Posted by: bree1972 | February 21, 2010

A Winter Weekend at the Ri’vah 02/22/2010

We finally got it!  High’s in the 60’s, a sky-blue sky, warm sun, no rain . . . simply FABULOUS!  During a typical winter in south Georgia, you are supposed to be able to sit outside in one layer of clothes at least 3 or 4 days a week; you are supposed to be able to “ride the ri’vah” at least once a week, you are supposed to already be swatting gnats – well we can do without that for another month or so – but you get my drift here.

Even with coffee cup still in hand, on Friday morning I announced I was spending the day in the yard, and Ted announced he was going to Albany to run errands.  That always works best when pruning starts.  When I get a pair of pruning shears in my hands, you never know where I will stop, and Ted not being on the premises gives me all the freedom I need to be creative.  He left one day last year while I was pruning and came back to find his prize 12-foot crepe myrtle pruned down to four 8″ twigs.  He decided to prune the other one himself. 

Camellias, monkey grass, gardenias, and all the other what'cha callits - there is no safe scrub when I have shears in my work-gloved hands.

This garden stool is my secret weapon. I sit on it, it rocks side to side, it carries all my garden tools in its pockets, and it saves my back.

By June these just-emerging daylilies will be a thick blanket of yellow blooms.


Huge pines surround our house, and with those trees come thousands of pinecones that eventually fall into our yard. If anybody out there needs pinecones, just come on over.

Saturday dawned just as beautiful as Friday, and Ted had a kayak ride on his agenda.  He pulled his kayak out of the boathouse, cleaned it up, and headed out on the river.

Scrubbing down the kayak for the first ride of the year.

Ready to go.

Here's my kayak, hanging in the boathouse. It will have to get a little bit warmer before I put it in the water.

Bear looking in the boathouse - making sure we aren't taking out the pontoon boat without him.


I finally spotted a bird that wasn't a cardinal in our crabapple tree - a chickadee!

Ted backing out past the boathouse door.


Paddling down the river.

Maddie watching Ted paddle away . . . .

. . . until he is out of sight.

 We ended the afternoon with grilled burgers, compliments of Ted – working out of his “man cave”.

What a great weekend!  Rain coming in tomorrow, but I won’t even complain.  See what a little sunshine can do to brighten your whole attitude!

P.S.  I posted the weekly update to the Mackinac Island Blog last night.  You can click here to go to that site:

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” . . . Albert Einstein



  1. You EACH have a kayak??? Wow, the little green monster rears its ugly head! I don’t remember your mentioning them last summer. Kayaking around the Island is a real trip but beautiful! Just pick a relatively still day!

    • Didn’t take the kayaks with us, Irene. Too much trouble to haul them up there. Toward the end of the season, Ted ordered an advanced frame inflatable kayak, but never put it in the water. He looks forward to doing that this year. I’m a little too scared of the water in the Great Lakes. Too many ferries and waves for me! We do enjoy them on our little lake here though!

  2. Well I’m glad you have nice weather cuz we are still in a winter watch…its been snowing since yesterday afternoon and not suppose to stop until later today. 😦 I am so ready for Spring. In fact I am SO ready that I made our reservations for the island last night. We will be there the last week in August!! 🙂 I CANNOT wait!

  3. Are you sure your chickadee wasn’t a scarlet tananger?

  4. so THIS blog really makes me have spring fever………..LOL!! LOVED the pic of Bear peeking around the corner of the boathouse!! AND, of course, Maddy “watching dad” paddle away (wouldn’t want to hurt anydog’s feelings!). BUT–I used the link and read the weekly update on Mackinac, and then tried to find the “free tickets” place on Shepler’s FB page, and didn’t see anything. Am I looking in the wrong place? Enjoy your spring, and be careful wielding those pruning shears………..

    • Hi Jan!

      On the left side under the picture of the Shepler boat, there is a “link” that says “Boatload of Tickets Giveaway-Next contest starts Feb. 22”. The link doesn’t work yet, so they must not have posted what the contest will be yet today. Keep checking back.

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