Posted by: bree1972 | January 26, 2010

Bear Takes a Walk!

Hi!  Bear here! 

I know Mom has been fussing about having cabin fever, but good grief!  How does she think Maddie and I feel!  Do you know how many walks we’ve been on since we got home the first of November?  Exactly zero.  Nada.   Zilch.  None.  RIDICULOUS! 

I know, I know.  We have the yard to run in – and that’s good.  But do you know how boring it is to run around this yard 50 times a day!  I mean, you can only sniff these trees so many times.  Of course, Maddie doesn’t get as bored as I do ’cause she can sit in one place for hours waiting for a piece of grass to move.  And when it does – WHOA BUDDY!  She is digging like her life depends on it.  I have never seen such!  I mean, a lot of days I just lay out in the yard and watch her.  She gets all excited when she finds something called a mole at the bottom of that hole.  Moles are little, scrawny, white, and GROSS!  I wouldn’t touch one if you paid me.  Well, maybe if you paid me with hamburger I could touch it – maybe. 

Anyway, today the sun was bright, and the sky was blue, and Mom and Dad said the magic word – WALK!  They got out the collars and halters and leashes, suited Maddie and I up, and away we went.  Man, when I got outside that fence, I thought I had died and gone to doggy Heaven.  

Here’s our walk today in the pictures that Mom took.  I wrote captions under each one so you would feel like you were walking right along with us. 

This is the road we live on. It's called Flintside Drive. It's called that because the road is beSIDE the FLINT river. Humans are so clever.

Here's my favorite road at the ri'vah. When we turn down this dirt road off Flintside, Mom takes the leash off, and I am free to run. You might think that Maddie is off her leash too, but let me assure you Dad has a firm grip on that little speed demon. Wow! I haven't smelled this road since May of 2009. Hmmm - I think there's a new dog in the neighborhood.


This is looking back toward Flintside. Sometime we come back this way, and sometime we come back on the paved road.

Here's the next dirt road we walk on - which runs along the water. It's kind of like a triangle. Paved road, turn on dirt road, turn on another dirt road, turn back on paved road. I will draw a map for you if I can find some doggie crayons.

Here's me and Mom on the walk. I love her new hat, which she is taking with her to Mackinac Island. I've begged and begged to go, but she says it will be too cold for me. What! I might not have a hat and a scarf, but I have a fur coat for Pete's sake.


Can you see that gray stuff on that tree? That is Spanish Moss. Mom says it looks like something out of a gothic novel, whatever the heck that is. She said that moss grows on a lot of large trees in the south because it is hot and humid here. It is a plant that lives off other plants. It won't kill the tree it's on, but since the sun can't get the the tree's own leaves, sometimes the tree grows a lot more slowly. That's kinda sad, isn't it.

See all that water beside the road? When you have as much rain as we have had, it fills up all the ditches and overflows into people's yards. Mom won't let me wade in this water, and it would be over Maddie's head.

One of our neighbors has planted all these Leyland Cypress trees along the road. He planted them before I came to live with Mom and Dad, and now they are almost Christmas tree size. I don't think he would like it if people cut them down though.

Here we are heading back down Flintside on the way home. Notice the leash on Maddie.

Here I am again, waiting for everyone to catch up - notice that I don't have a leash.

This creek runs under our road a few hundred yards from our house. Right now it is big and swollen. In the summer, when the weather has been dry, it is just a little trickle. Mom won't let me wade in there either. Sometime Mom is too strict.

And here I am telling Dad and Maddie that this is our driveway.

I was pretty tired when we got home because Dad and Mom haven’t been exercising us like they should.  I told Mom again that if she would let me go with her to the Island, I would be a very good dog, not do anything annoying, and get in lots and lots of running around in the snow.  She just laughed and said, “No, Bear.  It’s going to be a lot colder on Mackinac Island than when we were in Arkansas in the snow.”  

As soon as Mom sat down in the den, I went into the bedroom where all the stuff she’s taking with her to Michigan is piled up.  I helped myself to a couple of things, and then walked out to see what she’d say.  


Well, dang!  After she quit laughing and told me what a good “try” that was, she STILL said no.  Something about I wouldn’t fit under the seat in the airplane, and did I want to ride in the belly of the plane in a cage.  No ma’am, I don’t.  Guess I’ll just wait for summer. 


(Updated 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday-updated material in green)  Time to ask for recipes for Bree’s Recipe Day on Friday.  This week let’s do casseroles.  These can be side dish casseroles or “meal in a dish” casseroles.  Casseroles are very popular in the South and a favorite item to take to pot-luck dinners.  Please email your casserole recipes to me at by late Thursday afternoon.  Make sure to include all the ingredients, clear instructions, and how many your dish serves.  I promise to give you Ted’s Macaroni & Cheese casserole recipe, which is the best I have ever had.  Jordan and Matthew’s favorite mac & cheese is GDaddy’s! 

Does the recipe you are sending have a special family history?  If it does, please include the story with your recipe.  And please don’t forget to give your city and state (if you don’t mind providing that – no problem if you’d rather not).  

 “I’ve read the last page of the Bible.  It’s all going to turn out all right.”  . . . Billy Graham



  1. Well I’m glad you finally got to go for a walk Bear! Nice pictures your mommy took and I love the dirt path that you walked on. Don’t feel so bad about not being able to go to the island, I can’t go either 😦
    Hopefully I’ll see you this summer and we can say hello. 😉

    • Dear Ms. Hilde,

      I am so glad that I have someone out there who feels sorry for me. But I’m about over pouting ’cause Mom bought me a new bone when she went to Walmart yesterday. Much better than gnawing on a mole. I hope to see you this summer too! Maybe if you let Mom know when you are coming, we can all meet for lunch!

      Your friend, Bear

  2. so glad you could “take us for a walk” along with you, Bear; it is so nice to see what your neighborhood looks like! AND–I’m glad you don’t have to be on one of those horrible leashes; my little Haley didn’t like them either. She was just like you–obeyed us and didn’t stray away after those “distractions” that come along. I really enjoyed your column today; it gave me a lot of chuckles, which are sort of like laughs, but not so loud. These are very needed in human lives, and sometimes hard to come by. Thanks!!

    • Hi Ms. Jan! Glad you came along for my walk. Mom said a lot of people would read today’s post just because my name was in the title, which made me smile. Hope you have a great day! Your friend, Bear.

  3. Bear, Bear, Bear….you are SUCH a handsome boy, but with some of your Mom’s winter gear on- you are indeed STYLIN’!! She’s right, if you went on this winter trip to the island, you’d maybe hafta wear doggie boots cuz the cold & snow (hopefully for your Mom’s sake) would ’bout freeze up your little southern woofie feets!!

    Great read today, bet you & Miss Maddie were plumb tuckered out after your walk…Ask you Mom if maybe the nice walk y’all took will somehow burn calories up for us readers too, since we walked along with you?? That sure would be nice…

    A big hug from Jane in Minnesota

    • Dear Ms. Jane,

      I showed Mom some of those doggie boots in a catalog that I get called “Fetch Dog”. Talk about “stylin”! Wow – I love that catalog! But she just went right back to the talk about how I couldn’t ride on the plane (sigh). Maybe if we decide to stay longer on the island this year (like until it snows), I can bring those boots up again. Thanks for the support.

      Your friend,


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