Posted by: bree1972 | March 3, 2010

We Plan, God Chuckles 03/04/2010

“If you ever want to hear God laugh, just make plans.”  That old expression came to mind as I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. 

On the way into Albany for my annual check-up, my mind was full of plans for the next ten or so weeks.  It was about this time last year that I began filling notebook pages with tasks to be completed before leaving for Michigan.  The notebook was on my desk, put there a few days ago when I pulled it out of its storage box.  I had already promised myself I would soon begin to go over last year’s preparation list – copying what needed to be redone, deleting chores I had wasted time over, and adding new tasks that had already popped into my mind for this year.  Preparing to leave your home for over five months takes a lot of advance planning, and at my age, if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done.  Thus, my notebook full of lists.

As I drove, I began to spin the weeks out – the rest of March to Spring clean closets and cabinets.  April for finishing what I didn’t accomplish in March – and to begin planning what would need to be shipped ahead this year.  I knew the boxes would be fewer this time – last year I tried to decorate the whole condo in Michigan from Georgia, and my Federal Express bill was ridiculous.  Clothes packing had to be planned.  We left a lot of clothes in Michigan, so maybe we could get by with fewer suitcases this time.  Dawn and I have begun walking every morning, and I certainly didn’t want to give that up, so I needed to get organized.  I had all this whirling around in my head going into Albany, secure in the fact that I had plenty of time to get it all worked out.  God must have been chuckling the entire 45 minutes it took me to get into the city.

READER WARNING I don’t know how many male readers I have, but if you are male, you might want to stop right here.  From this point on, this is mostly a post for the lady readers.

So – I am finally in the room where I will actually lay eyes on the doctor.  You know what I mean, right?   You have waited for 45 minutes in the first waiting room, been summoned to the first inner office to fill out paperwork, been led into the first torture chamber for a mammogram, been sent to the second waiting room, then directed into the second inner office for blood pressure check, temp check, the dreaded weight check, the stick your finger check, and the “fill this cup up” check.  Then, and only then, do you get to go into the second torture chamber and see the doctor.

In walks my OB-GYN.  SECOND WARNING:  If any guys are still reading at this point, don’t say I didn’t warn you (the women knew four paragraphs ago what this was going to be about). 

“Hi, Brenda,” says Dr. OB-GYN (followed by 3.2 minutes of idle chit-chat aimed at making you forget why you are there).

“Any problems?” says Dr. OB-GYN.  So I proceed to mention one teeny tiny little problem that’s been bothering me for five or six years and has just progressed to the point of being slightly more than annoying.

“Hmmm,” says Dr. OB-GYN, following the second torture.  “I’ll see you in my office in a few minutes.”  All righty-then.

So, I’m sitting in his beautiful office, watching the fish swim around in this 5,000 gallon aquarium, and in walks the doc with a drawing pad.  He proceeds to draw a picture of what’s been causing my annoying little problem and then schedules me for surgery on March 24 and tells me I will have a 4-6 recovery period.  To which I say, “What?  Wait!  I have too much to do to have six weeks of down time – I have to do Spring house cleaning, and ship boxes, and pack clothes, and walk with Dawn, and lift weights (I haven’t lifted weights in three years, but I thought that sounded like a good excuse not to do this).  Dr. OB-GYN just smiled and patted my hand.  “See you on March 24!”

God has such a great sense of humor.  So I just joined Him in a big chuckle and started making more lists.


Oh my gosh!  I have only received ONE Salad recipe.  It’s Thursday!!  Friday is Recipe Day!  Please email those to me right away at See you tomorrow with a page full of Salad recipes – I hope (smile).

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.” . . . Richard Wilkins



  1. Ooooo Kay … Well, if it helps, it seems that six weeks from March 24 is May 5. Wasn’t that about when you were planning to leave? Guess you’ll just have to do your packing before the 24th!! Then you can just sit back and relax and let healing happen!
    I love your attitude and your sense of humor!! March 24 is my birthday and I will be thinking of you!!

    • The “plan” is to leave May 16, arriving on the island on the 17th. Hopefully, that date will stand – I should be fit as a fiddle by then! I’ll just go ahead and say “Happy Birthday, Irene!” right now – in case they don’t let me carry my laptop into the operating room :).

  2. I hope it’s nothing too serious Brenda and I’ll be thinking of you also. At least it will all be over before you leave for the island…right? Like Irene said…you have a great sense of humor and that will get you through all this with flying colors. 🙂

  3. Brenda,

    I’m a man, but I’m 71 years old, grew up with three sisters (I still have one), been married almost fifty years and cared for my mother in law (by myself for half of each day), so I figured I had enough experience to read your complete blog -so I did. And you know what, I was not scandalized at all.

    Like Hilde, I hope this is not too serious and can be easily corrected. Don’t forget, many prayers will be going to God on your behalf.

    Conccerning all the plans (and I don’t want to sound arrogant myself, but) do you think the principle behind James 4:13-17 could be applied to this situation, as I’m sure it applies in so many situations in the lives of all of us?

    I’ll just bet many of your Georgia friends would be most happy to help you with whatever needs to be done before you and Ted are scheduled to leave for The Island. Just ask and give them the opportunity.

    • Lowell,

      I’m so glad you read this blog. Your comments made me think of the lyrics of a song that was one of my dad’s favorites. In fact, he sang it as a solo in the choir in my little hometown of Sylvester, Ga: “Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand. But I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand.” God bless, Lowell, and thank you for your prayers.

  4. I can think of worse things than not doing spring cleaning. Not only that but you have that big strong mountain of a brother of mine to help you. Tie an apron on that man and have a little lie down.

    Seriously, how important is most of that stuff. You KNOW what is wheat and what is chaff so set your mind at ease and know that half of the free world will be praying for you. He brings you to it, through it….

  5. Ok, Brenda, this is where Dawn and I come in…….. Get our list together and we will get you packed up and UPS`D on up the road to Michigan. Not sure we`ll clean out closets for you tho, and we don`t do windows.

    • What a great idea!!! Hmmmm – I WILL start adding to that list! Just kidding! Thanks, Marianne, but I’m really planning on being able to handle most of it myself – and what I can’t handle – well, I DO have a strong, hunky man in the house! No worries! Love you!

  6. oh Bree–I know a little of what you are feeling as far as “made your plans”, etc……but mine were for Thanksgiving/Christmas plans which are not such BIG things as making a move half way across the country! And, I love your wonderful outlook on life (and it’s bumps in the road)… will do just fine, through all of this. AND–whoever said to forget about the cleaning was SO right; you will have to do that again when you return next fall, and you will have LOTS more energy. Give that hunky (hulky?hehe) man just the HAVE TO DO things, and you will be good to go. praying for you, friend; especially on the 24th of March…………..

  7. sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery, but at least they were able to get you in to get it done so soon so you don’t have to push back your departure date! Cathie’s comment about half the free world praying for you was right on…you’ll be in my prayers on the 24th as well! And honestly, who really wants to clean anyway? 😉

  8. I will be keeping you in my prayers too!

  9. I can help if you need any, and good luck with surgery on the 24th, prayers for you.

  10. Hi Bree,

    You’ll probably get a few new fans, this time from Monroe, MI. A lot of us “old gals” grew up in Monroe and graduated together in ’57 from Monroe High School. We meet once a month for lunch in Monroe. We will meet again on the 23rd. I’ll tell them about your blog and to pray for you and that your surgery goes well, providing we don’t get a surprise snow storm and I can drive down there!

    Forget the cleaning until you get back. Just have Ted scrub the floors and change the sheets!!! God Bless you both. You’ll make it thru it, just don’t watch all of the news programs. Listen to lovely music and enjoy your sun porch! Your pets will give you a lot of love and attention!
    Judy B., Ann Arbor

    • Excellent advice, Judy! Thanks for your prayers AND for those of your friends. God bless.

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