Posted by: bree1972 | February 28, 2010

Wayward Waverunner 03/01/2010

Our Sunday afternoon at the lake had begun about as quietly as it possibly could.  We ate lunch on the sun porch, read the Sunday paper, and then we both propped our feet up for a little Sunday afternoon nap. About the time our eyelids were closing, Ted’s cell phone rang. 

Sally, our friend and neighbor up the ri’vah, said, “Ted, there’s a yellow waverunner floating in the middle of the lake in front of our house, and nobody’s on it.  Ed is on his way home from Albany, but I’m worried someone might have fallen off.  Can you come check it out?”  I threw on a couple of layers over my sweatshirt, grabbed my earmuffs, and rushed out the door behind Ted, Maddie and Bear. 

Even though Sally hadn’t seen anyone in the water, it’s the first thing you think of in these circumstances.  I haven’t seen anyone out on a waverunner in months – it’s just been too cold.  But some brave soul with cabin fever might have decided to try it today – the sun was shining, and it was a little warmer.  Still too cold (as far as I was concerned) to be out on the water, but a lot of people aren’t as wimpy as I am – so it needed to be checked out.

Once we were underway, I wished I had added more layers and thrown a blanket on the boat.  It was cold, especially traveling as fast as we could get the pontoon to go.

Bear in the lead - his favorite spot.

We covered the two miles between our house and Sally and Ed’s in about 10 minutes, and spotted the waverunner bobbing in the waves – almost in the direct center of the lake.

We pulled up to the waverunner, and Ted noticed that the tie-up rope was wrapped around its mirror.  We saw no one in the water, but Ted called our county Sheriff’s office and reported the abandoned machine.  They promised to send a deputy right out, and Ted told them he would tow it to Sally and Ed’s house, and we would meet him there.

Ted snagged the waverunner and tied it to the back of our pontoon boat . . .

. . . and towed it over to Sally and Ed's dock.

Maddie took over the lookout position, making sure we were heading toward the right dock.

Sally - waving us over.

When we pulled up to the dock, Ted and Sally pulled the waverunner to the side and tied it off.

By now Ed was home, and the deputy had arrived from Americus.  He got the registration number off the waverunner and called it in to his office, who reported that the owner lived only four houses down from Sally and Ed.  The deputy tried calling the house, but no one answered.  He left to go check things out, and in the meantime Ed got on the waverunner and, using the paddle off our boat, manuvered it around to his lift and hoisted it out of the water.

It was only a few minutes later that the deputy returned with the owner of the waverunner.  She had no idea it was missing, having last seen it tied up in her boathouse.  She was one surprised lady!  Ed lowered it back off the lift, and she drove it home – a very happy ending to the adventure!

The owner - taking her waverunner home.

As I walked across the yard, going down to the dock to get on our boat, the deputy passed me coming up from the dock.  He said, “You need to go down there and look after those two.  One of them is probably going in the water before it’s over.”  As I got to the dock I saw what he meant.  Somehow Ed or Ted (I never did find out who) had managed to drop the paddle in the water.  Ted was hanging over the edge, trying to hold on to his hat and fish the paddle out at the same time – without falling in.

Nope - he didn't get it out - but he didn't fall in!

 We called for Maddie to “come on, let’s go home”, and she came flying.

We all boarded, and Ed cast us off.







The header today is the beautiful full moon this weekend over our lake.  Here’s two more.




  1. The true story is Ted put the paddle on the rail, rather than the main dock. Ted was standing at the rail, by the paddle, as it fell into the water. I was standing 10 feet away, watching Ted point toward the water, make spastic moves, and utter words you normally don’t hear on Sunday!

    • Thanks for clearing all that up, Ed.

  2. LOL Ed!
    Doesn’t it make you feel good to know you did something nice for someone. That goes to show what great neighbors you all are and the people with the waverunner are very lucky to have you all.
    Ted, I’m glad you didn’t fall in the water 🙂

  3. Believe me, the deputy knew what he was talking about;Ted and Ed are dangerious when they are together. LOL.

    • A true statement from someone who knows them well!

  4. I’m glad all ended well with the waverunner.
    Gorgeous pictures of the full moon too!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Hi Maddie…Abby here.

    I love the picture of you and your dad driving the boat home!

    Purrs…your pawpal

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