Posted by: bree1972 | January 20, 2010

This and That 01/21/2010

Some days there just isn’t anything that jumps into this old brain to write about.  At least not anything that could justify several paragraphs.  So here are a few blips that ran across my radar screen this week that, when put together, add up to today’s entry.

  • The post about Stripling’s sausage store brought more readers to my blog than almost any I have written so far in south Georgia.  Lots of folks chimed in about their favorite Stripling product, and I was reminded several times that I should have mentioned the famous Stripling’s beef jerky.  Since I’m not a big fan of jerky, I didn’t talk about it.  And boy did I hear about it! 
  • The Stripling’s post also brought an e-mail from Lisa Harden, who with her husband are co-owners of the stores.  When I was writing the story, I kept trying to remember the connection between Stripling’s and my daddy, but it just wouldn’t come to me.  Lisa reminded me that she was a newlywed and my daddy’s secretary at the Bank of Worth County (now SunTrust) when she, her husband Ricky, and Ricky’s dad decided to buy the “Sausage Kitchen”.  She said she remembers that my dad was worried about this new venture they were starting.  I laughed and said I was so glad he had lived to see that “new venture” begin shipping their sausage all over the world!  I also remembered that daddy ran up to the river quite often to buy those sausage – which he declared “the best!”
  • While sitting on the porch this afternoon, Ted and I heard the roar of the sea plane that frequently practices taking off and landing on the lake right in front of our house.  I grabbed my camera and tried to get a couple of shots, but the plane was landing and taking off on the far side of the river from us.  My zoom isn’t great, but I think you can see the plane pretty well.

Coming in from the south.


Below the treetops.

Safely down. The plane landed, then revved its engines and immediately took off again, still going north.

Seeing that plane always brings back good memories for Ted and I.  When we married in 1989 – in March – we had to postpone our honeymoon because my sons were being confirmed at Porterfield Methodist Church in Albany that weekend.  On Saturday morning, we used the picnic lunch friends Helen and Rho had packed for us and rode to Veterans Memorial State Park.  We ate at a picnic table out on the point where the Lake Blackshear Retreat is now and watched a sea plane take off and land over and over again.  Never would we have thought that six years later we would move to the lake, and 15 years later be watching sea planes practice landings from our home on the ri’vah.  And yes, we DID get our honeymoon the next week – we went to Gatlinburg, TN.

  • While I was out on the dock with the camera, I took a couple  of other photos.

I loved the way these clouds looked, reflected in the water.


The huge nest at the top of the far right cypress tree belongs to an Osprey family. Ospreys are fish-eating birds of prey, usually 2 feet in length, with a wingspread of 6 feet. In the spring, this nest will be filled with eggs, then babies. Ospreys hover far above the water until they spot a fish, then plunge into the water feet first to capture it. They seldom miss.

  • We’re in for bad weather here on Thursday, and I have to go into Albany with Bear – time for grooming.  It seems to never fail to rain on grooming day.  Bear will come home all fluffy and gorgeous and clean, immediately spend 10 minutes outside playing in the rain because he’s been cooped up all day, then come in looking like a drowned rat – well, more like a drowned bear :).

Don’t forget to email your dessert recipes!  I’ve already gotten several, and I can’t wait to share them with you on Friday.  See you then!

“Angels minister to us personally.  We may not always be aware of the presence of angels.  We can’t always predict how they will appear. But angels have been said to be our neighbors. Often they may be our companions without our being aware of their presence.” . . . Billy Graham



  1. What nice memories.
    I still think it’s crazy the way the trees grow out of the water like that. Very cool . 🙂

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