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A Memory Book from a Friend 03/30/2010

I had no plans to blog today, but that was before Ted went to the mailbox this afternoon.

“Were you expecting a package from Jane Kemp in Minnesota?” Ted asked, as he brought the mail onto the sunporch this afternoon.  I had been about to doze off and sleepily said, “No.”

“Well, she sent you a box,” he said, handing it over. 

You remember Jane.  She is the blog reader who gave her mom a “Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog” book for Christmas last year.  She also sends in wonderful recipes nearly every week for the Friday Recipe Day post. This time last year I didn’t know there was a Jane Kemp in Minnesota – or anywhere else.  Now I count her as a special friend.

I opened the box to find this note atop lots of plastic stuffing paper.  “Hi Bree. Hope this finds it’s way to you, and that I got the correct address . . Bear did say he lived on Flintside Drive, and I only found one Horton on Lake Blackshear!  As soon as you said you were having surgery, I had this idea . . for a little memory book to peek at while you make your recovery.  I hope you and Ted enjoy it – as you begin to make plans for another trip to the island.  Your friend in Minnesota, Jane.”

Inside the box I found what you will see below – page after page of scrapbooked material telling the whole story of Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog and our summer on the island last year.  I immediately emailed Jane to thank her.  As I said to Jane, “years and years after Bree’s Blog is just a fuzzy memory in my already fuzzy old brain, I will be able to pick up this beautiful book and relive it all again.”  I hope you enjoy paging through it as much as I have.  Everytime I turn the pages, I find something new, and it will be going with me to the island this summer – and home again in the fall.

The Cover

Pages 1 & 2 - From the Beginning

Pages 3 & 4 - Special Times

Pages 5 & 6 - At Home on the Island

Pages 7 & 8 - Summer Words

Pages 9 & 10 - Island Pictures

Pages 11 & 12 - Sons and Daughter

Pages 13 & 14 - Family Blessings - Jason & Blair, Blake, Julie & Matt, Jordan & Matthew - and my sweet Ted.

Pages 15 & 16 - More Family

Pages 17 & 18 - Simple Things

Pages 19 & 20 - Maddie, Bear . . and Horses

Pages 21 & 22 - Thank you for Friends - Mike, Dawn & Stevie, Sandi & Tommy

Pages 23 & 24 - More Friends - Chris Ann, Pat, Chief Don "Duck" Andress and a TV Star - Mike Rowe

Pages 25 & 26 - A Love of Horses, including McGyver

Pages 27 & 28 - Just for Jill

Pages 29 & 30 - Fairytales Do Come True - Winter Festival

Thank you, Jane from Minnesota, for a gift I will cherish forever.  God bless.



  1. Brenda,

    That has to go into your personal memory bank as one of the greatest gifts ever. Jane of Minnesota must be one of the most thoughtful people around.

    I hope you are continuing to feel just a little better each day. Some advice from personal experience: Don’t compare yourself to yesterday. Think back to that first day of recovery or the first day you came home and you’ll be more apt to know how much better you feel.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful book!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Well heck, I had a repy written, hit the wrong button and everything dissapeared! As, I was saying…Jane, what an awesome, sweet gift that is. You did a beautiful job putting that together. I wish I had your creative talent.
    Brenda, I hope everything is going as expected and that your feeling better every day.
    I better hit submit before I lose this one too! 😉

  4. That is the best gift ever….a treasure of a dream come true…love it.

  5. Brenda,

    I continue to look for your blog every day. This one brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift! What a special friend!
    Hope you are feeling better each day. I’m sure the Spring weather helps, and the beauty surrounding your home. Take it easy, like you’re supposed to! Soon you’ll be walking the dogs!
    Regards, KITTY

    • Thanks so much for writing, Kitty. As a matter of fact, Ted and I are about to attempt a short stroll up the street. I have “gotta get out of the house-itis” this morning!

  6. For Jane…

    Oh WOW! I have always thought that a gift of service is the most special gift of all. To give of yourself like this is something money can’t buy. This one is spectacular when measured by any standard. Jane, I love you and I don’t even know you except through the blog. This is the most thoughtful gift I can remember and it is obvious that you love Bree just as we all do. As all of us who know her in the flesh can attest, she deserves every bit of it.

    • Cathie – you are too, too sweet. Wish I was really as nice as you make me out to be. Love you, sweetie – June will be here before you know it!!

  7. Ohhhhh you people…. you are makin’ me b-l-u-s-h with your very kind comments.

    Especially YOU there Miss Bree, with your story today… I thought a ‘mention’ would be a passing comment & one picture. Sigh. I should have KNOWN better! smiles.

    Like I’ve told you many times b-4, your posts & pix give us all so much joy, it was fun to ‘give back’ in my small way, especially when you are ‘housebound’ for awhile- gotta keep the gal entertained ya know.

    Cathie, Hilde, Lowell too, and the other blog friends—–I know that many of us don’t “KNOW-know” each other ‘cept thru Bree’s blog, but it sure FEELS like we do!…what a grand get-together we’d have if we all gathered for coffee & a gab-fest…why it’d have to be on the “island” of course!

    Have a great day all, and Bree—don’t walk too far today, remember ya gotta walk all that ways BACK again!


    • Hey – all you girls and guys need to do is pick a date and “come on over”! I’m all for a get-together on the island (easy for me to say, because I’ll already be there). Wouldn’t it be great fun, though!

  8. I was out of town this weekend and figured that you would still be resting. What the heck, I get back and there are 3 new blog entries here! And thank you for sharing the scrapbook from Jane…that should get you up and moving soon in order to get back to the island! 🙂

    Jane, that is a beautiful beautiful scrapbook! I love the way that you incorporated the pictures and the blog entries! Makes me want to go home and do some scrapbooking of my own! (Jane, where in MN are you? I am originally from Fairmont and have lived in the Cities and Winona)

  9. Wow!!!!! What a special person Jane must be. I thought she was so thoughtful and loving to make her mother the scrapbook for christmas, then she does this. How do you “thank” someone for putting this much time and energy into something for a person she`s never met. This is AWESUME. Well, I say never met, but through Brenda and her blog we`ve all become good and fast friends. God bless you Jane; and God bless you too, Brenda; as he most certainly already has and continues to do so. Hope today finds you feeling even better than yesterday.
    Love ya, Girl.

  10. Kristi-
    I’m in a suburb of the Twin Cities area…

    WHAT A SURPRISE. Now I know what Bree was doing
    all day. Reading & REliving all her favorite memories.
    What a beatiful thoughtful gift to put together Jane. A
    huge hug to YOU, I know how much work went into that.
    I can’t wait for you to come to Mackinac (& be sure to bring
    your mother) so we can ALL meet face to face & you can
    your OWN chapter in “Bree’s Blog”. JIB

    • A “Grand” idea, JIB!

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