Posted by: bree1972 | April 19, 2010

Fun Family Weekend & A Surprise Monday Visitor 4/20/2010

We had such a fun weekend with Jason and Blair!  It started off a little sketchy, but then just got better and better.  

Jason was driving to the lake in my Mom’s car, which has been in Atlanta since Christmas.  Because of a late Friday afternoon meeting, Blair was starting south about two hours later.  The plan was to leave Mama’s car here until Blake gets home from China in July – then Jason will drive him down to pick it up.  We are hoping the car will hold together long enough for Blake to get a job with a big enough paycheck to purchase his own wheels.  Mom’s car is a 1989 Buick Century with only 42,000 miles.  But that still makes all the parts (except the ones we have already replaced) 12 years old, and I know we are really on skating on thin ice to depend on it as a viable car for Blake – even for a few months. 

Case in point.  Jason got to Vienna, GA (about 20 miles from the lake) and stopped at a convenience store.  When he got back in the car, it wouldn’t start.  He called Ted to come pick him up and AAA to come tow the car into Cordele.  We are waiting to hear what’s wrong with it. 

Once Jason and Ted got to the lake, and Blair arrived a little later, things calmed down, we ate dinner, and then settled in to try and catch up with what’s happening in their busy lives.  Even though I chat with Jason at least once or twice aweek, I don’t feel like I really get to “talk” to him unless he comes home.  Do you other moms out there have that problem?  

The kids slept in on Saturday morning (well, as late as I could force myself to let them sleep), and then we had the surprise visit from Syd, the cat (see yesterday’s blog post for that story).  After lunch, Ted and Jason went to Veterans State Park to play golf, leaving Blair and I to spend the afternoon talking “girl talk”.  What fun!  When the boys got home, we took the pontoon boat over to the Cypress Grill for dinner, meeting Dawn and Stevie there.  

On Sunday morning (when I thought they would be leaving), they decided at the last minute to hang around until late in the afternoon (I love it when that happens!).  Blair had a power point presentation to work on for a business trip this week (which she could do at the lake as easily as she could at home), and Jason and Ted went to play golf again.  Around 3 o’clock, Jason called to say he was finishing up the front nine and asked Blair to pick him up so they could leave from the golf course going back to Atlanta.  Ted stayed to finish the back nine with our friend Gary.  Here’s the weekend in photographs: 

A three-dog night at the ri'vah - Maddie, Bayla, and Bear


Bear thinks Blair is the best thing since pepperoni dog treats. When Blair is here, she is always surrounded by a lot of blonde dog love.

Bayla - Jason and Blair's beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. We get to babysit Bayla week after next, while Jason and Blair travel. Bear and Bayla have a ball together in the yard.


Jason did a little fishing both days. He got a lot of "nibbles" and caught a really nice white perch.

"Hey Blair! Look at me!"

"I thought you looked like you needed a doggie kiss!"

One of the cypress trees next to our dock - dressed in spring green.

That's my boy!

A spring Saturday on the ri'vah

Approaching the Lake Blackshear Marina and Cypress Grill

Mr. and Mrs. finally brought their babies to see us this weekend. I counted nine ducklings on Sunday morning.

As Ted and I were drinking our coffee Monday morning, the phone rang.  It was Don Schwark, our friend from the island who lost his wife and sister-in-law in the snowmobile accident during Winter Festival.  Don had been visiting relatives in the South and was on his way to visit Andersonville this morning.  He had family members who were imprisoned there during the Civil War.  We gave him directions to the house (he was only about five miles away when he phoned), and we spent several hours catching up.  Don is doing pretty good. He is trying to make some decisions about moving off the island and possibly returning to the Michigan town where he and Karen lived before they moved to Mackinac.  It was wonderful to see him, and we look forward to seeing him this summer on the island. 

Don loved all the dogwoods and azaleas on our street. After touring Andersonville, he was planning on being in Kentucky by tonight - then on to Michigan on Tuesday.

I thought I’d put out one more call for pet pictures from my readers.  You can email those to me at I will probably do the “readers dog and kitty blog” at the beginning of next week – so you’ve still got time to get those photos to me. 

I’ll see you back here tomorrow with more springtime photos from the river.  Till then . . . . 

“There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.” . . . Washington Irving 




  1. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing weekend visit with Jason & Blair and all the animals visits from the little kitty to the ducklings. It was nice that you were able to visit with Don also. All the spring pictures are so beautiful.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. From the pictures it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Being on the water is always nice, and taking the boat to the restaurant is always a fun way to go. I’m happy to hear that Don is doing good. That was such a sad thing to happen but from the picture of the both of you, he looks much happier. I hope he is.

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