Posted by: bree1972 | April 7, 2010

The Computer’s in the Mail! 04/08/2010


Just wanted to give you a short update.  My laptop has been ordered and is supposed to arrive at the computer store in Albany either Thursday or Friday.  I’m taking my old laptop in on Thursday so they will have it when the new one comes in.  They will transfer everything they can out of the memory (wouldn’t it be great if they could do that with our old brains – get rid of the stuff we don’t need and keep all our good memories and the wisdom we’ve acquired), and I should be back in business by Monday at the latest.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I decided on an Acer, which – after a lot of research by me AND the computer store folks – turned out to be the most bang for my buck.  It has all the features I need, loads of RAM, loads of memory (is that the same thing?), and a lot of the newest bells and whistles that are going to be important in the future.  This little Acer notebook has really been a good computer since we bought it in July in Cheboygan, and I’m hoping that the bigger version will be just as good.  I seriously shopped for a Dell, thought about a Sony Vaio, KNEW I couldn’t afford a Mac, and didn’t want another HP.  So an Acer it is.

If I get the new computer on Friday, I will be back online on Monday morning with a new blog.  If I don’t get it until Monday, it will be Tuesday before I’m back.  I have MISSED WRITING and hearing from you!  I’ve been wandering around the house at night wondering what in the world I ever did before I started blogging! 

Today marked my “surgery + two weeks” date.  Dawn and I started back walking on Monday, and oh my gosh it feels good to be out getting some exercise.   We walk for an hour each day with all three dogs – Bear, Maddie, and Dawn’s “Susie Q”.

Dawn at our house this morning after our walk. That's Susie Q sitting on the arm of the chair "guarding" her mom from the big bad Maddie and Bear.

The azaleas are about to be in full bloom, as are the dogwood trees.  Over the weekend I’ll take a ride down our street and photograph “springtime at the ri’vah” for you.

A huge azalea bush in our neighbor's yard.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday, good Lord willing.  Hopefully, next week we can get back to normal!  Yeah for normal!  God bless.



  1. Those azalea’s are beautiful!! I’m glad you and Dawn had a nice walk with your crew 🙂
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Yes, I have to agree…those azalea’s are beautiful, can’t wait for more spring pictures. Spring is dragging its feet here. I can see it but it doesn’t always want to show it self, if you know what I mean. Glad you found a computer and that all is going well with you. Is there really such a thing as “normal” 😉

    • LOL, Hilde! You are right! I have no idea what “normal” is!

  3. Hi Bree! So glad to hear you are feeling so good at this point in your recovery…(keep on takin’ it nice and slow..) and that your computer “issues” may FINALLY be resolved with a new laptop, you DID get the one with the ‘stress free’ feature, right??(smiles)

    I loved the pix of the azalea..Oh my goodness, I never even knew that they could grow soooo big, we sure don’t have anything like that around here! How lovely, can’t wait to see the dogwoods pix next week… And Dawn, your Susie Q. is just a doll! To, toooo cute!!

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