The girls won! 

Our beautiful, sweet JoJo.


Our precious Matthew, in his new jammydukes.

Our plan is to leave Arkansas Monday morning as soon as the first snow plow comes through the neighborhood, but that is a very “iffy” plan right now.  Stay tuned!


  1. Well, you got your snow! And a good try-out for your new cold weather outfit! I love the photos of Bear in the snow – such joy!

    I took my grandsons to the mountains yesterday to play in the snow – three hours drive up along with the eight million other Southern Californians who wanted to play in the snow! >sigh< Things were so much easier when we lived on the Island!

    I hope you get on the road safely tomorrow!

  2. Hey Ted and I are trend setters. I have tow pair of wool socks pulled up to my capris. It actually is really cold here on our “frost free” Island too. My Lilly would love to run in that snow.Loved the pictures stay warm and safe my friend:).

  3. Love the pictures of Bear playing in the snow. He looked like he was having a blast! Sounds like the rest of you had some snowy fun too! I’m glad you got to enjoy some snow and hopefully you are on your way to New Orleans by now. Drive safely!

  4. It’s a delight to see Bear enjoy the snow so much. Wish I felt the same about it. This shoveling snow is getting old real quick and we have nearly three months left to shovel our way out of. I could be in Florida and thinking I was freezing. Stay safe Bree and Ted when you do get on the road.

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! I just caught up with your blog and I am still crying from the “Minnessota book post” , how touching. I know your parents would be sooooo proud of you blogging! You have touched so many peoples lives through your words and pictures. Thank you Bree, you are a blessing.


    • Awww …. thank you, Michele. Your comments always bring a smile to my face. We arrived back at home tonight at 5 p.m. It will be good to sleep in our own bed again, but we had so much fun!

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