Posted by: bree1972 | May 5, 2010

Goodbye, Old Friend 5/6/2010

I said goodbye to an old friend today. 

Stop right there.  Before you start reaching for those kleenex, thinking this is going to be one of my tearjerkers, just wait.  This is about a bedspread.

Practically from the time Ted and I married, we have had the same bedspread – well, it’s actually a comforter.  It’s a Waverly pattern – Garden Images to be exact.  And no, it hasn’t been the SAME comforter for all those years.  I bought the first one at a linen store in Panama City Beach in 1990.  It was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen – a creamy background, covered in magnolias, dogwoods, and butterflies.  It was so heavy we never needed an additional blanket – even in the winter.  A bedskirt, two shams and a couple of Garden Images accent pillows completed the ensemble.  Perfect.

After three or four years of use (and dogs), I would order another set just like it.  After the third such set, I thought, “Geez, you are in a rut.  Why don’t you get something different?”  So I did.  I ordered this beautiful bedspread from a linen catalog, along with shams and pillows.  I put it on the bed, and I promise I tried to like it – for two whole days.  I’m sure in anyone else’s bedroom, it would have been great – but not in ours.  I was sick – and even Ted said, “It doesn’t look like our bedroom anymore” (for Ted to comment on bed linens means only one thing – he hated it).

The new bedspread and all the accessories came off and back they went to the catalog store.  Out of the same catalog I ordered Waverly’s Garden Images again, and when I got everything back where it was supposed to be, our bedroom was perfect again. 

I think that was two comforters ago.  I know in the 21 years we have been married, we have had five sets of those same linens.  Until today.

The latest Garden Images was really about a year past due for replacement.  The addition of Bear to our “mix” put a lot more stress on this comforter, but I had decided to wait until we returned in November to order a new set.  Then last week, after my doctor’s appointment, I stopped in Belk’s linen department.  There, spread out on a model bed, was the most gorgeous comforter set I have ever seen.  Not only that, but it was on sale.  AND, the saleslady said, if I would let her put it on hold and ring it up on Saturday, there would be an additional 15% off.  I didn’t even hesitate.  I said, “Yes, yes, yes!”  I was getting a new comforter – something different, and I loved it!

On Tuesday I was back in Albany to pick up the new linens.  I didn’t even get them out of the bag last night, knowing I would have to iron the bedskirt and shams.  I was so excited this morning that I skipped my second cup of coffee to get started.  I stripped the bed, and Ted lifted the mattress so I could pull out the old bedskirt and slide on the new one.  Then I asked him to leave the room.  I said, “I don’t want you to see it until it’s all on the bed.  You are going to LOVE it!”

I put on a fresh set of sheets – I even ironed the pillow cases.  The comforter floated on perfectly, the shams were crisp and stood up perfectly, the accent pillows were beautiful.  I called for Ted to come and see.

Ted stood in the bedroom door and said, “It’s the same comforter.” 

“What are you talking about?” I said, with my hands on my hips.

“Brenda, it’s the same comforter, except the background is green!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said, grabbing the packaging. 

And right there in black and white I read – Garden Images by Waverly (Sage).

No wonder I loved it!


Sometime during the day, I goggled Waverly’s Garden Images and learned that our old comforter is Garden Images (Parchment), and there is also a Waverly Garden Images (Black).  We are set for life!



  1. I love your new comforter! and I really ike the sage green on the background.
    Happy Thursday!!

  2. Your right IS beautiful!! 🙂

  3. I love to start the day with coffee and a good lol. Thanks again for that Bree! I adore your story, and since I LOVE green, I love your present spread, it has a softer tone than the white background. I think it looks very peaceful.

    I think it is a HOOT that Ted recognized it! You were so intent on getting something different! It just goes to show us that something as little as changing color can put a whole new light on the subject. It is amazing that a company has held on to that pattern for so many years. It must be a best seller! We all complain that once we find something we love, and want to get it again, it is no longer “available”!

    May you both have deep sleeps and wonderful dreams beneath your beautiful bedcover! It is nice to know Ted’s eyes and mind are still so very sharp!!

    • Hi Judy!
      So good to hear from you! To be completely honest, I knew the comforter was pretty close to the old one, but not having even looked at the name on the packaging, I had no clue at all that it was the same company and design. I was pretty impressed with Ted myself for pointing that out!
      I’ll be busy packing today and the rest of the week. We’ll be driving through Ann Arbor on Sunday, May 16 on our way to our Sunday night stop at Whitmore Lake.

  4. LOL!!!!! Brenda, that is so funny. You were all excited with the new bedspread and it’s basically the same one! 🙂 Actually, I love the sage color and to be honest, I think I like it better than your original one. So the black one will be the next you get (in a few years)? 😉

    • I love the new one too, Kristi! It looks so cool (temperature-wise), and because it is a lot thinner, it seems to fit the bed better. Ted loves it too, although I am taking a lot of grief from him about buying basically the same comforter.

  5. I love your new bedroom ensemble, but I`ve always loved your bedroom. It is SO you. Can`t wait to see the black one. I`m thinking…. It will be gorgeous.

    • You can goggle Waverly Garden Images – Black and see it. It IS gorgeous, but can you imagine Bear’s gold hair all over THAT!!

    • waYou can goggle Waverly Garden Images – Black and see it. It IS gorgeous, but can you imagine Bear’s gold hair all over THAT!!

  6. Sometimes its good not to change. I’m sorry Ted left the window open and bushes grew on your bed. Happy packing.

  7. I have had the the Garden Images parchment set in our #2 bedroom for about 2 years. I even ordered matching fabric from JoAnn to make extra throw pillows. I love that pattern and wish I had it in our master. I know you’ll love the green, too. I had noticed you had same pattern as ours in an earlier blog.
    We’re at the beach now and will return home on Saturday. It’s been wonderful few weeks, and now we’re praying for the locals that the oil does not reach the beaches here in Gulf Shores(or any of the coastline). We have had unusual tides here during this, our 4th visit. Yesterday and today we must have gathered at least 200-300 small sand dollars. We will pray for travel mercies for you long trip.
    La Juan

  8. Brenda, I am hooked on your blog now, never stop….I love reading it every saturday….what in the world did Ted do to get someone like you. Tell my sweetie, that I love him and I miss you two already…we had such a great time at Paula’s….it would not have been the same without you two there….you need to post the picture of Ted with his hat on that I sent you…great picture.

  9. Where did you find your set? I have the same one!! I LOVE it! I recently went from a Full to a Queen and need a Bed Skirt – but can’t find one. I’m tempted to take the Full one and have a panel inserted in it to make it bigger. I really miss my bed skirt.

    I love this set because I adore Butterflies and Dogwood blossoms. And this set has BOTH! I was so excited when I found it.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me the contact information of where you order from – I bought mine at Belks – but they don’t carry the set anymore. Joann’s fabrics can order the fabric but I don’t sew and would have to have someone make it for me.

    Hope I hear from you soon!!

    Thank you!
    Terry Brunson
    Panama City, FL

    • Hi Terry, I bought my set at Belks also – in Albany Ga. I have no idea if they still carry it. Good luck!

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