Posted by: bree1972 | January 25, 2010

Mix Bag Weekend 01/25/2010

Everyone at the lake is beginning to suffer with cabin fever (my apologies to my northern readers – I know we really can’t comprehend cabin fever like you do after you are snowed in for months).  But the weather has just not been normal.  This time of the year we are normally out in the boat at least 2 days a week.  You can do that easily with temps in the high 60’s, no wind, and bright sunshine.  Hasn’t happened.  Even though the temperatures have risen this week, it has rained, the wind has blown 20-30 mph, and the sun has been hiding for way too long.  

On Friday, I finally got out of my pj’s at 2 p.m.  Ted was working so the dogs and I curled up on the porch and read all day (well, I read – they slept).  Saturday started out much the same way, but later that afternoon a bunch of us met at Cypress Grill for snacks and drinks.  Each couple ordered a different appetizer, passed it around, and by the time we had sampled everyone’s dish, there was no need for supper.

Dawn and Stevie brought their precious granddaughter, Addie, who is two.  Of course, whenever a “grand” joins this bunch, they are the center of attention!

Addie and Stevie, who she calls Big Daddy.

Addie and her Dee Dee

High five's!

Sunday has been really strange.  Outside, there is just an eerie feeling – too hot, too windy, kinda green looking.  As I write this on Sunday evening, we are under a tornado watch.  The wind has blown consistently today at 15-30 mph and our ri’vah is boiling.  With the anticipation of 4″ of rain, the lake has been lowered once again, and the waves this afternoon have been wilder than I’ve ever seen them.

The wind had wave after wave flying across the lake to seawalls.

Waves smashed against our seawall, throwing water several feet into the air.

I have never seen the waves swirl into eddys like this.

The forecasted storm with 70 mph winds and all the rain is still an hour away.  Should be an interesting night on the ri’vah.

I wanted to share a few pictures Jill sent today.  She went to one of the many Polar Plunges held in the northern states – where lakes freeze, and perfectly sane people go jump into holes chopped in the ice.  In Lansing, where Jill is, these brave souls collected money from sponsors to benefit the Special Olympics, a wonderful cause.  Jill said this was her third year being an avid supporter . . . from the SHORE!  The plungers come singly or in teams and wear all kinds of costumes.

The group waiting represents the National Guard. The man jumping in never lost his red shoes or slipped on the ice when he got out.

Lansing firefighters

The Polar Queen and her court

Detroit Lion Drew Stanton and one of his teammates.

When Stevie saw these pictures, he challenged Dawn to do the Polar Plunge while we are on the island.  I promised her if she did, I would record it for all to see – from the SHORE!

Gotta go watch the end of the Minnesota/New Orleans game – yes you did read that right.  After not watching a single game this season, this one is important – I LOVE Brett Favre, and would love to see him win another Super Bowl (or at least play in one) – go Minnesota!  Sorry, Cathie, but I always pull for the old guys.

Oh – rain’s here!

“When we rest, we place our confidence in something outside of ourselves.  Jesus gives us the confidence we need to escape the frustration and chaos of the world around us.  Rest in Him and do not worry about what lies ahead.  Jesus Christ has already taken care of tomorrow.” . . . Billy Graham



  1. I heard from many about the wild weather you had yesterday. Brenda just take a look back at the last 10 months of your life. I personally think you are the new “weather woman” Everywhere you have been the weather has been unusual. Humm… do you have a secret weapon? I think maybe it is so you have something to blog about??? As if living your dream in two wonderful places isn’t enough to write on. I would love to see you all do the polar plung while you southerners are up for winter fest. Double dare you.

  2. The weather has been so strange everywhere this year. All of our snow is gone from the rain we had over the weekend. I keep hoping that’s a sign of thinking I know. We still have the rest of Jan. Feb and March to go thru. Oh well, one can hope right?
    All I can say is, those Polar people are craaazy! I don’t know how they do it, but you wouldn’t catch me anywhere near that ice.

  3. Hope you didn’t wash away with the waves Bree! We had crazy weather here in Minn. too over the weekend… the unseasonal rain put a damper on many of our annual winter celebration “Winter Carnival ” activities that are going on now…the beautiful ice scuptures folks worked so hard on that are so intricate..they melted! And the “Pond Hockey” tournament had to be postponed/cancelled when the numerous rinks they were playing on (all on top of a local frozen lake) began to melt & had 2″ of water they were trying to skate thru…very weird. And today?? it turned cold again & is snowing. Go figure.

    I forgot that you southerners aren’t accustom to the Polar Plunge concept- you MUST think we are nuts! We’ve had several around the metro area recently, one was a benefit for Haiti. I agree with ya’ll tho, these folks are hearty souls do such a thing when it’s usually many degrees below zero, BRRRR, but all done for such worthy causes.

    Thanks for cheering our Vikings on yesterday Bree, and good ‘ol #4, Brett…but alas, there are many sad faces today in MN…no Superbowl for us this year. Sniff, sniff.

    Jane in Minnesota

    • I was so upset for Brett – I thought he played so well, and they pounded the stew out of him the whole game. He has nothing to be ashamed of in my book. Guess I will have to pull for New Orleans now, or Cathie will disown me!

  4. I know the “plunge” is for a very worthy cause, but I would just have to donate. No amount of money could convince me to take that plunge.

    • Me neither, Samille.

  5. Thanks so much on posting about the Polar Plunge Brenda and a great big thank you to Jill for supporting Special Olympics. It brings a great big smile to my face to read of support since I have a daughter that participates in Special Olympics and I have been very active with the organization for quite sometime now. I coach one of our volleyball teams for our county which I just love doing. We have the Polar Plunge here in Indiana as well and one of my athletes takes the plunge. Ours will take place on Feb. 20th. I am like Jill though, won’t find me making the plunge. I have a hard enough time sticking my toes in Lake Michigan in August let alone take a dunk in the middle of winter. :o)

  6. I’m a little late on this post but I just have to say GO SAINTS!!! Love Brett but love our cool BREES more.

    • I guess I’ll have to pull for him since we share a name – get it????

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