Posted by: bree1972 | October 25, 2010

Hey Hey Paula! Part II 10/26/2010

I know I’m skipping over Saturday morning and afternoon to write about the party Saturday night, but I promise to go back tomorrow and tell you all about our tour of Savannah – with someone we knew very well on Mackinac Island last year.

For today though, the story is the party at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House.  Bubba is Paula’s brother, and uncle to her sons,  Jamie and Bobby.

Once again, we met at Johnson Square and packed into city shuttles and 15-passengecr vans for the 10-minute ride out of downtown Savannah.  As soon as we turned into the parking lot at Bubba’s , we could see a long line of hungry diners waiting for seating at the popular marsh-view seafood restaurant. 

No worries for us, though.  We were escorted through the main dining room to a special entrance where we received a wrist band we wore for the rest of the evening.  The entire back deck was reserved for Paula’s party, and as we arrived, the band was setting up and the bar was doing a brisk business.  On Saturday night photography was allowed, and in every set of hands there was a camera.  Groups of two, three, and more were busy huddling together to have their pictures taken, and the deck rocked with laughter and stories being told from “back in the day”.  About thirty minutes after we arrived, Paula Deen came through the back deck doors, and the party was officially “on”.

Paula, bless her heart, is probably still seeing white spots in front of her eyes.  For the first hour after she arrived, she was being photographed constantly with different couples and groups, and the camera flashes reminded me of the media frenzies we see at Hollywood premieres.  Paula was having a ball and moved (or was tugged) all over the deck as guests tried to get a moment with her. 

One of Ted's classmates and his daughter are photographed with Paula.


Paula with a group, having her picture made by a group. Everytime she stopped, cameras flashed.

After an hour of picture taking, Paula was called forward and asked to sit in a chair in front of the bandstand.  Bobby Joiner, a classmate who sang in a band in high school, had re-written the words to “Hey Hey Paula”, and his seranade to the misty-eyed Paula brought the house down.





Paula was then presented with a gift from the group and spoke from her heart about how much seeing everyone had meant to her.

Paula received a "Jimmy's Hot Dog" cap and gift certificates for 20 of the famous Albany hotdogs - Paula's hometown favorite. She also received a basket of butter - I kid you not.


Offering the microphone to someone in the audience . . .


. . .and speaking from her heart.


Jamie, Paula's oldest son, stopped in to say hello.

After the special presentation, the band started playing and the crowd alternated between dancing, eating from double buffet tables (barbeque table and low country boil table), talking with Paula, and having professional portraits made with the star and her husband.  The same professional photographer – Nicole Rule – took portraits at Paula’s house on Friday evening, and she has already posted those online for us to order.  When the ones we order come in the mail, I’ll try to take pictures of the pictures to post online.


What a night!  What a party!  Thank you, Paula Deen!

Note:  Tomorrow I’ll take you on a tour of the historic district in Savannah that was so much fun!  AND I’m hoping that others who partied with Paula this weekend will email me some of their pics to post!  See you Wednesday morning!



  1. What a wonderful night for you!! Loved reading all about it and the photos are terrific!! Sounds like she was a wonderful hostess and all of the guests certainly thanked her in an awesome way!! Thanks for sharing Brenda!! Blessings!

  2. What a fun weekend you and Ted had!! I just got caught up on your Fri and now Sat blogs and it sounded amazing!! I’m so glad you were able to spend some time in Savannah with such a sweet and wonderful lady and her family.
    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. What a party!!!! Looks like everyone was having a great time.

  4. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves and having a blast! That was definitely worth leaving the island a little bit earlier then usual. Can’t wait to hear more about Savannah!.

  5. What a good looking bunch of people having a good time! Great pictures, too. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I knew some of those people! Can’t wait to see your Savannah story. . . .

  6. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Love all the Hey Hey Paula buttons. Whose idea was that? Looking forward to seeing your pictures of Savannah, I’ve heard it’s a beautiful town.

  7. Did you make us proud at the buffet tables, or did you only nibble as on Friday night?

    • I did eat a lot more on Saturday night – probably because anytime I’m handed a plate and pointed to a table of food, I tend to act like one of the little piggies.

      • What is low country boil?

      • Well, you throw some corn on the cob, some red potatoes, some onions, some sausage, and some shrimp all together in a pot of boiling water, along with some special seasonings. Boil it all up, dump it out on a table, and yell, “Come and get it!”

  8. That’s so cool to see her on a personal level. She’s the perfect example of “believe in yourself”.

  9. Sounds like y’all had a wonderful time. I’ll bet the food was something else!

    • Would you believe we both ate exactly two “tid-bits” at Paula’s house. Everyone was having such a good time talking and exploring the house, we scarcely ate – we all went out to dinner afterwards – LOL!

      • And you know I would have been all into the food and probably trying to get recipes. Too bad you didn’t have one of my blog cards to give her 🙂

      • True that, Lana!

  10. Sure looks like a great party!! I am so glad you got to take some pictures and share them with us! Thanks!

  11. Looks like a great week end was had by all!!

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