Posted by: bree1972 | April 11, 2010

Common Sense Found 4/12/2010

God has a great way of teaching lessons, doesn’t He?

When I had my surgery, I was so gong-ho to get back to this blog that when I should have been resting, I was sitting right here at my little desk typing away.  Some of you even commented that you didn’t check the blog for several days following my gizzard removal date , only to come back to it and find three posts waiting.  So what I basically did was ignore all your good advice about taking it easy, writing a few sentences every three or four days just to let ya’ll know what was going on, easing back into blogging like I was supposed to be easing back into everything else, and using my common sense.  I jokingly promised to do that – as soon as I FOUND my common sense.

I didn’t just overdo in the blogging arena – oh no.  By the end of week one I had convinced myself that  if I could sit at the computer for an hour and write, I could do most anything else.   I was bending over to pick up doggie toys, reaching up to grab the cereal off the top shelf, leaning over to brush Bear, and hauling the footrest of my Lazy-Boy up by the lever.  Where was Ted, you ask.  Not here – not when I was doing any of that – because if he had been in the room,  I would have asked him to do all those things for me, or he would have already done them without my asking.  But Ted couldn’t be velcroed to my side every moment, and I have enough of my mother in me to be determined not to wait and ask someone to do something for me when I feel fully capable of doing it myself.  So.  On day ten after my surgery, I was tired, sore, crabby, and out of sorts.  What else happened on day ten?  My computer crashed.  And here’s where God teaches the lesson.

The Saturday my computer crashed, I knew I had another computer to fall back on.  We had bought Ted’s little Acer notebook in Michigan last summer when my laptop crashed the first time.  I had used it the rest of the summer – 4 months to be exact.  All those blogs coming off the island for all those months were produced right here on this little munchkin I’m typing on right now.  BUT – I used the crash of my laptop to give myself permission to not blog for most of last week.  I said “it’s too little, it hurts my eyes, it downloads photos too slowly.”  And all of that is true.  But the real reason I didn’t blog last week was because I had pushed myself way beyond my limit the week before.  Now do I think God reached down and zapped my laptop just to knock some sense into me – well, yeah, I think He did.  I think He said, “Hey, dummy – if you can’t slow down because you’ve had major surgery, I’ll slow you down another way.”  So last week you didn’t hear much from me.  And last week I read more, watched more movies, and listened to more music.  Common sense found.

Blogging sometimes takes on a persona of its own.  You find yourself constantly in “blog” mode – thinking about your subject for the next day, lining up photos you need to take, getting them composed and cropped just right, making sure you don’t post too early or too late.  I love ALL of that.  I’ve always told people that I don’t have a creative bone in my body, and I have literally hungered to find something I’m good at doing.  I don’t draw, paint, act, sew, play an instrument, sing, or dance.  But now, after 61 years on this earth, I have discovered my creative outlet, and I have embraced it with both arms, my mind, and my heart.  The very best part of discovering this outlet has been the connection I have made with all of you.  So, the next time you try to get me to use my common sense, please write those comments in BOLD, RED, CAPITAL LETTERS.  Because I can be pretty stubborn. 

Wow – bet you didn’t know you were going to have to listen to all THAT, did you! 

Ted and I rode down our street on Sunday, slowing down occasionally so I could step out of the truck to photograph a bush or flower or tree that was exceptionally pretty.  Springtime in the South is so gorgeous.  We had an unusually cold winter, then suddenly we had a week in the 90’s.  Everything pollenated, budded, and bloomed all at once.  Here’s our street.

A hot pink azalea in a neighbor's yard.


Huge, decades-old purple azaleas in our yard - still another couple of days from being in full bloom.

Two more old azalea bushes in our yard - a bright pink and a pale pink - growing together.

Stark white azalea in the shade of a pine tree.


These old purple azaleas form a hedge, shielding a home from the street.

Looking down Flintside - past the blooming dogwood trees - toward Lakeview Baptist Church.

A beautiful scene on a Flintside side street.

A true lake-side "cabin", seen through the tall pines.

More beautiful dogwood trees.

Ah - the famous pecan trees - last to bud out. This grove is about three miles from our house.

Sally and Ed call this their snowball tree.

A red geranium on Ed and Sally's deck is backdropped by the snowball tree.

Dogwood blossoms in our yard.

In case you missed it – yes, I’m still on the little Acer notebook.  The computer store said the new Acer laptop would be in on Monday at the latest.  That’s today.  Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Is this where we say…I TOLD YOU SO! 😉 I’m glad you did as you were suppose to do and take some needed rest. Don’t wear yourself out Brenda, you’ll be back to normal (oops there’s that word again) in no time. Sit on that beautiful porch of yours and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and get WELL!
    The pictures are gorgeous as always. Love the contrast between the red geranium and the snowball tree!! That is awesome. 🙂

  2. Well, Brenda, I’m glad you found your common sense, but more importantly, that you actually listened to it. I know from experience that sometimes it takes a rather hard lesson for us to come to our senses. Glad you listened before you had to go back to the hospital or something else that would have been so drastic.

    Our spring in southern Michigan is a long way behind your beautiful southern spring, but we do have swelling buds on the trees and shrubs and a few daffodils and hyacinth in bloom, but of course, nothing like your fantastic azaleass and dogwoods.

    Continue to get stronger and please, please take it easy and don’t overdo again. Keep listening to your common sense. It knows a lot more than you’re giving it credit for.

  3. Brenda, it appears that you are like most of the rest of us….you just can’t slow down! 🙂 I know that I dislike having to depend on other people a lot of the time and I would have done exactly as you had done if I had been in your shoes.

    Isn’t it crazy how God works sometimes? And while some people will say, God had nothing to do with it, you computer just crapped out, those of us that believe in God know better. Things happen for a reason.

    The pictures are beautiful. Here in KS we have trees with white and purple buds and I think I have seen some cherry blossoms. I have no idea to be honest what these plants/trees are, I just know that they are incredibly beautiful in the spring. While fall and winter are my favorite seasons, there is something about spring and the plants coming back to “life”.

    • I’d love to post a picture of your cherry blossoms, Kristi!

  4. Instead of slowing down to get out and take some pictures, next time make Ted stop the truck all the way. 😀 I’m so glad you have found your passion with blogging but we will live till you are back in the land of the BIG keyboards. Hope your new “baby” comes in soon.

  5. Bree, my dear, do we all need to hold your electronic devices (your computer-s, ALL of them!!) hostage for awhile while you get re-acquainted with that ‘ol common sense??

    Pretend the following is in BOLD, RED, CAP. letters: (No, not that ‘we told you so’), but rather, you do have permission to just go ahead & take breaks from the blogging. really. We totally ‘get-it’ and EXPECT that you are to be in rest & recovery mode (or you will never be in tip-tip shape for the island). Divine intervention is a beautiful thing isn’t it, when God looks out for us (in sometimes funny ways) when we forget to?

    Simply wonderful photos, I enjoyed each one. Bet those beautiful blooms smell yummy too! But that was ALOT of getting in & out of the truck for picture taking…that will last us all for a few days while you TAKE IT EASY!
    Keep Smiling!

    • I do get it, Jane – finally. I promise I didn’t get in and out that many times. One stop would usually get me 3 or 4 pics if I just took one pointing in each direction at each stop. The weather has been perfect for the last few days – high 70’s, a breeze, and nothing but sunshine. Love it! Hmmm – I think I will lock up all my electronic devices each night now that you’ve threatened to take them away 🙂

  6. The blooms are all beautiful. Here in northern IN I’ve had daffodils bloom, and I’ve seen lots of shrubs in bloom.
    As others have told you do as the doctor says and don’t worry about us. We will survive–miss you but survive until you are back to normal.

  7. What beautiful flowers and trees!! I’m just holding my breath waiting for my lilac bush to bloom in the back yard, but otherwise it’s only daffodils and some tulips in my neck of the woods.
    Just relax and take your time to heal from your “gizzardectomy” 🙂 and keep enjoying the beautiful scenerry around your place!
    Happy Monday!!

  8. I was shocked when you said you walked for an hour the other day……………you do need to slow down girl! You’ll have plenty of time to walk when you get to the condo! It will still be cool enough up there to enjoy walking without feeling like you are in a furnace! Take care!!

    Today it is and will be in the low 40’s, and no sunshine this morning. I certainly enjoy your photos… beautiful!! Judy, Ann Arbor

    • Haven’t stopped the walking, Judy. That is the one thing my doctor said was ok. Dawn and I have walked for an hour each day for the last week and a half – I’ve done it maybe 6 out of those 10 days. That was not the problem. It was all the “other” stuff I was doing that he hadn’t ok’d. Like I said – lesson learned!

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