Posted by: bree1972 | April 4, 2010

Where’s My Parachute! 04/05/2010

No, I’m not quite frustrated enough to jump out of a plane – but almost! 

For the third time in less that a year, my laptop has crashed, and I am posting this from Ted’s tiny Acer notebook.  I used this little notebook half the summer to blog from the island (after crash #2), but it’s really only slightly better than blogging from a Blackberry.  So, Ted and I are going to Albany on Monday to look into buying a new laptop – I refuse to even consider a FOURTH motherboard for my old laptop.

I hope to be up and running with something new before the end of the week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend – have a great Monday, and stay tuned!




  1. That’s a bummer Brenda. I know I cringe everytime my computer shuts unexpectedly or doesn’t boot up right. Good luck in your search for another laptop. 🙂

  2. A new computer is ok but what about the expensive walkie talkies for Ted and I?

    • I think Fisher-Price sells a good pair for ya’ll with Spider Man on them.

  3. Update? How’s the hunt for the perfect laptop coming?

    • I would love to have a Mac, Irene, but they are out of my price range. I worked on a Mac for years doing desktop publishing before I retired. You can’t beat them. In fact, we still have an ancient iMac sitting on the desk in the bedroom. Still researching, but I have narrowed my choices down. Will make a final decision tomorrow. My final three are a Dell, an Acer, and a Sony Vaio.

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