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Maddie’s Lake Musings 02/16/2010

Hey!  Maddie here!

Would you believe it’s another rainy morning at the lake.  This has been the weirdest winter.  Hardly any warm sunshine here at Lake Blackshear.  And when mom went away for a year last week and left us with dad, she came back (finally) and told us there wasn’t a lot of snow on Mackinac Island.  What’s up with that!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, and today mom said, “Ok, Madster, it’s your turn!”  You won’t believe what all I’ve been saving up to tell you – you will probably have to read this one over and over again so you don’t miss anything!

On Mom’s Fancy Talk

Mom and dad were sitting on the sun porch this morning with their coffee, and mom said she was changing the name of where they were sitting to the rain porch. Mom talked about watching the rain move in a silent sheet across the lake to our side of the river.  She said the sunrise they watched earlier was beautiful, but all the clouds were an omen of what was waiting just east of us.  This is how mom talks when she is thinking about how to “flower” up her blog writing.  Why doesn’t she just say, “The sun came up, there were some clouds, and then it rained.”  Good grief.

On Asking To Go Out

On days like today, me and the big, shaggy dog go stir crazy.  When it rains, we can’t go in and out 50 times an hour, and I miss all the fun of mom and dad jumping up and down at my slightest command.  I can get them up a lot faster than Goofy (I’ve tried to teach him how to do it, but he is just too “cultured”).  What I do is go to the door and whine.  It took me about three months to perfect my whine to just the right pitch and volume so that one of them will instantly spring to his/her feet – just to keep me from doing it again.  They rush to the door and let me out.  I go down the stairs off the deck, check out the yard for anything that might be moving in the grass, then (if nothing is stirring), I run back up the stairs, sit at the back door and . . . whine.  Oh, and here’s a new twist I’ve added lately.  I whine to come back in, they come to the door, open it and then . . . are you ready . . . I walk away like I don’t even see them and make a little tour around the deck before coming BACK to the door.  Drives them NUTS!

Goldie, on the other hand, is just so refined that he wouldn’t dream of making mom and dad get in a hurry.  Here’s his “gotta go out” routine.  He slowly gets up and stretches for about a minute (no doubt thinking that should be a good clue that he is “on the move”).  Then he will go to the back door and sit there . . . silently . . . .  sit there . . . . silently.  After about five minutes, if mom and dad haven’t looked up from their books (which they never do), the hairy dog will turn from the door, walk back into the room, look at each one of them pointedly, turn back around, and go back to the door.  Where he will sit . . .  silently.  After he makes about five trips back and forth, one of them will finally look up and say, “Oh, Bear, do you need to go out?”  My way is a LOT more fun!

Bear - sitting silently, waiting to be let out.


Bear and Stitch - his only stuffed toy.

If Mom ever catches me in a deep sleep, she will try to smuggle the big-headed boy his favorite stuffed toy.  Let me back up.  It is his only stuffed toy – a big hedgehog named Stitch (cause mom had to stitch it up after I ripped open its mouth).  Doofus learned approximately 3.2 minutes after he arrived at our house two years ago that he would never, never have the pleasure of carrying around a stuffed toy of any kind.  Not for him will ever come the joy of resting his head on a soft monkey or frog or hippo filled to capacity with soft and mushy comfort (good grief, I sound like mom!). Anyway, Dumbo came to a house occupied by a stuffed toy killer – me.

I live to destroy toys – any toy – but my favorite targets are the stuffed ones.  Mom and dad used to buy me really expensive stuffed animals (before Bear) – you know the ones like from Orvis, which they claim to be indestructible.  What a joke!  Give me five minutes, and it’s history!

So today I was pretending to be asleep in dad’s lap in the den, and mom goes and gets Stitch out of the laundry room.  Furball stretches out on the rain porch and starts loving on Stitch like a big wimp.  I planned my attack, came around the corner (hiding behind that stupid metal cat), grabbed Stitch, and was back in the den before Furface even raised his head!



Of course, mom took Stitch away from me two seconds later, and put him back up, before she had to start calling him ReStitch.  But I had accomplished my goal.  I got him away from the Golden One, and he had to go back to his plain old rubber football.


Tug of War

Now I know that I always sound like I don’t like my big brother – but that’s really not true.  There are one or two things he’s really good at.  The best one is Tug of War.  Oh man!  We both LOVE that game.  We like the competition, but mostly we like it because mom and dad could watch us at it for HOURS.  And when we get mom and dad’s undivided attention, we play it for all it’s worth.  What happens is this.  I will go pick up one of the stuffed toys that I have already unstuffed.  There are lots of them around here.  I start at the nose, chew a big hole, pull out the squeaker, and then pull all the stuffing out through the head.

Once I’ve chosen the “tug of war animal of the hour”, I strut over to the Bear Boy and jiggle it in front of his face.  It never fails!  He immediately jumps up and takes the other end in his mouth.  GAME ON!


I start off sitting down - it gives me an advantage.


Then I go into my s-t-r-e-t-c-h pull.

When Big Head goes into his "bow" stance, I start to get worried.

Now he's putting his neck muscles into it . . . .


. . . . so I let him win.

After a hard day of play and me trying to teach the Goofball a few new tricks, we relax into our own private spa before bedtime.

Goldie cleans out my ears . . . .

. . . and I give him a little eye massage.

And we always kiss before we say goodnight.

It’s been a good day at the ri’vah.  Bear and I try to tell mom and dad all the time that on these lazy, rainy days when they can’t go outside and play, there are always things they can do in the house – they could practice their whining until they get it perfect, they could try unstuffing the couch, and there is always tug of war!  And if all that fails – a little ear washing, eye massage, and smooching always improves your spirits.  Seriously!


Friday will be our next recipe day, and we’re going to feature Appetizers.  So please go through all your cookbooks, and email me your favorite “finger food” recipes.  I need to receive them by Thursday afternoon to have them ready by Friday.  Email them to me at

The next post to this blog will be Thursday morning.  Our overnight company who was coming last Thursday night had to postpone his trip because of our snow storm.  He will be here Tuesday night, and we are taking him out to eat.  See you Thursday morning right back here!  Love ya’ll!

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” . . . Author Unknown




appetizer recipes



  1. Oh Maddie you are so funny!. I’m glad your mom gave you a chance to write because I always love reading your stories. You have to admit…you and Bear really do have alot of fun together and I think you really like him more then you let on ;). Such cute pictures of the two of you too. 🙂

  2. Love the doggy day blogs.

  3. Hi Maddie, Abby here. I’m a Abbyssian cat and I’m brown like you. I don’t know how you feel about cats, but I think you are so-o-o-o cool! I can tell you are the smartest one around there just like I am the smartest around my house. I live with a furball cat named Benny…and guess what…he’s just like Bear…living the good life while I take care of everyone and keep everything under control. Well, hope you write again soon…love and purrs….Abby

    • Dear Abby,

      Wow! I’ve never had a CAT comment before! I have to tell you, Abby, I have never been a big fan of cats (although I asked mom what an Abbyssian cat was, and she said it was just the most beautiful cat in the world), so maybe I would like you – especialy if we are the same color. But you know, I was born and bred to chase hairy things with four legs – from the smallest (mice, moles) to the largest (Percheron horses on Mackinac Island), and that includes cats. I know cats like chasing small, hairy things too, so maybe we could chase something together sometime – see how that works out. Anyway, it was really nice of you to write me, and when I say my prayers tonight, and I’m asking God to give me patience with Bear, I will throw in a request for you some patience with Benny. Your friend (maybe), Maddie

      • Hi Maddie,

        I asked my mom about chasing something together sometime and she said we live in Michigan and that it’s a pretty long way from where you live in Georgia. Darn!So, I guess we could be penpals…that would be cool…if that’s alright with you.


      • Dear Abby,
        I would love to be your penpal – or maybe pawpal. You know we will coming back to Mackinac Island the middle of May and will be there until at least the end of October. So if your mom could bring you to the island, we could still chase critters together – just something to thing about. Your buddy, Maddie

  4. I love the doggy blogs!! I own two westies who love to play tug of war too! Thanks for all the pictures too it makes it even more fun to read. Thanks again for writing this blog one of my favorites to read every day!

  5. Hi Maddie,We haven’t had our play date yet on Mackinac Island but I just know that this year our parents will finally get us together. I am “kid” number 2 in our house but that is just what they think because “sweet perfect Lassie like Lilly was brought home to live with mom and dad first but…”. I liked what you had to say about the big goofball. My parents thought because I was number 2 and small and all that,Lilly would be top dog at our house. I showed her. She has NEVER had controll of anything since I moved in especially the soft stuffed toys. I take that back, she is still in charge of the food dishes, I would much rather catch somthing running and eat it .She can have all that grocery store and homemade stuff. I can’t waite to chase horses with you this summer. HNAK (westie/sheltie)

    • Hi Hank! It’s so fun to make new friends on the internet. Can’t wait to meet you this summer. Mom told me it took all summer for your mom and her to get together for coffee last year. Let’s try and do better than they did! While they are having lunch at the fort, you and I can chase chipmunks! See you soon! Maddie. By the way, mom told me about the new grandbaby. Babies are pretty neat – they just lay around and sleep and eat and poop – kinda like Bear. Give him a big lick for me when you get to see him!

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