Posted by: bree1972 | March 17, 2010

. . . just a note 03/18/2010

Uh-oh!  I forgot to mention last night that there wouldn’t be a post on Thursday. 

St. Patrick’s Day was also mine and Ted’s anniversary – 21 years to be exact, and we celebrated with a special meal at home.  Ted grilled steak and lobster, and I made one of Ted’s favorite side dishes (rice baked in beef consomme and butter – no calories there!).  We had fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Then I waddled over to the computer just long enough to say “no post on Thursday”!

This does give me the opportunity to ask again for those beef recipes.  I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned them so far in advance, because as of yet – no recipes!  Please email those to me by late Thursday afternoon (

Have a great Thursday, and I’ll see you back here Friday morning!



  1. Happy Day after your Anniversary!! Your supper sounded really yummy!

  2. Congratulations are in order for your 21 years
    of marriage! How nice! Almost a rarity these days. May you both enjoy many more happy, healthy, and blissful years together.

  3. Happy Anniversary Ted and Brenda!! May the luck of the Irish smile upon you 😉

    • Thank you, Hilde. They’ve been great years, and we are praying for many, many more.

  4. Faith and begorra! Congrats on 21 years. If your anniversary is on St. Paddy’s day does that mean you have green champagne instead of green beer?

    • Thank you! Don’t know WHERE those years went! No green anything – on meds, and I couldn’t drink anything alcoholic – and they weren’t even GOOD meds!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! You’re in my prayers concerning your surgery. Just try to relax and enjoy the pampering.

  6. Congratulations, Fred & Claire

    You are a good woman, Brenda

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