Posted by: bree1972 | March 7, 2010

Maddie, would you tell my readers . . . 03/08/2010

Hi!  Maddie here!

Mom, Dad, Stevie and Dawn spent Sunday afternoon touring Andersonville, a  famous National Historic Site in Georgia.  You know what a history buff Dad is, and he wanted Mom to tell Andersonville’s story to her readers.  When they got home this afternoon (after leaving Furface and me alone for way too many hours), Mom decided this was too important a story to begin writing so late in the day.  She wanted time to review all her notes and pick out the best pictures.  Mom says that Tuesday and Wednesday’s posts will tell the story of one of the largest Confederate military prisons established during the Civil War (Mom said that was a few years before I was born).  Andersonville is also the only National Park System area to serve as a memorial to all American prisoners of war, and its POW museum is dedicated to the men and women of this country who suffered captivity.  Another part of the story will be about Andersonville National Cemetery, a permanent resting place of honor for deceased veterans.  Now you can see why it will take two days to tell you about this piece of Georgia history.

Besides working on this story, Mom spent the weekend going on walks with Dawn and pruning oleander bushes.

Mom drives over to Dawn's house with Fluffy, and they walk in Dawn's neighborhood. Please notice that there is no cute little doxie in this picture 'cause Mom LEFT ME AT HOME!


Here's Mom, pruning back oleander bushes from the fence row beside our house. This took hours and hours that should have been spent playing with me. Oh, Dad said I had to tell you that he was helping by cleaning up everything Mom pruned, which is a very important job. All I know is this - I have been ignored all weekend, and I'm pretty ticked about it!

Anyway, I think Mom wanted me to tell you all this because she is feeling guilty about not writing tonight.  I told her she is a blogoholic, and she needs to  just chill out – like me!

Since no one is paying me any attention, I'm working on my tan. Looking pretty bronzed and beautiful, aren't I! Mom will see you Tuesday morning. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to turn over and work on my other side. "Mom! Can you take this collar off? I'm going to get tan lines!"




  1. Oh Maddie, your so dog-gone cute! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Enjoy that sun! 🙂

  2. Maddie, you are gorgeous, tan or no tan. Thanks for the info. I’m sorry you were so neglected this past week end!
    At least it is wamr where you are.

  3. Maddie, good to hear from you…you’re lookin pretty comfy laying there in the SUNSHINE. Enjoy it while you can…once you get to Mackinac it is nonstop, GO…GO…GO. You’ll be out & about seeing all your friends & making all the “treat” stops everyday. Can’t wait to see you & Bear (Ted & Bree too).

    • Thank you Ms. Jill! I can’t wait to see you everyday at the Bookstore and get treats from you and Ms. Tamara. Don’t forget that I always get the most treats because Blubber Boy has to watch his weight!

  4. Maddie you are so lucky to have sunshine! My humans took me to Spain for awhile and we are having rain – I do not like rain.

    I am a little red Dachshund just like you and boy do we love to work on our tans 🙂

    Good to meet you Maddie

    Dachshund Luke

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