Posted by: bree1972 | January 19, 2010

A Minnesota Christmas Gift-Part II 01/21/2010

On December 22, I posted a story about Jane, one of my readers in Minnesota, who was giving her Mom, Carol, a bound copy of her favorite stories and pictures from my Mackinac Island blog.  In case you missed it, you can go back and read at  In it I talked about missing my Mom at Christmas time, and what a wonderful gift Jane had given me, with her gift to her mom of my photographs and words.

I had asked Jane to share any pictures she took of her Mom with “Bree’s Blog Book” at Christmas, and today I received an email from her with the promised photographs.  In Jane’s own words:

Here are the promised pix of the Christmas gift to my Mom of a collection of your Mackinac Island blogs that I compiled..hope you enjoy looking at them.

The ‘Mackinac Island Living’ blog book was wrapped lovingly in a pretty box with a pretty bow…and was my Mom EVER surprised with her very unusual gift!  Once she grasped the concept of it – of how it came to be & what it consists of, she was just soooo thrilled with it!

Every other day or so now she’ll call me with an update on what part she is reading & relay what “Bree, Ted, Maddie or Bear are doing” at that point in the ‘blog book’.  Fun for her & for me too, as I hear the joy in her voice as she reads about your adventures of getting to and spending summer/fall living on “our” island. 

 The pics I’ve attached to this email include my Mom with her new blog book gift, the cover of the blog book & an inside page that I began the book with …your words describing your blog intent & a collection of photos from island things.

I also attached a picture of me, near the Mighty Mac, so you can put a face to “Jane from Minnesota”!!  Smiles . . .

I was so excited and happy to hear that Jane’s Mom loved her “island” book.  And here is the other part of the email – the beautiful pictures Jane took of  “The Christmas Jane Gave Her Mom Mackinac Island in a Book”:


Cover of "Mackinac Island Living Through Bree's Blog""




The inside cover, with the very first words I ever wrote as a "blogger".


Jane's beautiful Mom, Carol, with her blog book.


"Jane from Minnesota" - in front of the Mackinac Bridge. I think I have "perched" on that exact same rock for a photo opportunity.

Thank you, Jane, for sharing your family’s Christmas with me and my south Georgia readers. 


It’s Tuesday – time to dig down in your kitchen drawers and drag out that stained recipe card that you have used a million times and share one special DESSERT recipe this week.  It’s January, so we’re not going to worry about counting calories yet.  Bathing suit season is a LONG way off – well, not that long, but we’ll begin to think about that in February.  Today, I want delicious, decadent, high-calorie dessert recipes (I promise to ask for low-cal desserts closer to spring).  Send them to  Send one or send ten.  I’ll hold on to them and eventually use them all.  If readers decide this is a good idea, we can continue this on the Mackinac Island blog this summer. 

I know Jill’s mom has already been digging out some of her family’s favorites that I can’t wait to share with you – and TRY OUT!  Please make sure that you give the entire recipe and ALL the instructions, including how many it serves.  Don’t leave out any secret ingredients!  I’ll share these on Friday’s blog.  We can all get together and try not to drool over our keypads!

See you tomorrow!

“We were never meant to be crushed under the weight of care.  We push the button of faith or pull the lever of trust, and our burden is discharged upon the shoulder of Him who said He would gladly bear it.” . . . Billy Graham




  1. Jane you did a beautiful job on the island book!! I can see the happiness in your mothers face. Your a wonderful daughter and you look just like your mom 🙂
    Have a great day everyone.

    • I said the same thing Hilde – they look sooo much alike! Two beautiful Minnesota ladies!

  2. In this time of hurry and stress it is far more common to see gifts of monetary value than gifts of service. Lets hear it for gifts of service and get back to the plaster-of-paris hand prints and the coffee mugs that won’t hold liquid. What Jane did for her mother will be remembered forever, not just by her mother but by all of us who admire her thoughtful and creative gift. GO JANE !

    • Amen!

  3. Look you have a book!

  4. I want a copy of that book!!! You did a beautiful job Jane (love the way you arranged the pics), thanks for sharing & sending pics of you & your (young) mom.

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