Posted by: bree1972 | April 20, 2010

Photo Op 04/21/2010

During the last week, I’ve taken dozens of photographs of springtime at the lake, as well as a lot of miscellaneous photos of first one thing and then another.  Tonight I’m just going to post some of those you haven’t seen – with captions.  Here we go:

Looking up the from lake at the north side of our house. We have so enjoyed the azaleas these last two weeks.

When Dawn and I are walking in her neighborhood, we pass this purple martin gourd condo. On this particular day, it looked like all the martins were coming home for lunch at once.

Well, we ARE in the country, and what better icon than a John Deere tractor to prove that!

Marianne's beautiful front yard, complete with wishing well.

More flowers, courtesy of Marianne (hmmm, maybe I better give a little credit to hubbie Cecil).

More flowers, courtesy of Marianne (hmmm, maybe I'd better give a little credit to Marianne's hubbie, Cecil).

I love the way Marianne hung this little bird house in the middle of a big bed of azaleas.

What can I say? Marianne has a green thumb, and pinky finger, and maybe 10 green toes.

View from Marianne and Cecil's backporch.

Marianne on her front porch.

Two doors down from Marianne is Dawn and Stevie's beautiful home.

Dawn and Stevie's deck on the water.

Susie coming through the door onto Dawn and Stevie's backporch.

Riding back home from Dawn's, I passed this newly plowed field. This is a sod farm, and a couple of months from now this field will be covered in beautiful green St. Augustine grass.

Wild azaleas in our neighbor's yard - growing over the fence.

The crepe myrtles that Ted pruned are beginning to "get their green on".


My favorite model - beautiful Bear.

My favorite munchkin - Maddie.

A neighbor's beautiful salmon-colored azalea.

Ted gives Bayla some lovin'.

Another beautiful late afternoon on the lake.


Friday will be our last Recipe Day for this blog.  As we count down to leaving for Mackinac Island in less than four weeks, these posts will be more filled with those preparations, and I think too we have covered most every category of recipe.  So, for this last day, I’m just going to ask that you send in your favorite recipe – whatever category.  Send the one that your family loves best – the one your children ask you to fix when they come home – the one that always gets rave reviews.  You probably have several of these, and if you want to send them all, go right ahead.  It would be neat if you send a little narrative about that favorite recipe too, because everyone always enjoys hearing the story behind the recipes.  I hope ya’ll have enjoyed this feature as much as I have.  It has been so much fun, and I have certainly got a larger notebook of recipes now!

No blog on Thursday, so this will be your only reminder to SEND IN THOSE RECIPES!!  I need them by 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.  As usual, please send to

See you Friday!

I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.” . . . Stephen Grellet



  1. What beautiful flowers everywhere around you!! We have had a couple of nights of frost up here but the neighbor’s tulips are still blooming and my little lilac bush has blooms on it still – I could just stand out there all day smelling those – I love lilacs. Other than that it’s just the start of spring flowers here.
    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Beautiful pictures…I love all the Azaleas, but the salmon colored ones are just gorgous. LOVE that color!
    I know you must be getting so excited about going back to the island. From seeing the webcams, the island is getting a little busier every day. I’m seeing more and more people coming out. Right now I wish I was one of them lol.

    • Hi Hilde! Ted is sitting here in the den, as I type this, looking at all the photos on the Grand Hotel’s Facebook page. We are getting VERY excited!

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