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Southern Hospitality – Resort Style

Going for that walk yesterday had me determined I wasn’t going to fall back into couch potato mode.  Another beautiful day presented itself here on the lake – still a little cool because of the breeze – but considering next week I’m going where the high today (with wind chill) was -2, I thought I could stand 61 and breezy.

I’ve been planning to write about the Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club, and it was a good day to ride over there and take some pictures.  I put Bear in the backseat of the car, threw his tennis ball in with him (so he wouldn’t think he was going to the vet), and we were off.

The Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club is inside the 1300+ acre Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park.  There are several different areas to the park – the Resort, the Veterans Memorial Museum, the SAM Shortline Train, the golfcourse, the campgrounds, the beautiful wooded areas, and of course – the lake.  Today is all about the Resort.

I stopped at a big open area, where model airplane enthusiasts fly their planes, to throw the ball for Bear.  After about 15 minutes of ball returns and running around to check out all the new smells, he was tired enough to go exploring with me and not be too rowdy.

You’ve heard me mention the Cypress Grill several times in this blog, and you’ve seen the inside.  It’s part of the Resort – the newest part.  It sits right next to the water, and in the summer we dock the pontoon boat at the Marina, and the “Grill” is only a few steps away.  I would call it the “locals” part of the resort, although we eat at Cordelia’s in the main building, and love 88’s Lakeside Bar (more on all that later).

Cypress Bar and Grill. It is operating on winter hours now, and I was there about two hours before the Wednesday opening of 5 p.m. Live entertainment on the weekends.

Out on the deck there are these great misting fans that keep you cool in the summertime. They also have portable heaters, if you want to sit outside on a cool evening during winter. That's the Resort Lodge up on the hill.


In the summer, the Marina rents waverunners and fishing, ski, and pontoon boats to visitors wanting to get out on the lake.


Private boat owners pay to moor their boats in slips at the Marina.

A view from the Marina up to the Resort. By the way, that houseboat on the left is for sale. If you're interested, I can get details!

Bear, waiting for me to catch up - as usual. Please note that I am obeying the State Park rule that states "your dog must be on a leash". He is.

These brightly colored chairs, sitting between Cypress Grill and the Marina, made me wish for spring. That area of sand in front of the chairs is used by children to play volleyball in the summertime.

From the Marina, we got back in the car and drove up to the Resort.  Several years ago, when I was still working, I was in charge of planning the Georgia School Public Relations Association conference, and begged to have it here at the Resort.  I wanted to prove that south Georgia had a wonderful conference center – with great activities, wonderful food, and friendly people.  The conference WAS held here, and with the help of Terry McKenzie at the Resort, it was a huge success.  Late one afternoon I enlisted Ted and bunch of his buddies (and their pontoon boats) to take the conference members on a lake tour.  They had a blast!

The walkway between the Resort Lodge and Cordelia's Restaurant.

The pool behind the Lodge. Matches the sky, doesn't it.

The outside of Cordelia's Restaurant. The restaurant, and the nearby town of Cordele, were named after the eldest daughter of Colonel Samuel Hawkins, who was President of the Savannah, Americus, and Montgomery Railroads.


The Conference Center, with a long porch and rocking chairs!

There are three types of accomodations at the Resort. The Lodge (the tall building) has 14 rooms. There are also eight villas, each with eight rooms. Lakeside cottages are also available.

One of 10 rustic lakeside cottages. Each cottage has two bedrooms two full baths, kitchen, fireplace, screened patio, and outdoor grill and picnic table.

Inside the Conference Center.

Another view of the Conference Center, looking out to the lake.

The hall between the Conference Center and Cordelia's Restaurant. The doors on the right open into conference rooms and ballrooms. The doors on the left open to the porch with the rocking chairs.


The cozy 88's Lakeside Bar - with piano, fireplace, and view of the lake.

Cordelia's Restaurant. In the summer, you can eat out on the porch under the ceiling fans.

Other highlights of the Resort include: 

  • The Liberty Lady – a group/party boat available for rental.  It accommodates groups up to 50, is air conditioned, and 60′ long.  Full food and bar service is available. 
  • The Georgia Veterans Memorial Golf Course, on Golf Digest magazine’s list of four star-rated courses. 
  • Weddings!  Dozens of weddings take place at the Resort each year – some traditional, some casual – some in a ballroom, some on the shores of the lake under the stars.

Are you ready to book a weekend or a week here yet!   When the Resort opened in November of 2002, Ted and I were so excited to have this fantastic addition to what we already considered a great life on the river.  The pictures above really don’t do it justice, because all the beautiful summer flowers are missing.  But I hope you have gotten a little bit of the flavor of this wonderful resort.  And if you decide to visit, give Ted and I a call – we’ll come get you on the pontoon boat (with some coats and blankets and give you a tour of the ri’vah.  Ya’ll come!

P.S.  Don’t forget to send your casserole recipes to me at by Thursday (Jan. 28) afternoon!  I hope you saw the update I added to the recipe information on yesterday’s post, but just in case you didn’t, here it is again.  If there is a family history that goes with any recipe you send, please send that also.  I love history recipes!  And – if you’re ok with it – I’d love to be able to add your town and state to the recipe.  If you’d rather keep that personal, no worries.

“When faith is strong, troubles become trifles.  There can be comfort in sorrow because in the midst of mourning, God gives a song.” . . . Billy Graham



  1. Good Morning Bree,
    As my little 5 year old grandson Andrew often says “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! What a well written article and beautiful photography of the greatest amenity of our lake. I so enjoy reading your blogs.
    Cheryl Mason

    • Thanks so much, Cheryl. Spread the word about the blog. I love getting new readers. If I can ever help you out in any small way, just let me know. Your website is great. If you had a blog, I could post it on my blogroll – and vice versa! I love telling people about the joys of lake living.

  2. Long porch and rocking chairs, hmmm, that reminds me of another lovely building. What a wonderful place on the river to spend time at. I can see why you like it there so much Brenda. Great pictures , they look like they should be in a magazine!

  3. You sure have an eye to see the beauty all around us. I’m with Hilde on the long porch and rocking chairs….but where are the flags and geraniums. Godspeed on your trip. Let us know when we can see you on webcam.

  4. Hi Brenda!! Just seen on the Mackinac Island web cam that it’s snowing on the island!! Thought that would be a bit of good news for you!! We live 300 miles south in lower Michigan and we got an inch or so overnight but it looks like you’ll have some of that white stuff when you get there next week!! 🙂
    Love this latest post of yours about the resort, you are so blessed to be able to enjoy this beautiful area…keep sharing with us that are looking out the window at the white stuff!! Your article and photos were “outstanding”!! Thanks for sharing!! God bless!!

  5. The pictures of the resort are great. It looks like a great place to spend a relaxing vacation. Thanks again for sharing your life on the river. Here in Mishawaka, IN the wind chill is -3 and the actually temp is 14. We have been having lake effect snow off and on all day. Looks like the island is getting some snow today also. Soon you will be enjoying the same type weather.

  6. What a lovely resort! I can just imagine it in ‘full bloom’!

    They just installed WiFi at our Adult Ed site – now I can share internet stuff with my class on the Smart Board. And the first thing I showed them was the boatnerds’ live cam (Chippewa Hotel)!! And yes, there was snow! I am so much looking forward to your reports on the winter Festival!

    • Be sure and show them also!

      Can’t wait to get up there – and there is officially snow again!

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