Posted by: bree1972 | March 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home 03/27/2010

I’m home!

I’ll write more in a few days, but wanted you to know that I got home, and I’m doing well.  We arrived at the lake around noon today, and home and our sunporch has never looked so good.  Ted opened the windows out there (it was in the low 70’s), I curled up on the couch and immediately went to sleep.  Bliss!

I’ve always heard that the third day after surgery is the worse, and I’m finding that to be true.  Just achy, can’t get comfortable without my pain pills, and still a little fuzzy in the brain (so forgive me if some of this sounds goofy).  Tomorrow will be much better.

I took a few minutes after we got home to look at all the  comments you had written over the last two days, and got a little weepy.  Through this blog I have been so blessed to have found each of you.  A year ago we did not know each other at all, and now I count you all as dear friends.  Thank you, thank you for your prayers, your concern, and your sweet words.

Ted is fussing that I’ve had the laptop on my “lap” too long, so I will close for now.  A special thanks to Lana for letting you know what was going on Wednesday, to Jill for her added “tidbits” of news, to Dawn for taking such good care of my four-legged babies, and to Dawn and Marianne for supper our first night home.  Thanks to Samille, Sandi, Wanda, Kay, Donna and Nancy for the hospital visits and to Ed for stopping by this afternoon with a plateful of goodies. 

Ted has been wonderful, and our children have burned up the phone lines.  I am so blessed. 

Back on the porch today.



  1. Brenda,

    I’m so glad you’re home and able to use the lap top -even if it’s only for a short time. Get a good night’s sleep if you can because tomorrow morning you and I will have a foot race. That way we can both lose. Seriously, you’ll be out walking before you know it.

  2. Glad to hear you’re home!! You looked great when I saw you Wednesday. You certainly didn”t look like someone who had just undergone major “gizzard” surgery (whatever you’re supposed to look like after such a surgery.) I’m just glad it”s over and behind you. Now, in all of your down time, you can plan your summer back at Mackinaw!

  3. THANK YOU, for the latest update & letting us SEE you’re home & LOOKING GREAT (& surrounded by your loved ones)! Don’t overdue now….we want you to rest & be waited on hand & foot. Love to you, Ted, Bear, & Maddie

  4. It’s so good to see you ( and your two ‘nurses’!). I just knew you couldn’t stay away for more than three days!! I’m glad you’re home and I wish you a gentle recovery! I’m sure you will be well looked after.

  5. I’m glad you are back home and on your wonderful sun porch with your sweet hubby and bear & maddie to take care of you!

  6. Welcome home Brenda!! It’s so good to see you again. I see we are not the only ones that missed you. 😉 Get plenty of rest and let Ted take care of you. You are surrounded by love.

  7. So good to see you and your “buddies” again. You look GREAT! That sun porch has got to be the best medicine in the world! It’s great hearing from you again . You will be bouncing around in no time! Enjoy the views from your porch. Tell Ted hello. Before you know it, you will all be walking around the island again. Won’t the dogs love that!!! God Bless you both…….Judy, Ann Arbor

  8. You look GREAT!!!!!!! You look soooooooo good, that I am going to see about having my gizzard removed too!!!!!!!!!!

    God is GOOD!!!!!!!!

  9. Nancy, I can just hear Brenda after she reads THAT comment….”Oooooohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyy llllooooooorrrrrrddddddddd, she doesn’t have to do THAT”
    & laughing until the tears start rollin!!!!

  10. So happy you are home surrounded by your loved ones. I think I saw a scarlet taninger over your shoulder in the porch picture. Don’t overdo it.


  11. Wonderful to hear that you are home and looking great in that photo Brenda!! Also I know you are feeling blessed with those 70 degrees and being able to be on your sun porch..Praise the Lord for all He has done!!

  12. Nice to see you home with your two buddies. Give my complements to what’s his name for the good picture. I know he is taking good care of you. Have a little lie down and I know you will snap back in a blurry of flogs.(or something). Keep it up kid.

    • My caregiver is pretty darn good, Frog. I’m thinking of holding on to him forever.

  13. So glad your home and your surgery went well. I was on the Mackinaw Island blog and it directed me here! So you take care and get some rest! Michelle 🙂

  14. Oh my gosh you are lookin’ soooo good girlfriend, complete with lipstick & a smile!! My mama always told me if you slap on a bit of lipstick it covers up a whole lotta other things that may not 100% cuz you’ll look so perky with that lipstick on! And I do believe that is true— certainly shows true in your pix!! So happy your ‘gizzard remodel’ went well. It’s really great to see you back with your babies at your side, you can just tell they are soooo happy you are home!


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