Posted by: bree1972 | May 3, 2010

Beyla’s Blog 5/4/2010

Hi!  My name is Beyla, and I’m a city dog from Atlanta.  I’m used to lots of cars whizzing by and horns blowing and screaming sirens and – well, noise!  I’m also used to restaurants and rock concerts and dog parks and museums.  Do you get my drift?  I’m used to being entertained!

Last week my Dad and Mom were going out of town, so Dad dropped me off at BeeBee and G-Daddy’s house (that’s what the human grandchildren call them, and since BeeBee says I am their grand-dog, that’s what I call them too).  They live on a lake.  I was really excited about that, until I got there and realized there was no way to get to the water because there is a huge fence between the yard and the lake.  Then my cousins, Bear and Maddie, told me the reason for the fence.  It seems that Maddie fell off the seawall into the water a long time ago and only lived to tell about it because BeeBee and G-Daddy heard her when she hit the water.  The next week the fence went up.  Bear told me he was really upset about it for a while, because Golden Retrievers love the water.  But, he doesn”t want his little sister to drown, so he puts up with it.  Nice guy, that Bear.

Anyway, like I said, I’m a city dog.  In Atlanta, dogs have to be on leashes everywhere we go.  I couldn’t believe it when BeeBee took me for a walk the first time, and she didn’t even put my collar on me!  I was free to run up and down this dirt road with Bear.  I noticed BeeBee had Maddie on her leash and asked Bear why Maddie couldn’t run free like we could.  Bear just grinned and said BeeBee’s readers already knew the reason for that so there was no need to write about it (too bad Maddie can’t control her impulses).  Being free to run on that dirt road made up for not being able to get in the water.  That was FUN!

I had a pretty hard time getting used to how calm and quiet it was at the lake.  When BeeBee let us out into the yard, the most exciting thing we did was chase squirrels and ducks (well, we did have that gator show up, but none of us could get anywhere near it because of that dang fence).  So most of the time we just laid around and chewed sticks and waited for pine cones to fall off the trees. 

Beyla: "Bear, is there a Starbucks around here?" Bear: "No, but there's a bathtub full of dirty water next to the wellhouse in the backyard." Beyla: "Good grief."

Of course, there is always Maddie to watch.  That little dog is CRAZY!  She is never still – not for one single minute.  Me and Bear could just be sitting around doing nothing, and she’d be pacing back and forth in front of a flower bed, waiting for a piece of pine straw to move.  Saturday we were all out in the yard, and Bear and I saw her circling this bush . . .

"What is she doing?"


"She's just being Maddie - she can't help herself."

You won’t believe this, but that nutty dog circled that bush about eight times, then suddenly pounced and started digging like her life depended on it!

"I saw it move - a nice, fat mole!"

"Geez! This little sucker can sure dig fast!"

"Look! There's his back feet!"

"Drat! He got away! And look what happens to my ears when I stick my head too far down a molehole!"

After a long day in the yard, we all go to the den, lay down under the fan and take a little nap – even G-Daddy!

"You can barely see Maddie over there under G-Daddy's feet. She's on one of those puffy fleece beds. By the way, Maddie is the only dog in this house with her own bed. Me and Bear hung out together on the cool floor in the hall (until we both climbed in the bed with Maddie, BeeBee and G-Daddy about four in the morning. Yikes! You should have heard them yell! So fun!"

BeeBee and G-Daddy are spending the night with us in Atlanta on their way to Michigan in two weeks.  I sure wish I could go to Mackinac Island with them.  Bear told me all about how there are no cars there and how all the taxi (which are really horse and buggies) drivers always have dog treats ready to give out.  Sounds like my kind of place!

Thank you, Bear and Maddie, for having me down for a few days.  See you soon! 

P.S.  Next time I come to the lake, I’ll bring some video games.  Maddie and Bear really need to expand their horizons.

“Why, that dog is practically a Phi Beta Kappa. She can sit up and beg, and she can give her paw — I don’t say she will, but she can.” . . . Dorothy Parker

Note from Brenda:  No blog on Wednesday, but I’ll see you back here on Thursday morning.  Have a great day! 




  1. Beyla it sounds like you had some nice quiet down time with your cousins. Enjoy it before you go back to all that noise in the city. 🙂

    You have a great day too Brenda!

  2. Beyla you sound like such a wonderful dog. You look so big and hugable! I was happy to read you had fun with Bear and Maddy. I am a city person and going to up north Michigan I enjoy the quiet times. Thank you for your enjoyable blog. I really love those pictures of Maddy digging for a mole. I could use her in my back yard this year!!

    Have a good day Brenda.


  3. Pleased to meet you Miss Beyla! You sound like a nice proper brought up city gal…loved that you were trying to find the nearest Starbucks! Hope you have a lovely visit with your country cousins 🙂
    Happy Tuesday!

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