Posted by: bree1972 | April 13, 2010

Ya Gotta Have Friends! 04/14/2010


Hey!  Bear here. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassed I am to be sitting here in one of Dad’s t-shirts.  Ever since Mom had her gizzard out, she has been acting SO STRANGE!  I think it’s because she can’t do all the stuff she’s normally used to doing, and to make up for that, she does really dumb stuff.  Like yesterday.  

She picked up this t-shirt Dad had just taken off and put it on me!  I have no clue why.  Then she made me sit and stay while she took pictures of me in Dad’s smelly old shirt.  I was not happy! 

When she finally finished, I had a little talk with Mom and told her she really needed to get a life, and I even gave her an idea for her blog today.  I suggested she introduce her readers to all the furry friends Maddie and I have here at the lake. She thought about it a few minutes, and decided that was a pretty good idea.  But then she decided I could write it much better than she could – giving it my own pawspective, don’tcha know.  I said “ok” ’cause I knew I could write it better than she could anyway, especially since she’s been so weird lately. 

You already know we have a gazillion squirrels and birds around here.  Maddie and I couldn’t care less about the birds – I mean, what do we look like – cats?  The squirrels are another story. 

Maddie will be on the sunporch sitting on Dad’s lap, constantly scanning the yard for intruders.  I am usually asleep in the hall, because it has the coolest floor.  Suddenly, Maddie will start barking like crazy, leap down, and go racing to the backdoor.  By the time she reaches the door, so have I (although sometimes I’m a little late getting there because I jump up so quick on that slick floor my feet go slipping and sliding, and it takes me a few seconds to get going).  By now we are both barking like there is a saber-toothed tiger in the back yard.  I personally don’t see what the big deal is about a squirrel, but I have to support my little sister in all things – or she will grab hold of my bottom lip and hang on while I carry her around the house.  That does not feel good. 

Anyway, someone will let us out, and we will go rushing to the crabapple tree, where the squirrel has been spotted.  Then we circle the tree and bark like we’ve treed that tiger – when really it’s just a mangy old squirrel. 

I usually take the left side of the tree, and Maddie takes the right – then we swap.  The idea is to get the squirrel so worked up it will jump down and run for its life into another yard – giving us a chance to chase it.  When Maddie and I first started playing this game together, the squirrels would jump every time.  But over time they have figured out we CAN”T CLIMB TREES, and they are safe as long as they don’t make a run for it. 


So now the only way we ever get to chase a squirrel is if Dad gets out his BB gun and pops them a few times.  Dad tells Mom that it is only a target BB gun and doesn’t hurt the squirrels – that it just “stings”.  And mom always says, “Oh really.  How about if I “pop” you with a BB and see if it just stings.”  Dad usually just keeps on stinging the squirrels though, and Mom goes back in the house so she doesn’t have to watch. 

When Miss Dawn comes over to walk with Mom, she brings her dog Susie (aka Susie Q).  Susie is Miss Dawn and Mr. Stevie’s Miniature Pinscher.  A long time ago (the first time Miss Dawn brought Susie over), Maddie attacked Susie, and embarrassed me to pieces.  I make friends and welcome  EVERYONE.  But now that Maddie and Susie have gotten to know each other, all is good.  Mom can even give Susie treats in front of Maddie and I, which is ok as long as we get a treat too.  But the real fun is when Dad gets down in the middle of the floor playin’ with all of us! 


When we go on walks over at Miss Dawn’s, Susie really walks slow until we get to the half-way point.  Then Miss Dawn says, “Susie Q!  You ready to go home?”  And she tears off down the road!  Miss Dawn has taught Susie to go to the side of the road when there is a car coming.  That way she won’t get run over.  Mom had already taught me that too, but Mom has to drag Maddie over to the side by her leash.  Maddie really needs help in the obedience department. 

Susie, waiting for Miss Dawn to say, "Let's go home!"

Susie, waiting for a car to pass.

 While we are walking, there is a house we pass where two BIG dachshunds live.  They are twice the size of Maddie, but I swear Maddie can outbark them.  This one came running out this morning, barking like he was going to eat all of us.  We don’t know his name, so I call him G.M. (for Giant Maddie). 


This morning, after we finished walking, we stopped by Miss Marianne’s house so Mom could take a photo of Petey, Miss Marianne and Mr. Cecil’s Boston Terrier.  Petey is the senior citizen of our little group, but he’s still going strong.  

Here's Petey, who we all listen too because he is the oldest and the wisest in our playgroup . . .

. . . and this is the look we get when we DON'T listen to Petey!

 Would you believe Petey shares his house with a CAT?  The cat’s name is Puss-Puss.  Puss-Puss is really good looking (for a CAT), but I’m sure glad we don’t have any CATS at our house, ’cause it sure would be hard not to chase ’em. 

Puss-Puss, right after he came out from under the bed where he ran as soon as we came in Miss Marianne's house. Cats just aren't very social!

Miss Marianne took us out in her yard to see the new babies in the neighborhood.  A goose couple had been sitting on a nest of eggs right next to the pontoon boat.  Miss Marianne and Mr. Cecil haven’t even been able to take the boat out, because they didn’t want to disturb the nest.  On Saturday, the eggs hatched, and now there are three baby geese running around the yard with their mom and dad.  Pretty cute. 

Three baby geese and their parents.

With all of us out there watching, I guess mom and dad goose decided the babies were safer in the water. Probably a smart idea, because Miss Marianne said Puss-Puss had been outside drooling already. Puss-Puss probably doesn't want to mess with a mad mom and dad goose!

 So now we’re down to the cute little girl who was yesterday’s header picture.  This sweetie pie is Miss Sally and Mr. Ed’s Shih Tzu, Brandy.  


I will tell you a secret, if you promise not to tell anyone.  I would love to ask Brandy to be my girlfriend.  I mean she is really a knockout – just look at those eyes and that wavy hair.  But it’s a funny thing around here.  None of us dogs have boyfriends and girlfriends – we’re all just best buddies.  Mom sat me down one day and tried to explain it all to me – she called it talking about the birds and bees.  I couldn’t make much sense out of any of it until she told me that we dog buddies had all had our gizzards removed – even the GUYS!  

So now you know all our friends here at the ri’vah.  If you want to send Maddie and me pictures of your four-legged children, just email the photos to Mom at  Tell Mom your pet’s name and age and anything else you’d like to share.  If Mom gets enough photos, she said she would do a blog just about her readers’ pets.  That sounds like a great idea to me! 


Mom just asked me to let you know that Friday is going be Cookie Recipe Day (I think that’s because Mom has been craving cookies ever since she came home from the hospital).  She said to ask ya’ll to send in your favorite cookie recipe before 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.  Oh, and she said there wouldn’t be a blog on Thursday, so this is the only notice you will have.  Oh, and she said to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T SEND RECIPES FOR CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES BECAUSE SHE IS AFRAID THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE WILL SEND.  So, please send in those cookies recipes right away.   

Is that all, Mom?  Ok, could you please get me OUT OF THIS T-SHIRT!! 






  1. Miss Suzie is looking like she may be related to that world famous Min Pin, Ms. Sophie. So many cute dogs. That cat could be a twin of one I had named Tarzan. Sorry about all those missing gizzards, Guys.

    • Miss Cathie, Mom went back and added a line or two after you read the blog. If you’d like to send some photos of Miss Sophie and the rest of your menagerie, Mom’s going to post them all one day on another blog. Since I have personally met all your babies and can vouch for them, I will be glad to pass on all their good qualities to anyone who would like to be pawpals with them. So glad you and Mr. Frog are coming back to see us this summer. It won’t be long!

  2. Dear Bear,
    You are just such a handsome fellow…even a ‘grungy’ t-shirt can’t hide your cute-ness! Such an adorable post you wrote today too…bet your poor paws are sooo tired from all that typing. You better take a nice nap with your Mom, then hit her up for another treat. You DESERVE it after letting her play “dress up” with you and keeping all those saber-toothed tigers out of your backyard. Such a brave boy you are!

    Be on the lookout for a pic. from my baby, Meow-er (yep, he’s a kitty kat)…he really, REALLY wants to be paw-pals with you, but he’s a tad shy about a long distance friendship. I told him there’s nothin’ to it, friends are friends, no matter the distance!

    Love from Minnesota

    • Dear Miss Jane,

      It’s always nice to hear from someone who appreciates all the hard work I do around here.

      Can’t wait to see the photograph of Meow-er (even if he is a CAT). Maybe we could hook him up with Puss-Puss!



  3. Bear you have some wonderful friends and I don’t blame you for wanting to be more then friends with Brandy. She is a good lookin gal. And don’t worry about that t-shirt, you still look cute :). I hope you don’t mind, but I will be sending pictures of my kitties too. See I used to have a big beautiful dog like you but sadly he is no longer with us. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m still going to send you a picture of him. Oh and bear, nice story 🙂

    • Thank you, Miss Hilde! I would love to see pictures of your kitties and your baby who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I bet he is playing with our Shotzie and Bud, who were Mom and Dad’s babies before Maddie and I.

  4. Hi Bear! That was a great post! Tell your mom that I tried e-mailing her a couple photos, but I got an error message saying her mailbox was full. Maybe my photos are just too big, but thought I should let her know.

    I look forward to your next post and I am glad that you and Maddie and your mom and dad are doing well!


  5. Hi Bear!
    My name is Payton and I loved your blog today when my mom read it to me! I’m going to have mom send my picture to your mom so you can see what I look like. Happy Thursday!!

    • Dear Miss Diane,

      At last! A dog almost my size! What happened to all the big dogs! I love the picture of Payton, and Starbucks is a real cutie (for a CAT). My Mom told me she used to have a calico cat a long, long time ago. Her name was . . . . are you ready . . . . . Calico! I told Mom THAT was really original!


  6. Hi Bear,

    It’s Benny. I’m Abby from Michigan’s fur brother. My mom read your blog to me and I’m glad I finally got to meet you. You’re one cool dude! I have a dog friend…he’s big like you. His name is Coal because….he’s black!! And one cat cousin named Jasmine but she’s not very friendly to me. Abby and I have a stroller and mom takes us out for walks when it’s nice and warm here in Michigan. Of course, I have to sit in the back, but I love it anyway. That’s how I met Coal. Well, write again soon. Bye…

    • Hi Benny! It’s nice to meet ‘cha! Why don’t you send me a picture of you and Abby and Coal and Jasmine? Mom will put them in a folder on this computer with the other photos she’s been collecting today. Mom is trying to remember if she already has a photo of Abby, but she says if she did, it probably crashed and burned with her old computer. Just let me warn you – if your mom’s computer crashes, you need to go hide under the bed until she gets it fixed. Computers that don’t work can make humans VERY cranky!

      Bye now!

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