Posted by: bree1972 | April 28, 2010

Best Laid Plans 4/29/2010

I had some mighty big projects lined up for this winter.  I wrote about two of them in one of my last posts in October from the island.  I said, ” I have two major goals for the winter.  One is to work on turning this blog into a book before next spring.  That will be a monumental task, and if it gets done by then, it will take a minor miracle.  But the Island Bookstore wants to sell it, and they think there is a market for it.  That remains to be seen, but there is an awful lot of work to do to have it ready.  The other goal is to work with Bear and get him certified as a Therapy Dog before the spring.  I can do that through a program in a city near where we live, and if he is certified, I will be working him in hospitals and nursing homes in Georgia over the winter.  Then, I hope to be able to continue to work him somewhere close by the island next summer.”  Other goals were to see – in person – the island covered in snow and to write a couple of posts per week on Bree’s Lake Blackshear Blog.

Sad to say – only two of those goals were accomplished. 

I think I mentioned sometime during the winter that after doing some pretty serious research into self-publishing, I discovered (to my horror) that the cost of that endeavor is unbelievably high.  So the book is on the back burner.  I am in the process though of getting a hard copy made of the entire blog from last summer.  It’s taking a while, and the pictures are in black & white, but at least I will have the whole thing in a notebook I can carry around with me.  I don’t know why I want that, but it seems like something I should do.

Almost done printing out last summer's blog and putting it into a notebook. A couple down the street here at the lake, who don't have a computer, took it home with them for a couple of weeks not long ago. They loved reading it and looking at the pictures.

The Manual I have to study for MY part of the test.

And Bear.  Can’t blame that one on anyone but me and my procrastination.  I ordered the book that would teach me all I ever needed to know about handling a Therapy Dog.  Have I read it?  No.  Is Bear ready to be tested?  He probably could be in a couple of weeks.  I, on the other hand, have to read the book and pass a test on it.  The only thing I can offer in my defense is that I am packing the book and will try to get it read and studied over the summer.  I also figure that taking Bear with me everywhere on the island this summer will get him used to just about every possible scenario he could ever encounter.  So – getting us registered as Therapy Dog and handler becomes a goal for next winter.

Every time I open it, I get visions of high school and college. Can I do this?

"Good grief! Read the book already! I've been ready to get started for months!"

I did make it to the island during winter to see the snow.  And even though it was the warmest winter there in recent history (with less snow than in years and years), we all managed to have a wonderful time. 

Dawn, Mike, Jill, and island friend Joan Barch - waving at blog fans on the Tourist Bureau web cam.

I have to admit I’m proud I’ve stuck it out with the lake blog.  I had only promised two – maybe three – posts per week from the lake.  That turned into four – sometimes five per week.  I never thought I would find that much to talk about here at the ri’vah, but – with a lot of help from friends – I did. I’m sure some of it was as boring as watching paint dry and grass grow – but you’ve hung with me.  The first month I was home, I averaged around 75 readers – now I average close to 300.    That is amazing!  Thank you!

Another amazing thing is that – through the winter – a crowd of my Mac Island readers have tuned in every week for their island updates.  When I left the island, I was averaging around 800 readers a day – I still average around 400.  I’m very surprised and very happy about that!  Hopefully those other 400 – and more – will come back when we are on the island again. 

The winter also brought six weeks of “semi” down time that I had not figured into my schedule.  Having my gizzard removed certainly put the brakes on a few planned activities, but a minister told me once that sometimes God arranges these little detours as a way to slow us down and make us pay more attention to the important things in our lives.  Mission accomplished there – thank you, Lord.

I’ll soon be closing down this blog and switching over to blog from Mackinac Island.  I’m excited about that, and I hope my ri’vah readers will follow us up Interstate 75 to the great state of Michigan for the summer.  Even though all my winter goals weren’t accomplished, there’s always next winter! 

I will be in Albany on Thursday for a doctor appointment.  Hopefully, I’m going to be released to return to all my regular activities after that visit.  I have Ted getting my bicycle all spiffed up in anticipation of my first ride since November.  I only have two weeks to get in shape for that ride up the hill on Mackinac.  Hmmm . . . I think I better buy a new tube of Ben-Gay while I’m in town tomorrow!

I’m going to take a long weekend from blogging, so I will see you back here on Monday morning, good Lord willing.  Have a great weekend!  God bless.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art . . . It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that gives value to survival.” . . . C. S. Lewis



  1. Enjoy your long weekend Brenda. I know the doctors appointment will turn out fine so no worries there. If that book ever becomes a reality, I will be first in line..ah heck, I’ll take the hard copy that your working on now 😉

    • Hilde,

      Thank you so much for your loyal readership. You are usually my very first commenter each morning, and I always look forward to seeing what you are going to say. I know you’re going to the island with me, so I have that to look forward to each morning up there also. Love ya!

  2. Dear Bree,
    I have enjoyed your blogs so much. I found you on Mackinac Island, followed you to Lake Blackshear and I will be back with you on Mackinac. I never found the blogs boring. When I’m on the island this summer I hope I run into you (and Ted and Bear and Maddie) and I can personally tell you how much I looked forward to reading them everyday.
    Take care, Joan

    • Just email me when you will be there Joan!

  3. I missed reading your blog this week not having internet service but now am back online. All the pet pictures were so cute! Wow now you only have 2 weeks until you get back up on the island – how exciting!!

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