Posted by: bree1972 | October 31, 2010

Settlin’ in . . . 11/01/2010

It’s finally beginning to cool off a little bit here on the ri’vah.  When we first returned from Michigan it was in the high 80’s everyday – even reached 90 one afternoon.  But Thursday evening a cool front zipped throuogh, and the last couple of days have been in the 70’s, with nights cool enough that the first thing Ted does when he gets up in the morning is turn on the little electric heater out on the sunporch to take the chill off.  Nice! 

I was all set to start walking with Dawn again last week, and managed to get out there with her finally on Wednesday morning.  We walked four miles, and I came home with blisters on the bottom of both feet.  That ended my walking for the rest of the week, but I’ll start back on Monday.  Ted got our bikes out of the shed and gave them the once-over.  After sitting all summer, they were in need of air in the tires, but other than that they were good to go.  We logged nine miles as a starter ride on Thursday afternoon, and I rode another nine Sunday afternoon.  Golly, I can remember so well when we first started biking here at home.  Our road has lots of hills, and I would struggle with each one.  Now I zip up those hills without even getting winded – well, except for one.  It really makes me feel good to think all that climbing we do up Cadotte everyday on the island means our fitness level is getting better and better.  Now the challenge is to keep at it during the winter. 

I’ve had my camera packed away since we got back from Savannah, but this weekend I got it out and went roaming around the house for a while, seeing if anything caught my eye that needed recording.  I found a few things that you might like . . .

These are the azalea bushes that were blooming profusely last April and were over 6' tall. Just before we left for Michigan we cut them back to about 6 inches above the ground. We have to do that every three years, or they'd be 20' high in no time. They have grown this much over the summer. Amazing!


The corner of our sunroom, overlooking the lake.


One of the first things Ted did was hang the birdfeeder back up in the crabapple tree in the backyard. He did that late one afternoon, and the next morning - still no birds. I kept peeking out there about once an hour, and by noon of the second day there were birds on every perch. Birdie Facebook is an amazing thing!


Ted took this pretty shot from the little deck at the end of our pier. Sunlight sparkling on water - one of my favorite visuals.


Maddie and Bear on the sidewalk on the street side of the house. Because our entire yard is fenced, Maddie especially is enjoying the freedom she never gets on the island. Holes are already appearing everywhere as she efficiently takes care of the moles. A doxie's work is never done!


Ted in his man cave. He came home to discover his TV out there no longer works, so he immediately replaced it (priorities, priorities). He's already grilled up a couple of steaks out there - yummy!


This old cypress tree by our dock is about the only sign of fall we've seen so far in our yard. It always turns orange early.


Neighbors on the dock several houses down from us were using this lazy afternoon to catch some fish for supper.


This crop duster was busy for about an hour over the fields west of our house. He used the area over the river to make his turn . . .


. . . then flew directly overhead before swooping down over the fields. That's a bird right off his wing.


A little color in the park next door.


That old cypress tree again - I think this photo gives you a sense of the serenity of our little lake in the fall and winter. In the summer, boats and wave runners are everywhere, although not really close on the west side (where we are). The river channel runs on the east side of the lake, so that's where most of the boaters stay - unless they live on this side and know how to maneuver around all the cypress stumps - not only the ones they can see, but also the ones that are just inches below the water. You don't want to hit a stump with your boat motor.

That’s all the news for now.  Check back later in the week for some pics of the Halloween Costume Party we attended this past weekend and anything else that happens to come along of interest here in the deep South.  Love ya’ll!

Note #1:  Received this email from Hilde this morning:  “Hi Brenda. I just wanted to thank YOU, your wonderful friends and blogging fans, you all are the BEST!  Please tell them thank you for me for keeping me in their prayers. I know the prayers were heard because I am feeling so much better today. I feel a lot stronger and am able to get up and about much better.  I know every day it will get easier and easier.  Bud is taking real good care of me and my kids have been doing their share, bringing me soup, flowers and lots of phone calls to see how I’m doing 🙂 . Talk to you soon…Hilde”

Note #2:  Blake spoke with the church in Nashville and has been told they will try to reach a decision by the end of November.  Please continue to lift him up as he continues to network and research other job openings, as he waits for word on this one.

Note #3:  To read the first off-season, weekly update from Mackinac Island, please click here:



  1. Hi! Good to be able to read about your adventures!

    I wanted to give you some advice on the blisters. I am a runner and I use a product called Body Glide.
    You put it on your feet and bottom and top of toes just like a deodorant. And you will not get blisters.
    You can get it at running stores or at a sporting good store or online. It made such a huge difference in my life when it comes to blisters.!! I have gotten my mom who is a walker to use it and she swears by it as well.
    Can’t wait to read the next blog.

    • Thanks for that tip, Maureen! I’ll check it out!

  2. Good to hear you’re settlin’ in there at the lake. Also thanks for the update on Hilde and Blake. Glad to know Hilde is feelin g better. Will keep both Hilde and Blake in my prayers.

  3. Hi there,
    Am just catching up on my reading and had to laugh at your thoughts about Ted’s GPS. Well…..our GPS is called “Stella” ! I named her because I told my husband if she was going to talk to us and tell us where to go, she better darn well have a name! I, like you, am irritated by her – especially when she says “recalculating” when we go a different way from what she thinks is correct. Boys and their toys! Whatcha gonna do? My husband also regularly says, “Aren’t you getting tired? You should take a nap!” They must teach guys that somewhere!


  4. Is that a pine tree behind the azaleas in that first photo? If so, what kind? I love the pattern of the bark.

    I bet Maddie loves her job. Does she actually kill the moles? If so, then what? Tell me she doesn’t eat them.

    Ted’s man cave is cool. Does it have a fridge?

    It’s amazing to see trees growing in a lake. How come they don’t drown like when I overwater my houseplants?

    What kinds of edible fish are in your lake? My first guess would be Catfish.

    That’s a great shot of the crop duster. What kind of crops were getting dusted, cotton? Do you worry about breathing in the dust?

    • 1) No clue what kind of pine tree except “a very big one”. 2) Yes, she will kill the moles, if we don’t stop her – which is very seldom. She just leaves them dead in the yard. 3) No fridge in the man cave – But there IS one out in the little porch on the dock AND one in the shed next to the house. 4) Because God designed them that way 🙂 5) Catfish, perch, crappie – I’m sure there are others – will have to check – believe it or not – we don’t fish. 6) No clue on the crop duster either. They’re actually harvesting cotton, so I wouldn’t think so. AND, he might have been spraying for mosquitos instead of crop dusting. And no, we don’t worry about inhaling it – we’ve been doing it all our lives, and we’re still here.

  5. My hopes are with Blake and Hilde. Nice color trees; nice lake; beautiful crop duster. Tell Ted all man caves have fridges. Get in his new little cute truck and take the GPS to town and get a big one. The first one you get will be too small. Love to you all.

    • LOL!!

  6. Love the pictures! So glad you are all settling back in. That picture with the crop duster and the little bird looks as if the bird is guiding the plane on where to go 🙂 Happy Wednesday!!

  7. Great pictures Bree! I have never seen a tree in the water like that? Very pretty though! I enjoy your blog!

  8. Enjoyed catching up with you on your blog,you should call your place “serenity”. Looks pretty neet down there.
    Always love the south, my family’s all from there.
    Glad to see Hilde’s doing better,Oh,and your pics from Savannah were wonderful, Thanks
    Enjoy your Holidays to come.

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