Posted by: bree1972 | March 14, 2010

It Might As Well Be Spring . . . 03/15/2010

Yes, it’s still cool.  Yes, we got a little rain.  But, of my goodness, you can just feel springtime in the air when you step outside.  If you look around at the plants and trees, you can see they are about to explode.  Tiny little buds are appearing everwhere, and all it will take is a few more warm days to coax them into shedding those thin bud coverings and blossoming out into the warm world of a south Georgia springtime, clothed in brilliant shades of yellow, red and purple. 

The wildlife seems to be in a frenzy.  Our yard is suddenly filled with squirrels scurrying back & forth gathering materials for their nests high in the pine trees.  When I groom Bear, I clean out the brush and stuff his hair into a pipe that one of the large branches of our crabapple tree has grown around.  The squirrels and birds have contests to see who can get there first when there is a new supply.  It seems dog hair is in big demand for nest building this time of year. 

Ted fills the bird feeders almost daily, even though the large one holds almost 10 lbs. of seed.  Our one mallard duck pair (we just call them Mr. and Mrs.) are coming in over the fence to feed under the feeder five and six times a day, instead of once as they did all winter.  Today Mrs. did something really strange, flying up to the roof of the boathouse and back down to the water three times, before finally coming into the yard over the fence.  Don’t you wish sometimes that you could read an animal’s mind?  Why did she do that? What changed her pattern?

Here’s Saturday in pictures:

All our camellia bushes are finally in full bloom. The buds were damaged some by the really cold weather this winter, but they have bravely opened and are, for the most part, beautiful to behold.

One of my favorite camellia bushes is this one by the walkway from the carport. It's been a favorite nesting place the past two years for one of several pairs of brown thrashers (the Georgia State Bird) that call our yard home.

I had just pruned back this Variegated Hydrangea three weeks ago and covered it with pinestraw. Now the new growth is pushing through the straw.

Tiny buds have appeared on the azaleas.

The huge azalea bushes in our yard are decades old. Every two years, after they bloom, we cut them down almost even with the ground. At the end of two years, they are once again this big. They will probably be in full bloom by Easter, and I can't wait to show you photos of them then.

Maddie loves it when we stay outside. Here she is standing like a stone statue waiting for whatever she has spotted to make its move.

This tea olive bush on the south side of our deck has just begun to add new growth . . .

. . . while on the north side of the deck, the tea olives are already blooming. They have the sweetest smell - I think they are in the same family as honeysuckle.

You see that bare bush outside the bedroom window? That is one of our two crepe myrtle. Ted once again took on the task of pruning those a couple of weeks ago, after seeing what I did to the oleander bushes.

This bird and its mate were busy building a nest in the scuppernong vine next to the carport. Scuppernongs are sweet grape-like berries that make great jelly - and wine!


The bush without leaves is the scuppernong vine, which is probably at least 50 years old. Soon it will covered in leaves, and the vines will grow rapidly. There are always several birdnests in that bush because it has great cover. It drives Maddie crazy to see all the birds flying in and out. They dive-bomb her if she gets too close. Heck, they dive-bomb Ted and I too!

This scrub tree is the only "plant" in the yard without budding leaves.

After running around all afternoon, Bear rested in the shade outside the shed, where Ted was lifting weights.

By then it was turning cool, and Maddie followed me inside, stood patiently while I took sheets out of the dryer, then jumped on top of the hot sheets and burrowed in.

Five couples went out to eat at Daphne’s Saturday night to celebrate two anniversaries.  Marianne and Cecil have been married 52 years on Monday, and Ted and I will celebrate 21 years on St. Patrick’s Day.  Great food, great fun, great friends.  A perfect weekend!

I have to spend Monday in Albany, having another test for my surgery.  Hopefully, I will get a lot of questions answered.  After that, I’m going to spend the rest of the day buying a few things I will need to pamper myself for the first two weeks after I get home from the hospital.  I won’t write a post on Monday night, so I will see you back here, good Lord willing, on Wednesday morning.  Have a great Monday and Tuesday!

P.S.  When Dawn and Stevie came to the island last year, they brought home some of the Grand Hotel tulip bulbs, which Dawn planted in one of her flower beds.  When I was over at their house last week to walk, she showed me that they were beginning to come up.  I’ve also had reports from Cathie in New Orleans and Mike in Atlanta that their “Grand” bulbs were appearing through the soil.  Haven’t had a report yet from Rho is Virginia.  That far north, they will probably sprout a few days later.  Pretty amazing that these are the same bulbs whose flowers were admired by thousands and thousands of tourists on Mackinac Island last April!


One of the Grand Hotel's tulips breaking ground in Georgia, amid Dawn's daylilies.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” . . . Robin Williams



  1. Well your way ahead of us in the buds and blooms department, but I am so looking forward to seeing it soon. Spring is my favorite time of year and I absolutely love seeing everything come alive again. Nothing beats the sight of the first flowers of Spring.

    • Isn’t that the truth, Hilde. And once Mother Nature gets starter, she is one FAST worker! Hoping you see green and flowers very soon!

  2. Lots of tulip sprouts here and I’ll send you pics when they are about to bloom. I put mine in the fridge for a month before I planted them.

    Loved pictures of the buds, both the green ones and the furry ones. I’ll have to start looking at the excess dog hair as Habitat for inHabitants. Petey will set about to “fur” the world.

    Get yourself some really cool books and some for your recuperation period. This is just the Big Guy saying relax for a while.

    • Thanks for the tulip update, Cathie!

      I am getting books and movies lined up for next week – along with my little “Ted-summoning” bell. I’m good at relaxing for about 10 minutes at a time. This will be a challenge.

  3. I love the pictures of your camellias. They remind me of my mama’s yard in Dublin. She was a camellia fanatic, and this time of year, when her “hundreds” (not literally) of camellia bushes were blooming, every room in the house had a bowl of fresh cut camellias. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loved seeing spring popping at your home. Here we have some daffodils showing buds. A little early for this area (northern IN). They will open while we are in Fl. I will hate not seeing the bright yellow of their blooms. We fly out for FL tomorrow evening. We will be gone 2-3 weeks. My first trip to FL. We will be driving my father-in-law’s car back to IN. He will fly back on the 23rd.

    Bree, I will keep you in my prayers on the 24th.

    • Thanks so much, Charlotte. Safe travels to you and your family. You will love Florida!

  5. I’m so jealous! Seems like it’s still such a long way til spring here in central Ohio. : ( I love your pictures!!!!

    • Hi Sharon! If Ohio is like Mackinac Island, spring will be there VERY soon. The tulips are up at the Grand Hotel. Hoping you see signs soon that Mother Nature is waking up.

  6. Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful bushes, trees and of course Bear and Maddie! We have crocuses blooming here…ahhh makes me think Spring really is almost here!! The daffodils are budded and the tulips aren’t far behind!! We had 55 degrees today here in Michigan…and it’s suppose to be in the 60’s by Thursday!! Praying for you and for the preparations for your surgery..many blessings!

  7. Since I will be traveling on ST. Pat’s Day, I’ll wish you and Ted a very Happy Anniversary.

    • Thank you!

  8. Your yard looks beautiful, happy anniversary to you and Ted!

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