Posted by: bree1972 | March 28, 2010

Happiness is . . .

Since Friday, my range of movement has been limited to a  few hundred square feet of space, and it’s wonderful that the things that make me truly happy can all be found within that small area.  If, for some reason,  I ever had to remain here in our little home on the ri’vah for the rest of my earthly life, I would be perfectly content, because everything I need is right here.  Would I miss my island?  Of course I would.  But, I’ve been blessed to have realized my dream of living there.  The island will always be my heart’s home, but south Georgia is where my roots are, and my roots will always lead me back here. 

Happiness this week has been . . .

. . . my sweet husband

. . . Maddie and Bear

. . . children and family and friends who come to see me and call and email and send messages on Facebook, which would have been gracious plenty.  But on top of that, they bring dinner, and dessert, and goodies, and snacks, and cards . . . and “chick” baskets. 

"Chick" basket from a friend.

. . . a gown and robe which arrived the day before I went into the hospital.  A good friend mailed them to me because she was afraid all I had to wear was flannel pj’s, and that just “wouldn’t do” for hospital-wear.  And, of course, they were in my favorite colors – yellow and blue.

 . . . red geraniums from my best friend in the whole world, Helen, and her sweet husband Paul.  They were on my nightstand in the hospital when I was rolled into my room after surgery.  Helen knows that to me red geraniums mean Mackinac Island.

Geraniums on the sunporch.

. . . a beautiful Cymbidium Orchid plant from my husband that was sitting on the stove in the sunroom when I got home. 

Orchids from Ted.

. . . good movies to watch

Ted and I have a date to watch this Monday afternoon.

. . . wildlife in the backyard

Squirrels, and grackles, and cardinals - eating at the same plate.

And a woodpecker who didn't get the memo that he's not supposed to like birdfeeder seed.

 . . . and, of course, the ri’vah.



Thank you Lord.  I am so blessed.



  1. …”and so are we”….

  2. Jill said it all!

  3. What a beautiful post! Hope you are getting stronger with each passing day. Love and prayers, Judy, Ann Arbor

  4. Ditto Jill…

  5. You’re snappin’ an awful lot of pix & typin’ up alot of words for posting for someone who’s SUPPOSED to be RESTING!(my goodness, I just replied to your ‘Home Sweet Home posting- didn’t think you’d be back at blogging so quickly and here you have ANOTHER post!) but we sure are enjoying the pix & the posts, must of all we are all happy to hear that you are doing so well & are basking in all the love from your family and friends.

    That chick basket is a hoot, it just makes you smile to look at it! Continue basking & recovering…


  6. All your pictures are simply gorgeous! I’m glad you are surrounded by loving family, friends and wonderful views and wildlife right outside of your window!

  7. Glad to hear your doing ok. Friends and family are such a blessing!

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