Posted by: bree1972 | January 12, 2010

Two Dixie Chicks Go Blizzard Shopping 01/12/2010

What do two born and bred southern “girls” do when they decide to fly to Mackinac Island in the middle of the winter?  We go shopping, of course!  

Dawn was picking me up at 9 a.m. for our shopping spree, so I set the alarm clock for 7 a.m.  I wanted to wash my hair, put on my face, and still have time for a couple of cups of coffee on the sun porch with Ted before leaving.  As soon as my feet hit the floor, I looked out the window and then ran for my camera.  Beautiful sunrise! 

A tiny sliver of moon is visible as the sun rises over the Flint River.

Armed with a list of absolute essentials Julie had given me when we were in Arkansas, Dawn and I hit the road to Macon to try and find suitable blizzard clothes in the deep south.  I had bought my snow boots while in Arkansas, and Dawn ordered hers online.  We were smart enough to know we might find a winter coat in south Georgia, but snow boots?  No way! 

Here is our list from Julie: 

  • Down-filled (or equivalent) winter coat rated for 20/-20 degrees
  • Two fleece layering pieces
  • Three sets of Cuddl Duds (I had no clue what these were, but I have now found they are the same thing we used to call longjohns).  You can buy a longjohn top for $5.99 at WalMart.  A Cuddl Duds top costs $30.00 – thankfully everything was on sale today!
  • A couple of turtlenecks
  • Snow boots
  • Hat
  • Wool socks
  • Gloves
  • Hot Hands and Hot Feet (little packages of magic ingredients that, when rubbed, heat up). You then place them in your gloves or your socks.  (I thought that was pretty amazing until today when I saw socks with batteries attached to heat them up.)
  • Waterproof pants
  • A partridge in a pear tree (just seeing if you were paying attention)

Our first stops included Dick’s Sports Store, Marshall’s, and Target.  Obviously no one had told Dick that it was 12 days after the New Year, and everything meant for winter in the south should be on sale.  No discounts there, so we walked out emptyhanded.  In Marshall’s I found a fleece vest, and Dawn bought some mittens to wear over the gloves she already had.  In Target we bought some men’s waterproof pants.  We tried on the ladies’ style over our jeans and found that we’d have to get a size XL to pull them up.  We went to the men’s section and tried on a SMALL, which fit perfectly over our jeans (and made us feel much better about ourselves). 

We left Target and drove to the old Macon Mall, ate at the food court and walked to Penney’s, looking for Cuddl Duds.  We found this whole rack of funky faux fur vests, and I tried my best to get Dawn to buy one (she wouldn’t).  While Dawn was trying on all the funky fur, I discovered that I didn’t have my glasses on my head, which is where they were (I thought) when we left Target.  The last time I remembered seeing them was when Dawn told me to take them off my head so I could try on a crazy hat she had found.  I thought maybe I had laid them on my purse in the shopping cart, and they might have fallen on the floor, without me noticing them.  

After a Cuddl Duds purchase at Penney’s, back we went to Target, where the lady at the check-out lane had my glasses under her counter.  Thank you, Lord!

But Dawn, you can only wear one at a time!


Our next stop was the new Macon Mall.  Dawn and I both had been talking all day about not wanting to buy a hat because of how your hair looks after you take it off (I’m sorry, but that is a serious concern for us southern ladies).  As soon as we walked into Dillards, there was a whole rack of hats that we loved, and I think we tried on every one. 


We kept arguing about which would look best on our heads all day long, because once we put them on they weren’t coming off until we got back to the hotel.  We finally decided not to buy any of them, but we sure had fun! 

This was my favorite - just not the right color.



Dawn's fav!

We walked around the mall, picked up another pack of Cuddl Duds at Belk’s, and went back to the car.  Our last stop was Bass Pro Shop, where we just knew we could find some waterproof gloves. 

We had passed the entrance to the Bass Pro Shop on the way to the new mall – it was approximately 3 blocks away.  Somehow, we made a wrong turn and 45 minutes later we arrived.   They had three racks of waterproof gloves for men, and not a single pair for women. 

We arrived safely back at the lake around 7 p.m., with several sacks full of goodies.  Except for the gloves, I think I’m ready.  Dawn is waiting to see if her boots fit when they arrive, then she will be good to go.  We had a great time shopping together, and we called Jill twice so we could pretend she was with us. 

Dawn and I are leaving Wednesday, Feb. 3 to drive to Atlanta and spend the night near the airport. The next morning we will fly out at 9 a.m. with Mike Forrester, another Mackinac Island enthusiast with a blog about the island Mike and I met through our blogs, and then Ted and I met Mike, his wife Jeanine, and their beautiful daughter Sienna in person last summer while they were vacationing.  They are renting a house on the island for a month this summer, and Ted and I are going to babysit for them some so they can have “dates” once in a while.  The three of us are flying into Flint, Michigan, and Jill will meet us at the airport there (she is driving over from Lansing).  We are bumming a ride with Mike to St. Ignace, where we will board the small shuttle plane for the island.  Mike will be carrying video equipment (he is doing a lot of filming on the island while he is there), and has made us three women promise we will limit the luggage to one large piece and one small piece each.  He is also planning to bring along earplugs to wear in the car on the three-hour drive from Flint to St. Ignace.  Smart man!

To say we are all excited is the biggest understatement of the week.  Our only problem is deciding how much we can get into a suitcase without going over the limit – the airlines’ AND Mike’s.  We’ll figure it out :)!



  1. Love, love, love my cuddl duds! I wear them all of the time in the winter (in Michigan). Have fun on your adventure! I’ve always wanted to go to the Island during the winter…

  2. You are too funny my friend. All you needed was a key to Cobble Beach :0). Cuddl Duds,hats,fur coats,boots all styles,mittens,scarfs,gloves…. Of course you would need a snow plough to get to my front door. ENJOY. PS I always have a set of cuddl duds down here too. You will be hooked.

    • Thanks for the offer, Chris Ann. But how would we have survived until we broke into your cottage !

  3. I can almost feel your excitment thru your writings Brenda. I’m still jealous! 😉 . Can’t wait to read all about the trip.

    • I’ll be taking my notebook along to post from the island (if my fingers still work after a day outside).

  4. Tell Dawn to go back & BUY that furry VEST ( I think it looks WARMER than the fleece…ha) & LOVE ALL the hats you tried on. You will be the talk of the Island when you arrive!!!! What a fun day shopping.

    • But we didn’t BUY the hats!

  5. What fun it was reading about your shopping trip. I can’t wait to read about the fun I know all of you will have on the Island.

  6. Forgot to mention the beautiful sunrise picture. It is so neat that you got the moon in it.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. We had SO much fun!

  7. I’m so excited for you 3 (4?) that it is hard to remember that I hate the cold weather we have been having. Cuddle duds are the best….you can even sleep in them and no bulk. Warm and svelte — it doesn’t get any better. Love the sunrise. Also the picture of baby Ted that Julie posted.

    • Slept in a cuddl dud top last night. Love it!

  8. I’ll pray for a good amount of snow for you on the island…we have a nice covering here, but supposed to warm up a little for a couple of days so might lose some. You had good advice about warm clothes–esp the “long johns” tee hee—these are SO much nicer; not so bulky but probably warmer. How long will you be around our fair state? Will you be with Jill in Lansing for any amount of time before you head home? If so, let me know–would love to meet for a coffee or lunch. ENJOY!!!!

    • Hi Jan!

      Lunch sounds wonderful, but I’m afraid it’s straight back to the airport on Monday for our flight home. Keep those prayers going for snow!

  9. Sounds like you guys had fun shopping, hope you got all the warm gear you will need. We are going to NYC next weekend and looking forward to cold weather too.

  10. […] story, please click for the Lake Blackshear Blog post, Two Dixie Chicks Go Blizzard Shopping: The way things are looking right now we might need our sandals instead of our snow boots, but with […]

  11. Looks like you had lots of fun shopping! I am so excited for you! Have lots of fun!

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