Posted by: bree1972 | March 1, 2010

Old as . . . 03/02/2010

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to share with my readers a great gift suggestion, and this morning I thought of it again.  Years ago, Ted’s daughter Julie gave me a Ling Chang calendar, which sits in my kitchen window.  I love it!  Every year a refill is ordered, and I cannot tell you how many of these calendars (and refills) I have given as gifts since I received my first one years ago.  They can be ordered online at, and I promise you will want one for yourself and anyone else special on your gift list.  It’s like having an ever changing piece of beautiful art in your kitchen window or on your desk.  Each month is different, and this morning as I removed the page for February and slipped in March’s page, it hit me.  Oh my gosh!  It’s March 1st!

March of 2010 is going to be a pretty important month for me.  Weeks ago, I jumped over to the Social Security web site, and discovered I can apply for my retirement benefits when I am 61 years and 9 months old (if I want to start getting my monthly check at age 62, and yes I do – thank you very much).  I will reach that magic number on the 7th of March, and you can bet I will be right here with my fingers striking the keys as rapidly as possible on that day.  I can remember Ted being just this excited last year on the 5th of February, when he applied. 

Of course – if you want to look at it another way – admitting I was born in 1948 is like admitting I’m as old as dirt.  I did some research and found that during that year Harry Truman was President, Warner Brothers showed the first color newsreel in theatres, and professional wrestling first premiered on prime-time television.  In 1948, a movie ticket cost $.40, a pound of hamburger $.45, a gallon of gas $.16, and the average new car $1,250.  Babe Ruth died in 1948, but Alice Cooper, Prince Charles, John Ritter, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Olivia Newton-John, James Taylor, Ozzy Osbourne, and Al Gore were born (Ozzy and Al born the same year – that cracks me up).  Porsche was founded, the game of Scrabble was introduced, and inventions included the long-playing 33 rpm record, the transistor radio, and velcro.  

Did you notice what just happened?  What started out as a gift suggestion has now turned into a 1948 review.  Stuff like that happens to me all the time now.  I’ll start thinking about doing the wash for the day and end up taking a shower.  Plans to read the next chapter in a book quickly turn into a 2-hour nap.  A trip to the kitchen from the den will quickly be followed by a trip back to the den to try and remember why I was going to the kitchen.  And, as George Burns once said – while I’m stooping over to tie my shoe laces, I’ve started wondering what else I can do while I’m down there. 

I’m as old as velcro – good grief.

Instant Review 

Like Ted, our friend, Ed Feagin, loves to cook.  Ed can always be counted on to pick at least one of Friday’s blog recipes to try out over the weekend.  With Sally and Ed’s daughter Stacy and granddaughter Madelyn coming this past weekend, Ed chose Jane Kemp’s Over Night French Toast to “sample”.  He emailed us Saturday morning with rave reviews and included pictures!  You’ve spoiled me now, Ed.  I’ll be expecting one of your “instant reviews” every weekend! 


Ed sprinkled the toast with strawberries and blueberries and served it with a side of bacon.


A happy Madelyn!

What about this week?   Let’s do Salads!  Email your favorite salad recipes to  They’ll all be featured on Friday’s blog, and don’t forget to give me your full name, city/state, and any background information on the recipe you’d like to share. 
No blog on Wednesday morning.  See you back here on Thursday! 
“The secret of longevity is just to keep on breathing.” . . . Sophie Tucker









  1. Wow those calendar pictures are so beautiful! I’m going to check that site out for sure.
    I think being as “old as velcro” sounds more glamorous than older than dirt 🙂
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Now I know when asked my age to answer— I’m 5 years older than velcro. I love it !!

    • Too funny, Charlotte!

  3. Wow, that makes me the baby of the group! I’m 4 years younger then velcro! 😉
    I’ll have to check out that website also, that is a beautiful calendar.

    • Hilde, LOL!

  4. hmmm………I guess that makes me the “old lady” of this group–I’m four years OLDER than velcro!!! Too funny, ladies–so good to laugh, isn’t it? I just love where your mind takes you, Bree; mainly because I’ve made that same trip many times before! but the day is filled with sunshine today, so I’m GOOD……..looking forward to those salad recipes, ladies–I’m in need of some new ideas!

  5. 7 years younger than Velcro for me…gosh, don’t we all sound like the ladies on “The View” or something??! smiles!

    Bree, I can’t imagine that you would EVER be thought of as ‘older than velcro’!!


    And in your case, you have so many, many friends, you will be busy counting them to think of your age number!

    In case I forget, here’s a b-day hug! (see that memory thing happens to us ‘younger than velcro’ too!)

    loved the pretty calendar info….

    And thanks Ed, for trying & reporting on my french toast’s one of my favorites!

    Jane in Minnesota

  6. Tackier than velcro.

  7. What is Velcro? LOL

  8. Point, set, and match to Samille.

  9. Hi, I use these Ling Chang calendars for my scrapbooking, hope you didn’t throw out the old ones, if you don’t want them anymore I sure could use and recycle your old ones, thanks

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