Posted by: bree1972 | March 24, 2010

Reporting on Bree…

Hi everyone, it’s Brenda’s friend Lana. You only hear from me when either Brenda or her computer are out of commission. Just letting you know that I spoke to Ted a while ago and he reported that she came through the “major gizzard surgery” just fine. She did have to wait about six hours for a room to become available, but she’s in one now and resting comfortably.

If she was here she’d say thank you to everyone for all of the supportive thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Since she’s not, I’ll say it for her just this once.



  1. Thanks Lana for the update. I have been praying all day for Brenda. Please keep us posted when you have time.

  2. Thanks Lana,

    You are a good friend and I know Bree appreciates what you do sooooooooooo much. Judy, Ann Arbor

  3. Thank you Lana. So happy to hear all turned on well.

  4. Thank you for the update! Glad to hear things went good for Bree!

  5. Thank you! She has been on my mind all day. I was hoping someone would update.

  6. Thank you, Lana, for the update. I’m so glad everything went well, but I’m not surprised. After all, it’s what I asked for -and God delivered.

  7. Lana, By the way, if or when you see Brenda & Ted, tell them I send my best.

  8. So glad to get the good report Lana..and thanks so much for keeping all of us informed!! I too have had Brenda in my prayers today and on my mind!! Great results…our God is soooo good!!

  9. THANKS Lana for posting for Bree. We are ALL happy today is over…”THANK YOU LORD”….
    I think Ted will be ready to celebrate with one of those AWESOME “Steak Sandwiches” you mentioned last Friday.

  10. Hi Lana,
    What a thoughtful gesture for Bree and Ted, and her readers! Thanks for your update, and we are thankful for most of all that our God proved himself as faithful once again, throughout Bree’s surgery. Thanks Bree
    for your contribution of your colorful and interesting blogs. May God continue to surround you and Ted with his healing as you continue to recover.
    Cheryl Mason

  11. Thanks for the update Lana. You are a wonderful friend. I know that Ted will take really good care of her and she will be up and around before you know it. 🙂

  12. What an UNEXPECTED surprise I just had…Brenda calling ME to “wake up”!!! She sent Ted home last night since she got into the “Women’s Wing” of the hospital where they were checking on her every 15 min all night. Everything is fine & I told her about all the nice notes & prayers everyone has left. Another day at the hospital & she should be home tomorrow sitting on her sun porch.

  13. Oh what a NICE way to start our morning…hearing that our dear friend is doing so well! She and Ted were certainly on our minds ALL day yesterday, thank you so much Jill & Lana, for easing our little ‘ol minds of worry with a “Bree Update”. Once again God has answered heartfelt prayers.

    (Poor Ted, bet he was somewhat relieved not to have to stay in the “woman’s wing” of the hospital overnite! …then again, it would have made for some interesting blogging material!! smiles.)


  14. Lana, thanks for the update. Jill, that’s great news. Nothing like coming home on a Friday, especially from the hospital!!

  15. GREAT NEWS, Dr. has been in to see Bree & she’s good to GO HOME!! Will be good to be home & GET SOME SLEEP.
    Love to you & Ted, JIB

  16. EXCELLENT news!! Thanks for sharing a nice Friday morning update Jill!

    Welcome home to you Brenda! It will be so nice to get back in your own bed with all your own ‘stuff’ in the grand recovery suite on Lake Blackshear.

    Now you take it r-e-a-l easy, & enjoy being pampered- you & your redesigned gizzard deserve it!


  17. P.S. Can y’all BELIEVE Bree did NOT bring her camera to the hospital? I KNEW I shoulda been there!

  18. So glad that Brenda is doing well and coming home. Awesome news!! Jill…..If I am even in need of surgery you and your camera aren’t invited:-)

  19. Aaaawwwww Jennifer, you are NO FUN…everyone LOVES the PHOTOS I took of YOU at the Winter Fest. I would NEVER show any BAD ONES.

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