Posted by: bree1972 | March 23, 2010

No Worries 03/23/2010

Special thanks to my good friend Samille Posey for the sunset photo in the header and also the photo at the end of this post – both taken at “her end of the ri’vah”.  Beautiful, Samille!

There is a gentleman who emails me occasionally who is a big Mackinac Island fan.  He and his wife now live in the Carolinas, and among his fondest memories are days spent on the island, where he and his family go as often as possible.  He contacted me the first time several months ago, with what I consider to be the sweetest “fan” letter I have ever received.  I’m sorry, “L”, but it was sweet, and there is no other word for it.  He encouraged me to continue writing, and without going into his professional background, I have to tell you that his encouragement was high praise. 

Today I received an email from “L”, with a little story he knew I would enjoy about a fellow who has a heart for Mackinac Island like I do.  And then, as only a true gentleman can do, he wished me well on my surgery on Wednesday with these words, “I see that your date with your surgeon is coming up in a few days to have whatever worked on, enhanced, removed, etc (I don’t want to know, that’s ok!)…let’s just call it “major gizzard surgery”…and both my wife Amy and I will have you in our prayers for a successful outcome and a speedy recovery.”

Well, I have to tell you, whatever moodiness had been stalking me all day got thrown right out the window with that statement.  I laughed until I cried – great big ole crocodile tears streaming down my face.  Major gizzard surgery!  You made my day, “L”!

I’ve spent the day running from the lake to Cordele to Sylvester to Albany, and back to the lake.  It was a whirlwind day, but everything is “done”.  Tomorrow my plan is to spend a stress-free, quiet day looking at the water, listening to the birds, maybe taking Bear for a walk.  Sometime tomorrow I will pack a small bag, call to get my scheduled surgery time, and get a good night’s sleep (hopefully).

A friend asked me today if I was worried about my surgery, and I truthfully said, “a little”.   But when I opened my email tonight and read the devotional message I receive each day from “The Vine”,  I had to smile – because I  knew God was letting me know that He was already on duty with me for the next several days.  It said, in part, “When worry comes knocking on your door, stop it on the doorstep or it will move in and take up residence. God cares about the things that worry you.  In fact, He cares about them more than you do. Not one nagging, aching, worrisome, gut-wrenching, blood-pressure-raising thought escapes His notice. He watches over you day and night.”  It went on to say that worry is “anything that robs you of joy, anything you can’t change, anything you’re not responsible for, anything you’re unable to control, anything that torments you, anything that keeps you awake when you should be asleep. All of that ‘stuff’ needs to be transferred from your worry list to your prayer list.”  How perfect is that!

I know I have friends and family lifting prayers up this week for me.  Blake, my son in China, emailed me yesterday to let me know that his friends all over the world will be praying for me also.  Tonight, I feel truly blessed and totally at peace.

You know it is always harder on the one who has to wait, and Ted plans to be at the hospital all day Wednesday and will spend that night with me.  My sweet husband is not a fan of hospitals, and Wednesday is not going to be easy for him.  Please remember Ted in your prayers also.

Now – all that said – I’m logging off for a few days of fun and frolic in which I will get my gizzard worked on, enhanced, or removed.  See you back here, good Lord willing, very soon.  God bless.

Be anxious for nothing, and give thanks for everything.  Pray to God.  And the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ.”  Phillipians 4:6-7



  1. Hi Brenda

    You are in my prayers, may God continue to give you His peace.
    and a very quick recovery.

    • Thank you, Mariann. Your prayers are so appreciated.

  2. As I said before, I will be thinking of you tomorrow Brenda and wishing you well. I know things will be just fine and there is no need for worry. Ted will also be in my thoughts and prayers. Tell him I will also be sending him good vibes. 🙂

  3. What a beautifully worded post today Brenda, so full of peace as you must be- that’s a GOOD thing!…love the words on ‘worry’, we all can take those to heart and try to let go of some of that pesky stress we tend to lug around.

    Of COURSE Mr. Ted will also be included in our thoughts Wednesday… as you have your ‘gizzard makeover’!!

    Godspeed my friend,

    Jane in MN

    • My gizzard and I thank you, Jane!

  4. You are VERY much in my thoughts and prayers. I just KNOW you are going to have the BEST “gizzard make-over” EVER!!!!!! God has given you marvelous gifts/talents and I know He is smiling on YOU because you share those gifts so unselfishly and willingly with all of us.

    Love and prayers,

    • Thank you, Nancy! I know I will feel just great after my gizzardectomy.

  5. I am a big worrier, too. While we know it’s what we are supposed to do, it’s sometimes really hard to let go and let God. You two will be in my prayers! Get well soon!!

    Kristi in Kansas

    • Thanks for your prayers, Kristi.

  6. Hi Brenda,

    My, but “The Vine” said it all! Just know that His timing is perfect and you’ll be back in shape and better than ever before you know it! Our love and prayers will be with you and Ted!

    Patty & Buz

    • Thanks, Patty. Can’t wait to see ya’ll this summer!

  7. God bless ya, Bree. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Hi Tom! I was checking email before I walked out the door on the way to the hospital, and there was your comment. Thanks so much for thinking of me. God bless.

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