Posted by: bree1972 | January 10, 2010

River Ice 01/11/2010

It’s south Georgia.  It’s January.  That usually means we might have a couple of days when the temps dip into the 20’s for lows and hover in the mid-30’s for highs.  Two or three days of that, and then we are back in the 60’s, sitting on our decks with our faces turned up toward the sun, getting a little “color” on our cheeks (your deck needs protection from the wind if you’re going to do that, but you get the idea).

For the last 10 days, however, our lows have been in the 20’s, once even dipping into the teens.  And our highs have barely been out of the 30’s.  Ten days!  Where am I?!

My friend Samille posted these pictures today on Facebook.  She and Ralph live on a little slough across the lake, where the water is relatively shallow.  ICE is forming on top of the water under and around their dock!  That is just weird, folks.  Much more of this, and we will have to cut a hole and go ice fishing!


Speaking of cold, ever since Jill and a few other island friends went to Mackinac for the Christmas Bazaar, I have been longing to see the island’s winter wonderland in person.  The pictures they sent back were beautiful beyond words, and I was so sad I didn’t go to see and photograph it myself. 

Then I thought about Winter Festival, which is held in February by the Mackinac Island Recreation Department.  This is a two-day event and includes snow volleyball, frozen fish toss, sledding, hockey golf and a great bonfire with hot dogs, marshmallows and hot chocolate at Turtle Park.  There is a brunch at the school on the second day with lots of inside activities, including the judging of the 2012 “Seasons of Mackinac” calendar photo contest.  But mostly what it has is snow – lots of it – and even though it snowed in Arkansas over New Year’s, I am still yearning to see it on my beloved Mackinac.

I mentioned it to Dawn, a friend of mine from the river, who with her husband Stevie had visited us on the island this summer.  Dawn HATES cold weather.  When she walks in our house, or her mother-in-law’s (Marianne) house in the winter, she grabs the closest throw off a couch and wraps up in it.  But when I mentioned to Dawn that I was thinking about going to the island for the festival and said, “You want to go?”, she grinned really big and said, “Let’s do it!”  Then we laughed out loud and screamed, “Are we CRAZY?!”  Yes, we are!

On Monday we plan to spend the day in Macon shopping for REAL winter weather outerware and gear.  More on that and our other preparations (including Jill and a wonderful family named Forrester) tomorrow.  Right now, I think I’ll just go throw another log on the fire in the sun porch stove and toast my feet.  ‘Cause baby, it’s cold outside!



  1. Bree, I love to hear you tell about the cold weather you have had. My husband has been in Ft. Myers, FL since Jan. 2 and he reports daily on the reactions he sees there. He enjoys seeing how they handle the cold. At 50 degrees for a high the other day he was out walking and enjoying the sun (something we rarely see this time of year) and those he saw were dressed as we would dress on a teens and 20s day. So now I’ve heard both sides of the story. I’m so happy you will be going to the Winter Fest. That is something I’ve always wanted to do. Have a good day and I hope it warms up for you.

  2. We might be able to turn our face towards the sun the middle of the week as our highs go up to 30’s for the first time in I don’t know how long. 🙂 Brenda, did Ted not want to go to the island or was he not invited lol. 😉

  3. Hilde,
    He was invited FIRST! He is just not a big fan of cold weather and snow. BUT, now that he has seen what fun Dawn and I are having planning our trip, he is talking about STAYING on the island next year through New Year’s! I don’t believe it for a mnute, but we’ll see! 🙂

    • Oh wow! wouldn’t that be great! I would love to be on the island for New Year’s just once just to experience the excitment that must go on. I’m not a cold weather person either, but I don’t think of the island as a cold place 😉

      • So very well put Hilde. It’s never cold on the island. You are sooo right.

      • I loved that one too!

  4. Not crazy at all Brenda. You will love it. Don’t forget to make a snow angel when you are there. Perhaps all this cold weather you are getting down south is God’s way of preparing you for the trip. ;o)

    • Good thought, Joyce!

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