Posted by: bree1972 | January 7, 2010

2,000 Miles Later . . . 1/8/2010

We’re home!  We arrived back to our little house on the ri-vah on Wednesday, only a day later than we were scheduled to get back.  Being snowed in at Julie and Matt’s was fun, our visit with Cathie and Charlie was too short (we’ll be back), and we got back to Georgia just in time for – are you ready – a supposed SNOW night!  I kid you not – it is supposed to sleet/snow tonight (Thursday), and we are supposed to wake to a “dusting” of snow on the ground.  The county we live in (Sumter) has already – are you ready – CLOSED SCHOOL for tomorrow (I know my north country readers are giggling at that).

It was a long 12-hour drive on Monday from Bentonville, AR to Slidell, LA (a suburb of New Orleans), where Cathie and Charlie live.  We stayed up late talking, then slept late the next morning.  With only one day to spend with them, we all just relaxed and had a great visit.  Ted and Cathie started researching their family tree, and it soon became a rivalry to see who could find the next relative.

Bear and Maddie were ridiculously happy to discover a large, fenced backyard in Slidell.  Bear rolled around in the first unfrozen grass he had seen in six days, and Maddie spent the entire visit trying to prove she was the dominant dog (Cathie and Charlie have three dogs).  She met her match though in Petey, a rescued Benji look-alike (except Petey probably weighs a whopping five lbs.).  They stood nose to nose and eye to eye several times, but no real fights.

About to sit down to dinner with Cathie and Charlie.

Bear bypasses the three rivals in Charlie's lap, and gets some lovin' from Cathie. That's (l-r) Sophie, Petey (the dominator), and Gypsy Rose in Charlie's lap.

We left around 9:30 Wednesday morning to drive home, after making plans for a possible trip back to Louisiana in March.  Whether we make it back or not this year, Cathie and Charlie will see us this summer on Mackinac Island. 

The Mobile, Alabama skyline.

The George Wallace Tunnel takes us under a portion of the city of Mobile and the Mobile River . . .

. . . and the causeway takes us over Mobile Bay.

When we rolled into the Florida Panhandle, we stopped at a rest area to let the dogs (and us) stretch their legs.  It was still cold, but seeing the palm trees let us know we were once again in the South.

Blue skies and palm trees = Florida!

This Blue Angel jet was on display at the Florida rest area, which was close to Forrest Sherman Field, Naval Air Station in Pensacola, where the Blue Angels are based.

Our new truck had acquired over 2,000 additional miles since we left on Wednesday morning, December 30.

Thank you, friends, for all the safe travel prayers.  It’s good to be home!



  1. Welcome back home Horton family! I’m glad all your travels went well. Better rest up a little, I hear there is another trip planned soon. 😉 Maybe you could stop by and pick me up for the next one. Hehehee

  2. I had forgotten how pretty Mobile bay is; glad ya`ll made it home in time for the deep freeze predected for tonight and the rest of the weekend. As if it hasn`t already been cold enough.

  3. Bree, Happy to hear you and Ted made it home safe and sound. Did you get the snow? Here in northern IN we haven’t had a day this year that it didn’t snow. Thankfully I have some good neighbors who are helping with the shoveling. My husband left on the 1st to drive his step-dad to FL. He is in Ft. Myers and said it is fun to watch the locals with the cooler than normal temps. Jim thinks it’s just great — there is sun. Enjoy being back home.

  4. Glad you and Ted are home safe and sound! We got around 5 inches of snow in the last day or so but it’s done and now we just have blowing and drifting snow. School was delayed 2 hours but not canceled!! (I am sure the kids were all hoping for a cancellation!) We are suppose to get temps in the single digits for a few days but I don’t need to go anywhere…this is one of the benefits of being retired! 🙂 Tonight we will be venturing out to our grandson’s 12th birthday ‘bash’ but it’s close by…hope you are enjoying being back to your place on the ri-vah!!
    Alyssa is heading north to the Island Sunday..just for a visit…but who knows she may get “stuck” up there!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Brenda and God Bless!!

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